Great by Choice: Uncertainty, Chaos, and Luck-Why Some Thrive Despite Them All was the sixty third book of 2015, which I enjoyed.

I’m not sure where this book will land in the top 5 of 2015, but Great by Choice is excellent. The statistical analysis of the seven 10X companies reviewed was exceptional. The 10X companies are those that beat their industry results by at least 10 fold over the significant period analyzed. Great by Choice lays out how these companies develop a strategy, or 20 mile march, and stick to it through to ultimately execute their planned strategy with exceptionally impressive results.

The other major item that stuck out from this book is the “Bullets, then Cannonballs” strategy of execution. The quick explanation of this is that an organization should allocate small resources, or bullets, to figure out what works or is effective. Only once a bullet hits its mark, does the organization then adjust its selection of round and start firing Cannonballs (significant resources) toward the goal effectively demonstrated by the bullet.

Great by Choice is something you’ll zip through quickly and take away executable knowledge from. Must read!

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