I never published my 2014 Goals.  They were written down but only made it onto an ever-rewritten 3×5 notecard which I kept in my pocket. I was pretty satisfied with what I accomplished in 2014, but I missed some of the life goal building blocks toward the 10,000 hour expertise mark.

The most challenging part of the year was taking command and leading an organization.  There are challenges and complexities you don’t expect or even realize exist until you’re forced to face them head on.


  • Enjoy 30 Books. ACCOMPLISHED. I was able to completely enjoy 61 great books in 2014.  A number which greatly surprised me as I continued to rack them up.
  • Run 4 marathons. ACCOMPLISHED. I was able to accomplish 1 Ultra marathon and 3 marathons in 2014.  I ran the North Face Endurance Challenge 50K (approximately 31 miles), the USA Rock ‘n Roll Marathon, Freedom’s Run Marathon, and my third Marine Corps Marathon in a row!  I was happy to have accomplished all of these in 2014!  I’ve now run a total of 7 marathons including the Ultra marathon; every race I find an inspirational individual that inspires me even more!
  • Family Trip. ACCOMPLISHED. We enjoyed a couple of great trips in 2014; I escaped to bear hunt with my father and brother and enjoyed Florida with my family.


  • Lead Effectively. ON TRACK. In my first command, through most of the year, I led Naval Computer and Telecommunications Area Master Station Atlantic (NCTAMS LANT) Detachment Hampton Roads which includes the Unified Atlantic Region Network Operations Center from the beginning of February 2014. Leading the Detachment has been challenging and a pleasure all at once; there isn’t a day that I don’t learn something from one of the fine individuals I work with.  Additionally, I was empowered to invest some of my time in improving the Information Dominance Corps Mid-career Course and Information Professionals Basic Course requirements.  Both will improve the quality and overall as a Naval Officer.
  • Continue to Learn (Another language, coding, robotics). ACCOMPLISHED. I’d like to accumulate 10,000 hours of expertise in these areas and need to figure out how to most effectively accomplish the task.  I toyed with a couple language applications but really enjoy what I’m seeing out of Duolingo.  Regarding coding, I don’t do this daily at work so I used and completed several courses from Codeacademy in 2014 to maintain proficiency.  And in robotics, I started playing with Lego Mindstorms with my children which I have enjoyed.


  • Investigate methods to further increase income. ACCOMPLISHED. I determined that teaching is a passion of mine and something I’d like to become better at doing.  I will start teaching in a couple of weeks.
  • Reduce debt. ACCOMPLISHED.  Even with the reduction funds (reduced BAH) and the increased costs of geobacheloring, we were able to continue to reduce the only debt we hold as a family (mortgage, one vehicle loan and student loans).

Inspired by Krystal Yee’s Givemebackmyfivebucks.



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