One of the cool innovations we found while exploring CES was Wi3′s Coax wireless solution.  One thing that frustrates many of us is that a home or apartment we’ve just moved into are unable to be networked easily.  You might be in a big, old, dense walled home that the single wireless router just isn’t cutting it for decent throughput and streaming coverage.

Wi3′s solutions place the wireless into the form of a Coax outlet.  You simply replace that wall panel with this modular and swappable component.  Then screw in your Coax cable to it and it will provide a fast networked solution than then enhances the wireless throughout your house.  Complete wireless coverage of your house at blazing fast speeds.  You simply setup the base station then plug these boxes into each room you have (that is already routed with coax) and start things up.  The Wi3 folks impressed so much  at CES that they were awarded a 2012 Innovation Award.

If you prefer you can stay full hardline as well (sans wireless for the security concerned folks).  So if you’ve been suffering from poor coverage syndrome and suffering through excessive lag on that Xbox 360 or PS3 streaming keep an eye on Wi3 and their release dates.  Now if we could only place these aboard ship, most of which are run with coax, and enjoy a decent wireless environment.  Obviously there might be some coax upgrades needed but I think this would be the best route into the wireless shipboard environment or at a minimum a redundant network capability.  Make sure to watch Wi3 for their upcoming release dates.


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