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Thinking, Fast and Slow by DAniel Kahneman


“Any emotionally significant question that alters a person’s mood will have the same effect.  WYSIATI (What you see is all there is).  The present state of mind looms very large when people evaluate their happiness.” - Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman

During my Fellowship at Carnegie Mellon University, Baruch Fischhoff turned me onto Thinking Fast and Slow.  As Head of the Decision Sciences Major at CMU he knew what he was doing!  Toying with another novice pawn of life.  Thinking Fast and Slow has expanded my mind and changed how I think about making decisions and what I think about how others make theirs.

I started this book quite a while ago.  Just as I was started Thinking Fast and Slow, I began at a new position which significantly reduced my pleasurable reading hours.  This morning I finally decided to power through the rest of this book, during a more productive than average, Sunday morning.  If you are looking for a quick and easy read, this isn’t it.  If you are looking to challenge everything you know, your mannerisms of thinking, and how System 1 and System 2 factor into your life, pick up Thinking Fast and Slow.  You won’t regret it!  I think I’ll give my brain a “one book” break, then tackle Nudge!

[Thinking, Fast and Slow]

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General James Mattis on Middle East Policy at The Aspin Institute Once you get past the ridiculous introduction of Wolf Blitzer, who is the privileged individual to interview General James Mattis on Middle East Policy, the interview is one of the best I’ve ever watched.

This was the most watched video and interview of the The Aspin Institute’s 2013 Aspen Security Forum.  There is a reason that General James Mattis on Middle East Policy drew a significant crowd.


[via The Aspin Institute]


indiana-jones-collection-blu-ray-aThe Indiana Jones Set Blu-ray is available for $32.99!  Having enjoyed every one of the movies to a varying degree (yes even Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Blu-ray).  Remember the benefit of Indiana Jones Set Blu-ray is that you’ll have the video in 1080p but get the best Audio available for the movies with DTS-HD 5.1.  Check out Ralph Potts review of the collection!

For those that aren’t aware, the Indiana Jones Set Blu-ray release will be the first time that Raiders of the Lost Ark, Temple of Doom, and Last Crusade will be available on Blu-ray.  While the DVD releases have been popular the Blu-ray release should be spectacular!  I can’t wait to hear the Raider March in exceptional DTS-HD quality while seeing the 4K provided imagery for the current standard of High Definition video.

If you’ve moved over to iTunes and no longer want physical media you can get Indiana Jones Set on iTunes for the HD version (1080p and Dolby Digital 5.1).  The iTunes version quality is quite good and only slightly lower in quality specifically when comparing the Audio available (DTS-HD vs Dolby Digital).

[via Amazon]  Make sure to click on the price under “New from.”

You might as well enjoy these great movies while they debate the making of an Indiana Jones 5