Defense Acquisition Acronyms and Terms  (D)

D&F Determination and Findings
DA Department of the Army; Design Activity; Developing Activity or Agency
DAA Designated Approving Authority
DAB Defense Acquisition Board
DAC Defense Acquisition Circular
DACM Director, Acquisition Career Management
DAE Defense Acquisition Executive
DAES Defense Acquisition Executive Summary
DAF Department of the Air Force
DAMIR Defense Acquisition Management Information Retrieval (System)
DAMS Defense Acquisition Management System
DAP Defense Acquisition Portal
DAR Defense Acquisition Regulation
DARPA Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
DASC Department of the Army Systems Coordinator
DASD Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense
DAU Defense Acquisition University
DAWG Deputy Secretary’s Advisory Working Group (Deputy Secretary of Defense)
DAWIA Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act
DBDD Data Base Design Document
DBS Defense Business Systems
DBSMC Defense Business Systems Management Committee
DCAA Defense Contract Audit Agency
DCADS Defense Contracting Action Data System
DCAS Defense Contract Administration Services
DCMA Defense Contract Management Agency
DCMO Deputy Chief Management Officer (of DoD)
DCMR Defense Contract Management Regions
DCNO Deputy Chief of Naval Operations
DCOR Defense Committee on Research
DCR DOTMLPF (Doctrine, Organization, Training, Materiel, Leadership and Education, Personnel, and Facilities) Change Recommendation
DCS Deputy Chief of Staff
DCS(I&L) Deputy Chief of Staff, Installations and Logistics (Marine Corps)
DDN Defense Data Network
DDR&E Director, Defense Research and Engineering (Office of the Secretary of Defense) (Obsolete—See ASD(R&E) (Assistant Secretary of Defense (Research and Engineering))
DEMIL Demilitarization
DEPSECDEF Deputy Secretary of Defense
DESC Defense Electronic Supply Center
DFARS Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement
DFAS Defense Finance and Accounting Service
DIA Defense Intelligence Agency
DIACAP Department of Defense Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation Process
DIB Defense Industrial Base
DID Data Item Description
DIEA Defense Information Enterprise Architecture
DIPEC Defense Industrial Plant Equipment Center
DISA Defense Information Systems Agency
DISAM Defense Institute of Security Assistance Management
DISN Defense Information Systems Network
DISR Department of Defense (DoD) Information Technology Standards Registry
DITSCAP Department of Defense (DoD) Information Technology Security Certification and Accreditation Program (Obsolete—See DIACAP (Department of Defense (DoD) Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation Process))
DLA Defense Logistics Agency
D Level Depot Level of Maintenance
DMEA Damage Mode and Effects Analysis
DML Depot Maintenance Level
DMS Data Management Strategy; Defense Materials System; Defense Messaging System
DMSMS Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages
DoC Department of Commerce
DoD Department of Defense
DoDAF Department of Defense Architecture Framework
DoDD Department of Defense Directive
DoDEA Department of Defense Enterprise Architecture
DoDI Department of Defense Instruction
DoDIC Department of Defense Identification Code
DoDIG Department of Defense Inspector General
DoDIIS Department of Defense Intelligence Information System
DoDISS Department of Defense Index of Specifications and Standards
DOE Design of Experiments
DoE Department of Energy
DON Department of the Navy
DoS Department of State
DOT&E Director of Operational Test and Evaluation (Office of the Secretary of Defense)
DOTMLPF Doctrine, Organization, Training, Materiel, Leadership and Education, Personnel, and Facilities (JCIDS)
DPA Defense Production Act (of 1950)
DPAP Defense Procurement, Acquisition Policy and Strategic Sourcing
DPAS Defense Priorities and Allocations System
DPESO Defense Product Engineering Services Office
DPD Distributed Product Description
DPM Deputy Program Manager
DPML Deputy Program Manager for Logistics (Air Force)
DPP Defense Program Projection
DPPG Defense Planning and Programming Guidance
DPS Decision Package Sets; Defense Priorities System
DR Decision Review
DRMO Defense Reutilization Marketing Office
DRPM Direct Reporting Program Manager
DSAA Defense Security Assistance Agency
DSB Defense Science Board
DSD Deputy Secretary of Defense
DSLC Defense Senior Leadership Conference
DSMC Defense Systems Management College
DSN Defense Services Network; Defense Switched Network
DSP Defense Standardization Program; Digital Signal Processor
DSSP Defense Standardization and Specification Program
DT Developmental Test; Developmental Testing
DT&E Developmental Test and Evaluation
DTAP Defense Technology Area Plan
DTC Design to Cost
DTIC Defense Technical Information Center
DTLCC Design to Life Cycle Cost
DTM Directive-Type Memorandum
DTO Defense Technology Objective
DT/OT Developmental Testing/Operational Testing (combined effort)
DTRA Defense Threat Reduction Agency
DTUPC Design-to-Unit Production Cost
DUSD Deputy Under Secretary of Defense
DUSD(L&MR) Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (Logistics and Materiel Readiness)
DWCF Defense Working Capital Fund

Hagan, G (2011) Glossary of Defense Acquisition Acronyms & Terms. Defense Acquisition University Press.  Fort Belvoir, VA., 22060

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