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Greenert Sailing Directions

The CNO’s Sailing Directions provide the Navy’s Mission:

Deter aggression and, if deterrence fails, win our Nation’s wars.  Employ the global reach and persistent presence of forward-stationed and rotational forces to secure the Nation from direct attack, assure Joint operational access and retain global freedom of action. With global partners, protect the maritime freedom that is the basis for global prosperity. Foster and sustain cooperative relationships with an expanding set of allies and international partners to enhance global security.

The CNO’s Sailing Directions also convey the CNO’s responsibilities:

  • Remain ready to meet current challenges, today
  • Build a relevant and capable future force
  • Enable and support our Sailors, Navy Civilians and their Families

The CNO’s Sailing Directions most importantly set for the CNO’s Tenets.  These tenets are:

  • Warfighting First
  • Operate Forward
  • Be Ready

We are directed in the CNO’s Sailing Directions to make these tenets key considerations to be applied to every decision.  The CNO’s Sailing Directions provided the initial course to set upon as Admiral Greenert became the Chief of Naval Operations (CNO).  If you take into account the CNO’s Sailing Directions and his tenets in each decision, as he does, you’ll both understand how decisions are being made by him, his subordinates, and the Navy.

The CNO’s Sailing Directions laid the tenets, or keel, of Admiral Greenert’s tenure as CNO.  If you observe the Navy and how it has shaped itself over the year and a half Admiral Greenert has been at its helm you’ll find the tenets deeply rooted in the course.

The CNO’s Sailing Directions were complimented by the CNO’s Navigation Plan and the CNO’s Position Report 2012.


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