The On-Time On-Target Manager was the sixtieth book of 2015, which I enjoyed.

I had to break up my reading after working my way through Seize the Fire and Five Lieutenants, so I chose The On-Time On-Target Manager.  I enjoyed this very quick book from the perspective of how to develop first myself, but also others.  The specific individual this book seeks to help are those that always are perpetually delivering just after the deadline or slightly less then what was required of them.  It talks about the impacts of this habit on the people who are doing it and those that they impact.

I will use The On-Time On-Target Manager as a tool to assist and develops those that I mentor and lead in order to develop them further.  Adding the ideas and methods, described in this story based self help book, will improve my toolset and hopefully myself and others that fall into the target group of people.

Recommended read if you or those you work with are consistently missing the mark or deadline, but just barely.  Grab a copy of the book here.

Make sure to check out all the books I’ve enjoyed in 2015.


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