While not super keen on forgetting all that our race has built I do enjoy this future vision snapshot of humanity. There are quite a few truths in it with the failures of the human race.  While no one can foresee exactly where we’ll be we can say that we won’t predict it very well (addressed in The Singularity is Near) and we’ll waste valuable resources solving the useless (discussed heavily in Abundance).

In this New Era in the year 2045 what would Big Ideas would you like to see solved?  Do you think we’ll have the Artilect Wars between now and then or can we avoid them?  Will Cyber evolve how we believe and will we have the Cyber Pearl Harbor that individuals are concerned with today?

While I think the timeline they’ve laid out in the near term is to optimistic I think they can make gains on that as the years go further out.  A quick synopsis of the timeline they expect:


2013-2014. New centers working on cybernetic technologies for the development of radical life extension rise. The ‘race for immortality’ starts.

2015-2020. The Avatar is created — A robotic human copy controlled by thought via ‘brain-computer’ interface. It becomes as popular as a car.

2020. In Russia and in the world appear — in testing mode — several breakthrough projects:
Android robots replace people in manufacturing tasks; android robot servants for every home; thought-controlled Avatars to provide telepresence in any place of the world and abolish the need business trips; flying cars; thought driven mobile communications built into the body or sprayed onto the skin.

2020-2025. An autonomous system providing life support for the brain and allowing it interaction with the environment is created. The brain is transplanted into an Avatar B. With Avatar B man receives new, expanded life.

2025. The new generation of Avatars provides complete transmission of sensations from all five sensory robot organs to the operator.

2030-2035. ReBrain — The colossal project of brain reverse engineering is implemented. World science comes very close to understanding the principles of consciousness.

2035. The first successful attempt to transfer one’s personality to an alternative carrier. The epoch of cybernetic immortality begins.

2040-2050. Bodies made of nanorobots that can take any shape arise alongside hologram bodies.

2045-2050. Drastic changes in social structure, and in scientific and technological development. All the
for space expansion are established.
For the man of the future, war and violence are unacceptable. The main priority of his development is spiritual self-improvement.

A new era dawns: The era of neohumanity.


[via Global Future 2045]

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