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The New Road to Serfdom: A Letter of Warning to America was the seventeenth book of 2016, which I enjoyed.

New Road to Serfdom is an exceptional comparative work between the policies of Britain and the European Union and that of the United States of America. The New Road to Serfdom, interestingly enough, is written by Daniel Hannan in which he uses his perspective as a member of the European Parliament to do the comparisons.  Having read this before BREXIT, and writing this review on the celebration of the United States of America’s Independence Day, I am strongly reminded of the key point of this book.

The New Road to Serfdom is written by an individual who has been a part of the European Parliament, his message to us is to be America and LEAD the world like we have for 240 years!  He further clarifies that we left Britain for freedom.  We should not try and mirror social policies of the European Union, because as he cites these social policies have had consequences which America does not desire and would hinder the global leadership which we foster in our culture.  He further cites that these social policies, when set up in the EU, now impose significant unintended ramifications which if understood when imposed would never have had passed the European Parliament.

The New Road to Serfdom is a thought-provoking read and in this election cycle period and important perspective to analyze. If you’re interested in enjoying it interested in enjoying it you can find it here.


Whether in love, in terms of health or at work - no two days are the same. What does today have in store for you? The Tarot day ticket tells you!

The Tarot Day Card is an oracle, a meaningful message that can give you a new orientation every day. Love, health, work: No matter what area of ​​life it is, the Tarot day ticket gives you an answer to important questions that relate to your life, your wishes and your worries. How can the daytime tarot cards be interpreted? What questions can you answer? What should you watch out for when drawing a Tarot day pass? You can read all of this here!

The best known is the tarot card deck, written by Arthur E. Waite and Pamela Colman Smith in 1909 and published by the London publisher William Rider & Son: the so-called Rider Waite Tarot. Although it has a high density of symbols and motifs, which in turn results in many compositions, it is considered to be very clear. This makes it stand out from the other tarot cards - which is not that easy. Because: There are around 1000 different types of tarot cards, of which around 400 are commercially available. The Rider Waite card deck consists of 78 tarot cards. These can be divided into the so-called Great Arcana (= 22 tarot cards, which address major life issues such as love or death) and the so-called Small Arcana (= 56 cards, which depict typical characters and attitudes to life). All 78 tarot cards are equally important. Some are interpreted rather positively, others rather negatively. That depends on the eye of the beholder: Even a tarot card that appears negative at first glance can contain something good for him.

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The Bed of Procrustes: Philosophical and Practical Aphorisms was the sixteenth book of 2016, which I enjoyed.

The Bed of Procrustes strongest point is that it explains the limits of human knowledge, how we effectively default to the “What you see is all there is” method of analysis, and that we try and fit life’s tensions into “crisp commoditized ideas.” Among the challenge to traditional thought which I enjoy in books like these, this book brings to light the “what are we trying to solve” with any technology use or procurement. Technology is playing an increasingly important role in all disciplines, and many people have reported considerable development and success in their particular fields as a result of its application. In that aspect trading robots have a big impact on the bitcoin trading area, allowing people to generate higher earnings while avoiding significant losses. Without the intervention of humans, automated trading bots like as Crypto Superstar work hard and earn the highest potential profits. The positive feedback seen on the internet affirms to the app's validity. Verify the crypto superstar site for detailed information. Both I find lacking in the expectations made by my organization.

The Bed of Procrustes is a thought challenging read and recommended as such.  If you’re interested in enjoying it interested in enjoying it you can find it here.

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