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So looking forward to the next one!


I was in a meeting last week.  At one point it had the exact same “Introduce myself and hand it off to another” until we got about four people down the chain.  How many layers of people, which don’t have point on what you’re trying to accomplish, need to be in a meeting to accomplish something?

Why do we continue to allow experts to be forced to “massage” their NO?  How many detrimental effects can you see from allowing this to continue?


Conference Call Table in Real LifeIn some form or another I’ve participated in conference call in real life since about 2006.  This quick video pretty much sums up what it has been like.  Is our treatment of a teleconference meeting any different than a physical face to face meeting?  Should it be treated the same/different?  Is it always technology’s fault?  Does video conference call capabilities (Skype/Facetime) mitigate these issues?

Would it be better if the expectation was set that individuals should be on time or if “schedule challenged,” send a representative to the entire session?

By the way, the end was perfect.

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