In just over 12 hours I’m running my second marathon;  the renowned Marine Corps Marathon (MCM).  I ran my first Marathon in May of 2012 in Pittsburgh.  I dedicated that preparation and struggle to LT Christopher Mosko, a fallen shipmate, who died this year fighting in Afghanistan.  I wrote about it in How to run your first Marathon. But with the MCM I wanted to do more than simply dedicate the work it requires.

A Registered Nurse (RN) my Mother dedicated her life and work to helping others who needed care.  She did all this while she raised her children, much of the time, by herself.  In mid 2001 my mother succumb in her battle with cancer.  As people who have lost a parent know, especially to cancer, this is a life changing event.  The marathon falls near what was her birthday - numerous friends and colleagues will have helped raise approximately $1200 for St. Judes in the name of Taylor.  She is the daughter of long time family friend, is an 18 month old little girl that is working hard to fight off an aggressive cancer.  You can learn more about Taylor and her fight here at PrayingForTaylor.

I’m quite anxious about tomorrow’s run.  With my new job my preparation has been fairly limited.  I’ve also had a cold since Monday so I’m sure the snot will be annoyingly flowing.  To add to both of these a hurricane (Sandy) is headed up the eastern seaboard and the wind, if not the probable rain, during the race will make the run significantly challenging.  This is representative of what individuals fighting cancer must face… why even try?  Courage, leadership, and resolve… attributes like this make us fight. Exercising these traits, when not forced to do so in the face of something like cancer,  sharpens these abilities.

I want to thank the following people who are my personal heros for their contribution toward fighting cancer:

Allycia and Michael LeCompte, Alonna & Ryan, Angela Hoppe, Avelynn and Cooper Bowie, Craig Gee, David Stilson, Eric Hadley, Karen Cegelske, Maureen Fox, Melissa Doney, Michael Richison, Peter Hoegel, Rex Boonyobhas, Rhoda and Omar, little Rocky, Thom and Deb Roth, Tom & Jennie Bishop, and Shrapi!

All of you have inspired me and taken action to help make a difference through your donation.  I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences.  I’d also ask for your continued encouragement into and through tomorrow as I fight for Taylor!


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