WiFi Pineapple [Offense]

The Wifi Pineapple is little innocuous looking device should scare the pants off of you; I present the WiFi Pineapple.  The Wifi Pineapple has a sole reason for existence; get between your wireless device and the internet.  The kicker - you aren’t even going to notice.

The way it works is by laying in wait for your smartphone, table, or laptop to do what it normally does and ask for a connection to wireless networks you’ve used (and saved) in the past.  From there the Wifi Pineapple rogers up and says “Yup, I’m that network you trust and use!”  From there Pineapple provides a path to the internet so that you don’t take notice, allows a connection to that wireless network your device is configured to trust, then waits.

Then the data gold starts flowing from you to the internet.  Your usernames and passwords of your email account(s), bank accounts, social media accounts, and yes even Pinterest.  If you want to live with your head in the sand an unknowing and unsuspecting pending victim DO NOT watch the video below.  However if you want to know and protect yourself watch in awe the ease of data capture.

Immediate Actions - remove all non-connected saved wireless networks.

For Windows 7 - head to the Network and Sharing Center -> Manage Wireless Networks -> then select the networks you aren’t connected with (Starbucks, that free wifi you foolishly used at the airport (you’ll see why in the video)-> Select remove.

iOS - Only thing available for you is through the General Settings menu -> scroll to the bottom and select Reset -> Select Reset Network (this unfortunately clears all your networks - just understand that there is no ability to remove individual networks).

This Offensive Network Penetration capability only increases the necessity for a Virtual Private Network (VPN) capability to at least somewhat mitigate wireless connections vulnerabilities and thus the ability of the Wifi Pineapple.

[via HakShop]

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Thanks for posting this. I wonder if Linux systems are as vulnerable?

Matt Cegelske

No problem Seth. I don't have the answer immediately available but if they remember wireless networks and transmit first like other OS's do chances are they are vulnerable.


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