Defense Acquisition Acronyms and Terms  (J)

J&A Justification and Approval
JA Job Analysis
JC2 Joint Command and Control
JCA Joint Capability Area
JCALS Joint Computer-Aided Acquisition and Logistics Support
JCB Joint Capabilities Board
JCIDS Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System
JCS Joint Chiefs of Staff
JCTD Joint Capability Technology Demonstration
JEDMICS Joint Engineering Data Management Information Control System
JFC Joint Force Commander; Joint Functional Concept
JFCOM Joint Forces Command
JG-PP Joint Group on Pollution Prevention
JIAB Joint Intelligence Acquisition Board
JIC Joint Integrating Concept
JIEO Joint Interoperability and Engineering Organization
JIT Just-in-Time
JITC Joint Interoperability Test Command
JLC Joint Logistics Commanders
JMETL Joint Mission Essential Task List
JMNA Joint Military Net Assessment (Joint Chiefs of Staff/Office of the Secretary of Defense)
JO Job Order
JOA Joint Operating Agreement; Joint Operational Architecture; Joint Operations Area
JOC Job Order Contract; Joint Operating Concept
JON Job Order Number
JOP Joint Operating Procedures
JOpsC Joint Operations Concepts
JPD Joint Potential Designator
JPG Joint Programming Guidance (Obsolete—See DPPG (Defense Planning and Programming Guidance))
JPO Joint Program Office
JRAC Joint Rapid Acquisition Cell
JROC Joint Requirements Oversight Council
JROCM Joint Requirements Oversight Council Memorandum
JSC Joint Spectrum Center
JSCP Joint Strategic Capabilities Plan
JSPS Joint Strategic Planning System
JSR Joint Strategy Review (Joint Chiefs of Staff)
JT&E Joint Test and Evaluation
JTD Joint Test Director
JUON Joint Urgent Operational Need
JWCO Joint Warfare Capability Objective
JWE Joint Warfighting Experiment
JWG Joint Working Group
JWID Joint Warrior Interoperability Demonstration
JWSTP Joint Warfighting Science and Technology Plan

Hagan, G (2011) Glossary of Defense Acquisition Acronyms & Terms. Defense Acquisition University Press.  Fort Belvoir, VA., 22060

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