About a month ago I spent the better part of an hour trying to figure out how to remove myself from a catalog mailing list.  I noticed the very well planned difficulty the provider had put in place in order to keep delivering their catalog.  This was infuriating.

So when I recently learned of PaperKarma I was excited.  It’s an application that enables you to reverse this balance and take the fight to the once desired but now junk mail.  We’ve all been guilty of asking for that store catalog after a well thought out purchase.  What we often didn’t know was that that new catalog relationship was for life.  No longer true!

I chalk this app up to the energy saver category.  It allows me stop the energy wasted on this insanity.  It takes some machine usually to package, address, and send this stuff.  From there it enters the massive logistical transport ecosystems which includes pickup, movement, and delivery.  This energy is found in mixed form between electrical, hydrocarbon, and physical human exertion.  This is the point where we personally are affected and involved.  We have to pick it up from it’s delivery point, identify it as junk, and then dispose (hopefully recycle) and protect ourselves (data) in the process.  Rinse and repeat and I’ve got a better part of my lifetime wasted on insignificant things I’d rather spend my time and brain functions.  We’ll leave the carbon footprint to another time but you get my point.

I can’t wait to use this new weapon.  It provides balance to the Force war on junk mail.

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