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Today’s bit of Geekery comes in the form of a picturesque book of the movie Star Wars: The Phantom Menace: The Expanded Visual Dictionary for a mere $2.  I saw one of these in the library when I we were picking up books for the little ones to enjoy and thought these were a great Geek Training manual!  Hopefully we’ll be able to catch the rest of the series on a similar deal!

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Verizon's early solution for the wearable hands free computerHello. I’m Matt Cegelske.

I’ve decided to take control of my information and do something valuable with it; how valuable will be determined later.

A quick synopsis about me:

I enjoy challenging the status-quo and things that many individuals take for granted. I discover new ways to utilize technology for significant improvement in areas of life. I’m particularly good at technology fusion, acquisition, and application.

I’m also a tinkerer. I like discovering new high quality products. Then inspecting, applying, and operating them in a challenging environment.

I enjoy being inspired. I also desire and enjoy inspiring others in life, family and career.

I truly enjoy learning from my children and wife each day. Much more of an “Adventure” than my career!

Download (PDF, 940KB)

So late last year A Cyber Fellow decided it would be time to run his first marathon.  Well that first marathon is approaching in just a few days, the Pittsburgh Marathon (route map above).  With delusions of grandeur I even signed up for the Steel City Road Runners Club.  So this will be the first time I am able to run among them.  I’ve really enjoyed the items that comes with the membership but haven’t had the pleasure of actually training or participating with them simply due to some changes at home.

I’ve put in some decent miles and yet I’m not sure you can really prepare enough for that first time.  I’ve even done almost half of my running with a 20lb pack on to simply make things more difficult.  I’ve taken a look at the map.  What might frighten this Geek more is the elevation map.  Nothing like a good butt kicker increase right at the halfway point.  Just like life this race will provide physical and mental challenges; one’s we’re prepared for and one’s we will never expect.  One of my great friends, I wish he could join me, when we raced a half marathon together, put that distance in perspective.  Just think 5 miles, 5 miles, 5 k.  Anyone can run 5 miles!  Once you finish that one… anyone can run 5 miles.  Once finished again… well… anyone can run a 5k!

I plan to break this up in a similar fashion.  10 miles, 5 miles, 5 miles, 5k, 5k.  You know… cause anyone can run a….you get the picture.

One thing I’ve learned during this fellowship while watching numerous senior leaders over this past year is that the great ones are prepared for life’s marathon.  They know when the hill is approaching, when to chop  down your steps  and save energy.  They know too when it is important to race down the hill and simply let gravity do the work.  And they know how to continue when the pain arrives.

With all of that said I’ve decided that in light of events I’m running for a hero the Nation just lost and his family, LT Christopher Mosko, US Navy.  Knowing his sacrifice there is little to stand in my way.

Update (7 May 2012):  I’ve earned the Runner of Steel title.  Read more about my Marathon and its dedication for LT Chris Mosko.

Pittsburgh Marathon

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