Today is A Cyber Fellow Deal Training day.  You need to be equipped with a few things to be completely successful for these Deals.  You’ll be well off without everything but you’d be wise to consider ensuring your Cyber Deals kit is fully developed for the future.  For today’s training I recommend your kit include an American Express and a Twitter Account… yes Twitter account… you’ll be saving money simply by tweeting before you shop.

  1. The first thing you’ll want to do is link your American Express card with your Twitter account (don’t worry after you save all the bucks you can easily unlink them).
  2. The account linking is done here.
  3. The benefits you’ll get from linking your account are $5 back from a $5 rental at Redbox (#AmexRedbox) , $10 back from a $50 purchase at Staples (#AmexStaples), or $20 back from a $75 purchase at Wholefoods (#AmexWholefoods).  There are plenty other stores listed but these are the ones I’ve done.
  4. Now you need to go to Twitter and do a bit of tweeting.  All you have to do is simply say something like “What’s up #AmexRedbox”  from there you’ll get a response like “@Yourusername thx for enrolling in #AmexRedbox offer. Spend w/ synced Card & receive credit. See terms:“.  Simply repeat until you are registered for the deals you want.
  5. Now it is time to go shop; remember you only use these things for well thought out preplanned purchases.  Otherwise you’re simply spending money and well that is just dumb; be wise decide what you’re purchasing ahead of time then reduce the amount you’ll expend by thinking everything out.
  6. Now say you’re looking for an Amazon Kindle that is $79 everywhere.  Fit’s kind of nicely in that Staples deal right (you didn’t know they have Kindles did you?)?
  7. So do a bit of surfing and find a $25 of $75 coupon from Staples (here) or you can easily purchase one for a couple bucks.
  8. Let’s do a bit of math: $79-$25 coupon is $54.  Then paying with American Express makes it $54 - $10 (back as a statement on your card) = $44 (+ tax on the $54 purchase).  Remember don’t buy any additional items in this purchase (it doesn’t benefit you and stay away from the extended warranties).
  9. Figure out what you need from Wholefoods and setup a nice movie night with Redbox.
  10. Enjoy that new Kindle for a little more than half price!  Don’t need a Kindle (even for Mother’s Day?); scout the store and buy necessities you do need.  Just remember keep it as close to $75 as possible.  Another idea is to pick up some Starbucks Keurig cups with this deal (yeah they have them in most stores).
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