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The Hunger Games (1st book) $0.83 - use promo code hungergamesdeal

Catching Fire (The Second Book Of The Hunger Games) $1.16 - use promo code hungergamesdeal (may have to wait an hour between purchases)

Mockingjay (The Final Book Of The Hunger Games) $1.07 - use promo code hungergamesdeal (may have to wait an hour between purchases)

Use the promo code for 3 separate transactions.

These can be converted and installed on the Kindle via Calibre. Tested and works fine.

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I just started reading The Artilect War and it is quite thought provoking.  In an age where Watson is defeating our best Jeopardy Champions I feel it is only wise to review and think about where all of this Artilect effort is headed.

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