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2M                    Micro-Minature Repair

3M                    Material Maintenance Management

A2RF                Acustic to (2) Radio Freq

A3C4I               Aegis Ashore Assured C4I

AA                    Advanced Alteration Number

AA                    Aegis Ashore

AADC               Anti Air Defense Coordinator

AADCC             Area Air Defense Commander Capability

AADS               Amphibious Assault Direction System

AALPS             Automated Air Load Planning System

AAN                 Advanced Alteration Number

AAP                 Amphibious Assault Planner

AARC               Asymmetric ADW Resynchronization Controller

AATC                Amphibious Air Traffic Control

AATC                Amphibious Assault Traffic Control

AAW                 Anti-Aircraft Warfare

AAWC              Anti-Aircraft Warfare Commander

ABL                  Armored Box Launcher

ABM                 Agile Beam Management

ABMD              AEGIS Ballistic Missile Defense

ACAT                Acquisition Category

ACC                 Area Control Center

ACCES             Advanced Cryptologic Carry-on Exploitation System

ACDS               Advanced Combat Direction System

ACE                 Air Combat Element

ACGU               Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, USA (four eyes)

ACINT               ACoustic INTelligence

ACL                  Access Control List

ACL                  Allowance Component List

ACLS                Automatic Carrier Landing System

ACMS               Automated COMSEC Material System

ACMS               Automated Communications Management System

ACO                 Airspace Control Order

ACOMMS         Acoustic Communications

ACR                 Air Control Revision

ACR                 Allowance Change Request

ACS                 Afloat Core Services

ACTD               Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration

ACTS                AEGIS Combat Training System

ACTS                Air Combat Training System

ACU                 Antenna Control Unit

ACWA                     Assembled Chemical Weapons Alternatives

ACWT               Average Customer Wait Time

ADA                 Air Defense Artillery

ADAP               Advanced Digital Antenna Production

ADAS               Advanced Digital Acquisition System

ADC                 Air Defense Coordinator

ADE                 Above Deck Equipment

ADEX               Air Defense EXercise

ADM                 Acquisition Decision Memorandum

ADMACS          Aviation Data Management & Control System

ADMS              Automated Digital Multiplexer System

ADNS               Advanced Digital Network System

ADOCS            Automated Deep Operations Coordination Sys

ADP                 Automated Data Processing

ADRG               ARC Digitized Raster Graphic

ADS                 AEGIS Display System

ADS                 Advanced Display System

ADS                 Air Deconfliction System

ADS                 Advanced Deployable System

ADSI                Air Defense Systems Integrator

ADT                  Automatic Detection and Tracking

ADTS               ANDVT Digital Transfer System

ADTU               ANDVT Data Transfer Unit

ADW                Advanced Digital Waveform

AE                    Assault Echelon

AEB                 Active Electronic Buoy

AECU               Antenna Environmental Control Unit

AEHF               Advanced EHF

AEL                  Allowance Equipage List

AEMS               Advanced Enclosed Mast System

AER                 Alternation Equivalent to a Repair

AES                 Airwing Embarkable Suite

AESOP             Advanced End-to-End Simulation for Onboard Processing

AESOP             Afloat Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations Program

AFATDS           Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System

AFB                  Air Force Base

AFCAA                    Air Force Cost Analysis Agency

AFCS-A            Adaptive Fire Control System Afloat

AFOS               Automation of Field Operations and Services

AFRTS              Armed Forces Radio Television Service

AFWA               Air Force Weather Agency

AHFIP               Aviation High Frequency Internet Protocal

AI                     Application Integration

AIAS                 Aircraft Inertial Alignment System

AIC                   Air Intercept Control

AICS                 Automated Integrated Communications System

AIEWS              Advanced Integrated Electronic Warfare System

AIG                   Address Indicator Group

AIM                  Advanced INFOSEC Module

AIM                    Air Intercept Missile

AIMD                Aircraft Intermediate Maintenance Departments

AIO                   Application Integration Overview

AIPS                 Alternation Installation Planning System

AIRES              Advanced Imagery Requirements & Exploitation Sys

AIS                   Acoustic Intercept Screener

AIS                   Automated Information System

AIS                   Automatic Identification System

AISIT                Afloat Intelligence Systems Integration Team

AIT                   Alteration Installation Team

AIT                   Advanced Intelligent Tape

AJ                    Anti-Jam

AKDC               Automatic Key Distribution Center

AKP                 Advanced Key Processor

ALA                  Asynchronous Line Adapter

ALCOM             ALlied COMmand

ALE                  Automated Link Establishment

ALFS                Airborne Low Frequency Sonar

ALIS                 Aegis Lan Interconnection System

ALSD               Advanced Large Screen Display

AM                   Amplitude Modulation

AM/F                Airborne & Maritime/ Fixed station

AMC                 AmeriCom Satellite

AMCOM                    Aviation and Missile Life Cycle Management Command

AMEGS            Aircraft Maintenance Event Ground Station

AMHS               Automated Message Handling System

AMIIP               Accelerated Mid-Term Interop Improvement Pgm

AMO                 Acquiaition Mgt Office

AMOD              Aegis MODernization

AMP                 Ait Management Program

AMP                 Advanced Message Protocol

AMPS               Afloat Master Planning System

AMSRR            Aviation Mgt Supply & Readiness Reporting

AMW                AMphibious Warfare

ANAV               Accurate NAVigation

ANCC               Automated Network Control Center

ANCC/ATC        Automated Network Control Center/Automated tech cen

ANDVT             Advanced Narrow-band Digital Voice Terminal

ANFoS             Afloat Networks Family of Systems

ANSI                 American National Standards Institute

AoA                  Analysis of Alternatives

AOC                 Air Operations Center

AODA               Air/Ocean data Assimilation

AOP                 Air/Ocean Prediction

AOR                 Area Of Responsibility

AOR                 Area of Operational Readiness

AOR-E              Atlantic Ocean Region East

AOR-W             Atlantic Ocean Region West

AOSM              Air/Ocean Shipboard Measurement

AOU                 Area Of Uncertainty

APB                 Acquisition Program Baseline

APG                 Antenna Pedestal Group

API                   Application Programming Interface

APL                  Allowance Parts List

APM                 Assistant Program Manager

APM-L              Assistant Program Manager - Logistics

APOD               Air Port Of Debarkation

APPEX             Advanced Power Projection & EXecution

APPS               Analytical Photogrammetric Positioning System

APS                 Afloat Planning System

APS (ARF)        Army Prepositioned Stocks (Army Reserve Flotillas)

APTS                Afloat Personal Telephone System

APUC                    Average Procurement Unit Cost

AR                    Alteration Request

ARB                 Air Reserve Base

ARCI                 Acoustic Rapid COTS Insertion

ARG                 Amphibious Ready Group

ARGOS            Advanced Research and Global Observation Satellite

ARGSIT            Amphibious Ready Group System Integration

ARPA               Automated Radar Plotting Aid

ARRS               Afloat Readiness Reporting System

ARS-ST            Airborne Receiving System-Surface Terminal

ASA                 Analyst Support Architecture

ASA                 Adaptive Security Appliance

ASA                 Adaptive Server Anywhere

ASAP               Acquisition Strategy and Acquisition Plan

ASAP               Aviation Safety Awareness Program

ASARS             Airborne Search and Rescue System

ASAS               All source Analysis System

ASC                    Aeronautical Systems Center

ASCIET             All Services Combat Identification Evaluation Team

ASCII                American Standard Code for Information Interchange

ASD                 Assistant Secretary of Defense

ASD                 ASynchronous Data

ASI                   ASynchronous Interface

ASIP                 Advanced System Improvement Program

ASIS                 Amphibious Support Information System

ASIU                 Auxiliary Sensor Interface Unit

ASMD              Anti-Ship Missile Defense

ASN                 Assistant Secretary of the Navy

ASOS               Automated Surface Observing System

ASPR               Acoustic Sonar Processor Receiver

ASRL                Automated Shot Recovery Log

ASSU               Aviation Safety Systems Upgrade

ASTAB             Automated STAtus Board

ASTP                Auto-id Sensor Track Processor

ASW                 Anti-Submarine Warfare

ASWCS            Anti-Submarine Warfare Control System

AT/FP               AntiTerrorism/Force Protection

ATC                  Air Traffic Control

ATC                  Automated Technical Control

ATD                  Advanced Technology Demonstration

ATD                  Automatic Target Detection

ATDLS              Advanced Tactical Data Link Systems

ATDS               Airborne Tactical Data System

ATES                AEGIS Tactical Executive System

ATF                  Amphibious Task Force

ATGLANT          Afloat Training Group LANT

ATIS                 Advanced Technical Intelligence support

ATIS                 Advanced Technical Information System

ATLASS            Asset Tracking & Logistics Automated Support Sys

ATLDS              Advanced Tactical Data Link System

ATM                 Asynchronous Transfer Mode

ATO                  Air Tasking Order

ATO                  Authority to Operate

ATOCS             Air Tasking Order Compressed System (ATOX)

ATP                  Advanced Tactical Planner

ATRC                Aegis Training Readiness Center

ATWICS            Advanced Tomahawk Weapon Control System

AUI                   Attachment Unit Interface

AUSWC            Advanced Under Sea Warfare Concept

AUTODIN          AUTOmatic Digital Information Network

AUTOTOD         AUTOmatic Time Of Day

AUV                 Autonomous Undersea Vehicle

AV3M               AViation Maintenance Material Management

AWOS              Automated Weather Observation System

AWS                 Alternate Work Schedule

B2CA                Bosnia Command and Control Augmentation

BAM                 Baseline Assessment Memorandum

BAN                 Base Area Network

BAR                 Baseline Analysis Review

BARP               BGIT Analysis Review Panel

BASL                Baseline Application Software List

BBN                 Broad Based Noise

BBS                 BaseBand Switch

BC4                  Block Cycle 4

BCA                 Broadcast Control Authority

BCI                   Basic Commerce International

BCIXS              Battle Cube Information Exchange System

BCM                 Beyond Capability Interdiction

BCN                 BMDS Communications Node

BCR                 Baseline Change Request

BCS                 Battle Control System

BCS3                Battle Command Sustainment Support System

BCS-LMAIS       Bar Code Supply - Logistics Maint Automated Info Sys

BCST                BroadCaST

BCU                 Bogus Controlling Unit

BDC                 Backup Domain Controller

BDE                 Below Deck Equipment

BER                 Bit Error Rate

BERT                Bit Error Rate Tester

BESEP             Base Electronic System Engineering Plan

BEST                Bandwidth Efficient Satellite Transport

BEUI                 BIOS Extended User Interface

BF                    Battle Force

BF CCB            Battle Force Change Control Board

BFAO               Battle Force Action Officer

BFCCB             Battle Force Change Control Board

BFDRM            Battle Force Design Reference Mission

BFEM               Battle Force E-Mail

BFI                   Battle Force Integration

BFIN                 Battle Force Information Network

BFIR                 Battle Force Interoperability Requirements

BFIT                 Battle Force Integration Team

BFM                 Business Financial Manager

BFO                 Battle Force Officer

BFOSS             Battle Force Operational Sequencing Sys

BFS                  Battle Force Superintendent

BFT                  Blue Force Tracker

BFT                  Backfit Technical Review

BFTN                Battle Force Tactical Network

BFTT                Battle Force Tactical Trainer

BG                   Battle Group

BG CELL          Battle Group Cellular

BGCCB             Battle Group Change Control Board

BGCPG            Battle Group Coordination Planning Group

BGDBM            Battle Group DataBase Management

BGDSE            Battle Group Distributed SEI Experiment

BGI                   Battle Group Interoperability

BGIT                 Battle Group Interoperability Testing

BGIT                 Battle Group Integration Team

BGIXS              Battle Group Information eXchange Subsystem

BGP                 Border Gateway Protocol

BGPHES          BG Passive Horizon Extension Sys

BGSA               Battle Group Systems Advisor(See FSET)

BGSIT               Battle Group System Integration Testing (now DGSIT)

BIOS                Basic Input/Output Systems

BISOG              Blue In Support Of Green

BIT                   Built In Test

BKS                 Broadcast Key Site

BLII                   Base Level Information Infrastructure (now OneNet)

BLOS               Beyond Line Of Sight

BLT                  Battalion Landing Team

BM                   Beam Managed

BMC                 Broadcast Management Center

BMD                 Ballistic Missile Defense

BMDS              Ballistic Missile Defense System

BMTA               Backbone Message Transfer Agent

BMU                 Beach Master Unit

BNIDS              Basic Network and Info Distribution Service

BNMC               Bahrain Network Management Center

BOC                 Baseline-ext. Operating Cycle

BOD                 Board of Directors

BOM                 Bill of Material

BOS                 Base Operation Support

BPDSMS          Basic Point Defense Short-range Missile System

BPR                 Business Process Re-engineering

BPS                 Bits Per Second

BPSK               Binary Phase Shift Keying

BRB                 Baseline Review Board

BRT                  Barrier Removal Teams

BSP                 Brief Stop for Personnel

BTG                  BMDS Teleport Gateway

BTS                  Broadcast Transmit Site

BTU                  Basic Terminal Unit

BUMED            Bureau of Medicine

BUPERS           Bureau of Naval Personnel

BVP                 Beacon Video Processor

BWEC              BandWidth Efficient Communications

BWEC WG        BWEC Working Group

BWS                 Bridge Work Station

C&A                 Certification and Accreditation

C&D                 Command & Decision (AEGIS ACDS)

C&L                  Capabilities and Limitations

[email protected]                Collaboration at Sea

C2                    Command & Control

C2/MC2            Milstar Uplink

C2CS WIP         C2 & Combat Systems Warfare Improvement Program

C2I                   Command, Control and Intelligence

C2OIX               Command & Control Official Information eXchange

C2P                  Command and Control Processor (part of JTIDS)

C2PC                Command & Control PC

C2RPC             Command & Control Rapid Prototype Continuum

C2W                 Command and Control Warfare

C2WC               Command and Control Warfare Commander

C2WCM            C2WC Module

C3                    Command, Control and Communications

C3/MC3            Milstar Downlink

C3F                  Commander Third Fleet

C3I                   Command, Control, Communications and Intel

C4                    Command, Control, Communications, and Computers

C4I                   Command & Control, Comms, Computers & Intell

C4IFTW             C4I For The Warrior

C4IMP              C4I Modernization Plan

C4ISR               C4I Surveillance & Reconnaissance

C5F                  Commander 5th Fleet

C5I                   Cmd & Control, Computers, Comms Combat & Intel

C5IMP              C5I Modernization Process

C5IO                 C5I Officer

C5RA                C5 Readiness Assessment

C6F                  Commander 6th Fleet

CA                    Challenge Athena

CA                    Certificate Authority

CAC                 Common Access Card

CADRT             Computer Aided Dead Reckoning Tracer

CAEMS            Computer Aided Embarkation Management System

CAESR             Close Arrival/assembly Employ Sustainment&Reconstitution

CAF                  Combat Air Forces

CAI                   Computer Aided Instruction

CAIII                 Challenge Athena III (Now CWSP)

CAINS              Carrier Aircraft Internal Navigation System

CALMS             Computer Assisted Load Management System

CALS                Continuous Acquisition and Life-cycle Support

CAMEO            Collaborative Automated Maint Environment & Osprey

CANDO            Cots Affordable Near-term Defncy Correcting ORDALT

CANES             Consolidated Afloat Networks and Enterprise

CAP                 Channel Access Processor

CAP                 Channel Access Protocol

CAPCO             Controlled Access Program Coordination Office

CAPDS             Chemical Agent Point Detection System

CAPE Cost Assessment and Program Evaluation

CARAT             Cooperation Afloat Readiness And Training

CARS               C4i Access Request System

CARD Cost Analysis Requirements Description

CART                Command Assessment of Readiness & Training

CAS                 Collaboration At Sea

CAS                 Combined Antenna System

CAS                 Call Accounting System

CASCOR          CASREP CORrect

CASES             Capabilities ASsesment Expert System

CASREP           Casualty Report

CASS               Computer Aided Support System (CIWS aid)

CATF                Commander Amphibious Task Force

CATS                Consolidated Area Telephone System

CAW                 Certificate Authority Workstation

CAX                 Combined Air exercise

CBA                 Centrally Billed Account

CBA                 Cost Benefit Analysis

CBFWQ            Class-Based Weighted Fair Queuing

CBI                   Computer Based Instruction

CBIRF               Chemical-Biological Incident Response Force

CBSP               Commercial Broadband SATCOM Program

CBT                  Computer Based Training

CBWFQ            Class-Based Weighted Fair Queuing

CC                    Combat Control

CC                    Channel Conrroller

CCA                 Circuit Card Assembly

CCA                 Clinger-Cohen Act

CCB                 Change Control Board

CCC                 Consolidated Call Center

CCDR Contractor Cost Data Reporting

CCE                 Common Computing Environment

CCIB                 Configuration Control Interoperability Board

CCIC2S             Combatant Cdrs Integrated Cmd & Control Sys

CCL                  Common Control Language

CCOI                Critical Contact Of Interest

CCOP               Cryptologic Carry-On Program

CCP                 Command Control Process

CCR                 Continuous Certification Requirement

CCRS               Command Cyber Readiness Inspection

CCS                 Combat Control System

CCSC               Combat Cryptologic Support Console

CCSG               Commander Carrier Strike Group (Formerly BG)

CCSS               Cryptologic Combat Support System

CCTV                Closed Circuit TeleVision

CCWS              Common Cryptologic Work Station

CD ROM           Computer Disk, Read Only Memory

CDA                 Central Design Activity

CDBS               Central DataBase Server

CDC                 Combat Direction Center

CDD                 Capability Development Document

CDE                 Common Desktop Environment

CDF                 Combat Direction Finding (OUTBOARD on LHD)

C-DITEG           Common DIgital TElevision Generator

CDL                  Combat Data Link

CDLMS             Common Link Data Management System

CDL-N              Common Data Link-Navy (replaces chbdl)

CDLS               Communications Data Link System

CDMA              Code Division Multiple Access

CDNU               Control Display Navigation Unit

CDPS               Communication Data Processing System

CDR                 Critical Design Review

CDS                 Combat Direction System (NTU ACDS)

CDS                 Cross Domain Solutions

CDSA               Combat Direction Support Activity

CDU                 Control & Display Unit

CEA                 Central Engineering Agent

CEAB               Command Element Advisory Board

CEC                 Cooperative Engagement Capability

CECOM Communications-Electronics Command

CEG                 Communications Equipment Group

CEL                  Command Email Listing

CEMAT             Carrier Engineering Maint Assist Team

CENTRIXS        Combined ENTerprise Regional Info eXchange System

CEO                 Chief Executive Officer

CEP                 Cooperative Engagement Processor

CEPS               Communications Equipment Population Summary

CESS               Cryptologic Electronic Support System

CETPS             Cooperative Engagement Tactical Processing System

CEU                 Control Electronics Unit

CEVI                 Crypto Equipment Validation Information

CFCP               COTS Fleet Communication Package

CFE                  Commercially Furnished Equipment

CFE                  Common Firmware Environment

CFE                  Centrixs Four Eyes

CFE                  Coalition Forces Enterprise

CFFC                Combined Fleet Forces Commander

CFM:                Contractor Furnished Material

CFN                  Composeable FORCENet

CFT                  Cross Functional Teams

CG MEF           Commanding General, Marine Expeditionary Force

CGS                 Common Geopositioning System

CGS                 Common Geo-positioning Services

CHBDL-ST        Common High Bandwidth Data Link - Surface Terminal

CHET                Combatant Homeport Engineering Team

CHIMS              Counterintel/Human Intel Management System

CIA                   Communications Information Advisory

CIA                   Carrier Incremental Availability

CIB                   Communications Information Bulletin

CIB                   CDLS Interface Box

CIBS                 Common Intigrated Broadcast Server

CID                   Center for Information Dominance

CIDLS               Center for Information Dominance Learning Site

CIFF                 Centralized IFF

CIGARS            Console Internally Generated And Refrshed Symbology

CIM                  Common Information Model

CIMS                Comprehensive Information Management System

CIN                   Channel Identification Number (DAMA)

CIN                   Course Identification Number

CINC                 Commander in Chief

CIO                   Command Information Officer

CIP                   Critical Infrastructure Protection

CISN                 Communications Information Systems & Networks

CIWES              Common Information Warfare Exploitation Sensor

CIWS                Close In Weapons System

CJCS                Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

CJCSM             Combined Joint Chiefs of Staff Manual

CJTF                Commander Joint Task Force

CKG                 Combat Key Generator

CL                    Confidentiality Level

CLAN                Coalition Local Area Network

CLC2S              Common Logistics Command & Control System

CLEW               Conventional Link Eleven Waveform

CLF                  Combat Logistics Force

CLF                  Commander Landing Force

CLIN                 Contract Line Item Number

CLIP                 Common Link Integration Processing

CLO                  Cryptographic Log On

CLSD               Color Large Screen Display

CLSM               Conical Logarithmic Spiral Mobile (antenna)

CM                   Configuration Management

CMATT             CISN Management and Training Analysis

CMAV               Continuous Maintenance AVailability

CMFC               Cooperative Maritime Forces CENTCOM

CMFP               Cooperative Maritime Forces Pacific

CMIO                COMSEC Material Issuing Officer

CMO                 Civil Military Operations

CMOC                   Civil Military Operations Center

CMP                 Common Message Processor

CMP                 COE Message Processor

CMPANDUAV   Cruise Missile Program AND Unmanned Air Vehicle

CMS                 COMSEC Material System

CMSA               Cruise Missile Support Activity

CMTPC             Cruise Missile Trainer Personnel Computer

CMTQ               Cruise Missile Tactical Qualification

CMWS              Collection Management Work Station

CNATRA           Chief of Naval Air TRAining

CNCTC             Commander Naval Computer and Telecomm Command

CND                 Command aNd Decision

CND                 Computer Network Defense

CND/IDS           Computer Network Defense/Intrusion Detection Sys

CNET                Chief of Naval Education and Training

CNFC               Combined Naval Forces Central command

CNL                  Center for Naval Leadership

CNMOC            Cdr, Naval Meteorology & Oceanographic Cmd

CNO                 Chief of Naval Operations

CNVA               Computer Network Vulnerability Assist

COAL               Common Operational Activities List

COBLU             Cooperative OUTBOARD Logistics Upgrade

COC                 Command Operations Center (USMC)

CODS               Coalition Data Server

COE                 Common Operating Environment

COH                 Complex OverHaul

COI                   Critical Operational Issue

COI                   Contact of Interest

COI                   Community of Interest

COIN                Community of Interest Network

COMDAC          COMmand Display And Control

COML               Commercial SATCOM Site

COMLANTFLT  Commander Atlantic Fleet


COMPACFLT    Commander  Pacific Fleet

COMPASS        Common Opn’l Mission Planning & Support Strategy

COMPOSE       Common PC Operating Sys Environment

COMPTIA          COMPuter Technology Industry Association

COMPTUEX      COMPosite Training Unit EXercise

COMPUSEC     Computer Security

COMSAT          Commercial Satellite

COMSEC          Communications Security

CONOPS          Concept of Operations

CONUS             Continental United States

CONVAL           CONfiguration VALidation

COOP               Continuity Of Operations Plan

COOPEX          Continuity Of Operations EXercise

COP                 Common Operational Picture

COP                 Configuration Overhaul Planning

COP                 Common Operational Picture

COR                 Culture Of Readiness

COR                 Contracting Office Representative

CORN               Change Order Request Notification

CORT               COherent Receiver Transmitter

CoS                  Class of Service

COSAL             Coordinated Shipboard Allowance List

COSC               Continuity Of Service Contract

COTF                Command Operational & Test Evaluation Force

COTP               Common Operational Tactical Picture

COTS               Commercial Off The Shelf

COWAN            Coalition Wide-Area Network

CP                    Change Proposal

CPB                 Charged Particle Beam

CPCR               Computer Program Change Request

CPD                 Capability Production Document

CPD                 Capabilities Production Document

CPD                 Center for Personal Development

CPD                 Collaborative Product Development

CPF                  Commander, Pacific Fleet

CPG                 Configuration Planning Group

CPIS                 Computer Program Interface Supervisor

CPL                  Certified Parts List

CPM                 Centrally Provided Material

CPM                 Command Product Matrix

CPU                 Central Processing Units

CR                    Configuration Request

CRD                 Capstone Requirements Document

CRE                 Crisis Response Element

CRIU                 CAP Router Interface Unit

CRL                  Certification Revocation List

CRLCMP           Computer Resources Life Cycle Management Plan

CRM                 Controllable Regex Mutilator (anti-spam software)

CRMA               Collection Requirements Management Application

CRO                 Character Read Out

CRPA               Controlled Reception Pattern Antenna

CRT                  Cathode Ray Tube

CRWG              Copernicus Requirements Working Group

CSB                 Configuration Steering Board

CSCP               Combat System Certification Panel

CSCS               Center for Surface Combat Systems

CSD                 Comms at Speed and Depth

CSD                 Consolidated Software Delivery

CSDR Cost and Software Data Reporting

CSDTS             Common Shipbrd Data Terminal Set (replaces usq-125)

CSEDS             Combat Systems Engineering & Development Station

CSEL                Combat Survivor Evader Locator

CSF                  Carrier Strike Force

CSFL                Common Systems Function List

CSG                 Carrier Strike Group

CSI                   Cyber Security Inspection

CSI                   Combat System Interface

CSICP              Cyber Security Inspection & Certification Process

CSIT                 Combat System Integration Test

CSITE               Combat System Integrated Training Equipment

CSLC                Coherent Side Lobe Canceller

CSM                 Combat System Matrix

CSMA/CA         Carrier Sensor Multiple Access/Collision Avoidance

CSMA/CD         Carrier Sensor Multiple Access/Collision Detection

CSMIS              Combat System Management Information System

CSMP               Current Ships Maintenance Project

CSMP               Current Ships Maintenance Project

CSOSS             Combat System Operating Sequencing System

CSP                 Commercial SATCOM Program

CSPAT             Combat Systems Post Acceptance Test

CSRFS             Common Source Route File System

CSRR               Common submarine Radio Room

CSRR               Combat Systems Readiness Review

CSRR               Commercial SATCOM Regional Representative

CSS                 Communication Support System

CSS                 Communication Security System

CSSB               Combat Service Support Battalion

CSSE               Combat Service Support Element

CST                  COP Synchronization Tools

CST                  Critical Sea Test

CST                  Combat Systems Testing

CSTFL              Commander, Strike Force Training Atlantic

CSTR                Combat Systems Trials Rehearsal

CSTS                Combat Simulation Test Set

CSTT                Combat Systems Training Team

CSU                 Channel Switch Unit

CSU                 Clock Stabilization Unit

CT                    Cipher Text

CT/PT               Cipher Text/Plain Text

CTAPS             Contingency TACS Automated Planning System

CTD                  Conductivity, Temperature, and Depth

CTDB               Common Tactical DataBase

CTF                  Combined Task Force

CTM                 Cryptologic Technician (Maintenance)

CTO                  Computer Tasking Order

CTO                  Commercail Travel Office

CTP                  Common Tactical Picture (See COP)

CTP-TT             CTP Team Trainer

CTR                  Cryptologic Technician (Collection)

CTT/HR             Commanders Tactical Terminal/Hybrid Receive

CTTO                Commercial Technology Transition Officer

CU                    Cooperating Unit

CUB                 Cryptologic Unified Build

CUDIX              Common User Digital Information Exchange System

CUP                 Common Undersea Picture

CUS                 CIB Uplink Site

CV/CVN            Aircraft Carrier/Aircraft Carrier (Nuclear)

CVBG               Carrier Battle Group

CVNS               CV Navigation System

CVNS               Carrier Navigation System

CVX                 21st Century Tactical Aviation Sea Based Platform

CW                   Continuous Wave

CWAN              Coalition Wide Area Network

CWC                 Composite Warfare Commander

CWCC              Combined Warfare Commanders Conference

CWDD              Chemical Warfare Directional Detector

CWID                Coalition Warrior Interop Demo (Formerly JWID).

CWS                 Commanders Weapons Station

CWS                 Compressed Work Schedule

CWS                 C4I Web Services

CWSC              Commercial Wideband Satellite Communications

CWSP              Commercial Wideband Satellite Program

CWST               Commercial Wideband Satcom Terminal

DAA                 Designated Approval Authority

DAA                 Designated Accrediting Authority

DAB                 Defense Acquisition Board

DAC                 Digital Air Control

DACT               Data Automated Communications Terminal

DADT               Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

DAGR               Defense Advanced GPS Receiver

DAIR                Direct Altitude and Identity Readout

DAMA              Demand Assigned Multiple Access

DART               Dynamically Adaptive Receiver-Transmitter

DASA-CE Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army for Cost and Economics

DAT                  Digital Audio Tape

DAWG              Data Analysis Working Group

DB                   DeciBel

DBDB-V           Digital Bathymetry Database-Variable

DBSS               Direct Broadcast Satellite Service

DBU                 DMS Business Utility

DC WIFCOM     Damage Control WIreFree Communications System

DCARC Defense Cost and Resource Center

DCD                 Decision Centered Design

DCE                 Data Communications Equipment

DCGS-N           Deployable Common Ground Station-Navy (repl bgphes)

DCM                 Dry-dock Continuous Maintenance

DCN                 Data Control Network

DCO                 Defense Connect Online

DCO                 Defense Connect Online

DCP                 DON Control Points

DCR                 DOTMLPF Change Request

DCRS               Digital Camera Receiving Station

DCS                 Defense Communications System

DCS                 Display Control Subsystem

DCTS               Defence Collaboration Tools Suite

DD                   Destroyer

DDC                 Digital Data Converter

DDCP               Display Device Control Processor

DDDS              Defense Data Dissemination System

DDG                 Guided Missile Destroyer

DDI                  Digital Display Indicator

DDI                  Decoy/DECM Integration

DDM                Double Density Memory

DDMS              DoD Discovery Metadata Specification

DDN                 Defense Data Network

DDRT               Digital Dead Reckoning Tracer

DDS                 Data Distribution System

DDS                 Digital Data Set

DEA                 Drug Enforcement Agency

DEAC               Data Exchange Auxiliary Console

DECC               Defense Enterprise Computing Centers

DECM              Decoy Electronic Countermeasures

DEERS             Defense Eligibility Enrollment System

DEN                 DCGS-N Enterprose Node

DEP                 Distributive Engineering Plant

DESI                Digital End Speed Indicator

DESRON          Destroyer Squadron

DEXNET           Deployable Expeditionary NETwork

DF                    Direction Finding

DFAX               Direct-dial Facsimile

DGAR               Defense Advanced GPS Receiver

DGB                 Design Guidance Baseline

DGSIT              Deploying Group Systems Integration Testing

DHCP               Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

DI                     Discrete Identifier

DI2E                 Defense Intelligence Information Enterprise

DIA                   Defense Intelligence Agency

DIACAP            DoD Info Assurance Certification & Accreditation Process

DiD                  Defense-in-Depth

DIE                   Defense Intelligence Enterprise

DIFAX              Digital Facsimile

DIG                  Developer’s Interface Guide

DII                    Defense Information Infrastructure

DIMS                Daily Intentions MessageS

DIN                   Defense Intelligence Network

DIS                   Digital Interactive Simulator

DISA                Defense Information Systems Agency (joint)

DISN                Defense Information Systems Network

DISR                DoD IT Standards Registry

DITCO              Defense Information Technology Contracting Organization

DITPR               DoD Information Technology Portfolio Registry

DITSCAP          DOD Info Tech Security Cert & Accreditation Process

DIVITS              Digital Video Image Transmission System

DIWS-A            Digital Imagery Workstation Suite Afloat

DL                    Distribution List

DLP                  Data Loss Prevention

DLRC               Deployable Learning Resource Center

DLS                  Decoy Launching System

DLT                  Digital Line Tape

DMA                 Defense Mapping Agency

DMA                 Defense Media Activity

DMDS              Defense Message Dissemination System

DMINS              Dual Mini-ship’s Inertial Navigation System

DMP                 Depot Modernization Period

DMP                 Data Management Processor (TAC-IV)

DMR                 Digital Modular Radio (Slice Radio)

DMS                 Data Multiplexing System

DMS                 Defense Message System

DMS Defensive Management System

DMSP              Defense Meteorological Satellite Program

DMTI                Digital Moving Target Indicator

DNC                 Digital Nautical Chart

DNL                  Dual Network Link

DNM                 Dynamic Network Management

DNP                 Dual Network Processor

DNS                 Domain Name Server

DOD                 Department of Defense

DoDCAS Department of Defense Cost Analysis Symposium

DODCP            Department of Defense Control Points

DODIEA           DOD Information Enterprise Architecture

DODIIS             DOD Intelligence Information System

DON                 Department of the Navy

DOS                 Disk Operating System

DOT                 Department of Transportation

DOTMLPF         Doctrin, Org, Training, Material, Ldr’ship, Pers & Facilities

DPG                 Data Processing Group (jtids)

DPIA                Dockin Planned/Phased Incremental Availability

DPL                  Digital Photographic Laboratory

DPMA              Dry-docking Phased MAintenance

DPMF               Dry-dock MAintenance Firm fixed

DPS                 Digital Products Server

DPT                  Dual Path Transceiver (whisperlan)

DPU                 Digital Processing Unit

DR                   Data Radio

DRAI                Dead Reckoning Analyzer Indicator

DRPM              Direct Reporting Program Managers

DRSN               Defense Red Switched Network

DRT                  Data Relay Terminal

DS                   Data Sharing

DS3                  Distributed Sensor Simulation System

DSA                 Data Systems Administration

DSA                 Directory Service Agent

DSCP               Differentiated Service Code Point

DSCS               Defense Satellite Communication System

DSIU                Dual SINCGARS Interface Unit

DSL                  Digital Subscriber Line

DSMAC            Digital Scene Matching Area Correlator

DSMS              Down Sized Master Station

DSN                 Defense Switched Network

DSN                 Defense System Network

DSP                 Digital Signal Processor

DSP                 DMS Service Provider

DSP                 Deployables Support Plan

DSRA               Dry-docking Selected Restricted Availability

DSU                 Digital Service Unit

DSU                 Digital Switching Unit

DSVL               Digital Sonar Velocity Log

DSVL               Doppler Sonar Velocity Log

DSVT               Digital Secure Voice Terminal (KY-68)

DT&E               Development Test & Evaluation

DT/OT               Development Test/Operational Test

DTAMS             Digital Terrain Analysis Mapping Set

DTB                  Data Transmission Block

DTC                  Desk Top Computer

DTD                 Data Transport Device (tomahawk)

DTD                 Data Transfer Device

DTE                  Data Terminal Equipment

DTED               Digital Terrain Elevation Data

DTH                  Defense Transition Hub

DTM Directive-Type Memorandum

DTR                  Data Terminal Ready

DTS                  Data Terminal Set (link computer)

DTTS                Digital Tracking and Trunking Switching

DTTS                Digital Tactical Telephone Switches

DUCA               Distributed User Coverage Area

DUSC               Directory User Service Center

DV                   Distinguished visitor

DWT                 Deep Water Trunk

DWTS               Digital Wideband Transmission System

DX                   Data eXtraction

DXQIP              Data eXtraction Quality Improvement Program

E2C                  Enterprise, Engineering & Certification

E2E                  End to End

E3                    Electromagnetic Environmental Effects

EA                    Early Adoptors

EADS               Expeditionary Air Defense System

EAF                  Expeditionary Air Field

EBEM               Enhanced Bandwidth Efficient Modem

EC                    Earth Coverage

EC                    Enabling Capability

EC                    Engineering Changes

EC5G               Expeditionary C5I Grid

ECCB               Executive Configuration Control Board

ECCM               Electronic Counter Counter Measures

ECDIS-N           Electronic Chart Display & Information System-Navy

ECM                 Electronic Counter Measures

ECMU               Extended Core Memory Unit

ECO                 Ethernet COnnection

ECO                 Engineering Change Order

ECP                 Engineering Change Proposal

ECRNOC          European Central Region Network Ops Ctr

ECS                 Exterior Communications System

ECSC               Expeditionary C4i Scenario Checklist

ECSS Expeditionary Combat Support System

ECU                 End Cryptographic Equipment

EDATF             Emergency Defense of Amphibious Task Force

EDD                 Estimated Delivery Date

EDM                 Engineering Development Model

EDPMA            Extended Docking Phased Maintenance Availability

EDSRA             Extended Drydocking Selected Restricted Avail

EDSS               Expeditionary warfare Decision Support System

EE                    Early Entry

EELV                Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle

EFEC               Enhanced Forward Error Correction

EFTT                Expeditionary Fires Team Trainer

EFV                  Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle

EFW                 Embedded FireWall

EGI                   Embedded GPS/Inertial Navigation System

EHF                  Extremely High Frequency (30-300 GHz)

EHF MDR         EHF Medium Data Rate

EHF-TIP            EHF TDMA Interface Processor

EIP                   Embeddable Infosec Product

EIP                   Enterprise Information Port

EIRP                 Effective Isotropic Radiated Power

EJNL                Electronic JTIDS Network Library

EKMS               Electronic Key Management System

ELB                  Extending the Littoral Battlespace

ELF                  Extremely Low Frequency (300hz-3khz)

ELINT               ELectronics INTelligence

ELQA               Enhanced Link Quality Analyzer

EMC                 ElectroMagnetic Compatibility

EMD                 Engineering & Manufacturing Development

EMI                  ElectroMagnetic Interference

EMP                 ElectroMagnetic Pulse

EMS                 Element Management System

EMSS               Enhanced Mobile Satellite Services

EMUT               Enhanced Manpack UHF Terminal

EMV                 ElectroMagnetic Vulnerability

ENG CAP         ENGineer CAPabilities

ENMS               Enterprise Network Management System

ENWGS            Enhanced Naval War Gaming System

EO                   Electro-Optical

EOA                 End Of Availability

EOB                 Electronic Order of Battle

EOIP                Everything Over IP

EOL                  End Of Life

EP                    Extraction Point

EPCOT             Experimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow

EPL                  Elint Parameters List

EPLRS             Enhanced Position Location Reporting System

EPO                 Electronic Policy Orchestrator

EPO                 Enterprise Policy Orchestrator

EPROM            Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory

ER                    EnRoute

ERADDS          Enhanced Radar Data Distribution System

ERDA               Engine Room Drop Augmentation

ERDB               Emerging Requirements DataBase

ERP                 Enterprise & Resource Planning

ERP                 Effective Radiated Power

ES                    Enterprise Services

ESC Electronic Systems Center

ESD                 ElectroStatic Discharge

ESF                  Expeditionary Strike Force

ESG                 Expeditionary Strike Group

ESG                 Expeditionary Sensor Grid

ESIT                 Embarkable Staff Integration Team

ESM                 Electronic Support Measures

ESP                 EHF Standard Procedures

ESP                 EHF Service Plan

ESPG               Embedded System Processor Group

ESRA               Extended Ship Restricted Availability

ESSM               Enhanced Sea Sparrow Missile

ESTO               Equipment Superior To Operator

ESX                 Elastic Sky X (VMware project)

ETA                  Early Transition Activity

ETA                  Estimated Time of Arrival

ETCS                Expeditionary Tactical Communication System

ETEC                End To End Capability

ETEPP             Electronic Tomahawk Employment Planning Package

ETIWC              Eucom Tactical Indications & Warning Circuit

EURCENT        Central Europe

EVM Earned Value Management

EVP                 Enhanced Verdin Processor

EVS                 Enhanced Verdin System

EW                   Electronic Warfare

EWMS              Electronic Warfare Management System

EWOBT            Electronic Warfare On Board Training

EWP                 Enterprise White Pages

EWR                 Essential Warfighting Requirement

EWRIT              EW Readiness Improvement Team

EWS                 Electronic Warfare Suite

EXPSAF           EXPlosive SAFety

F/O                   Fiber Optic

FAAD               Forward Area Air Defense

FAB-T               Family of Advanced Beyond-the-horizon – Tactical

FACSFAC         Fleet Area Control Surveillance FACility

FAM                 Fleet Advisory Message

FAM                 Fleet Application Management

FAM                 Foreign Affairs Manual

FAOE               Fleet Air/Ocean Equipment

FAP                  Funded Acquisition Program (POR)

FAS                  Fleet Application Servers

FAST                Fleet Application Survey Team

FBC                  Final Baseline Configuration

FBC                  Functional Baseline Configuration

FBE                  Forward Basing Element

FBE                  Fleet Battle Experiment

FC                    Field Changes

FCAT                Fleet Concentration Area Training

FCC                  Fleet Cuber Command

FCC                  Federal Communications Commission

FCCL                FORCEnet Compliance Check List

FCDSSA           Fleet Combat Direction Systems Support Activity

FCIP                 Field Change Installation Program

FCP                  Fleet Communications Plan

FCP                  Fleet Communications Package

FCRR               Final CSIT Readiness Review

FD                    Full Deployment

FDCC               Federal Desktop Core Configuration

FDD                 Full Deployment Decision

FDDI                Fiber Data Distributed Interface

FDMA               Frequency Division Multiple Access

FDNF               Forward Deployed Naval Forces

FDRR               Fleet Delivery Readiness Review

FDRR               Final Deployment Readiness Review

FDS                 Fixed Distributed System

FEC                  Forward Error Correction

FEK                  Function Entry Key

FEL                  Free Electron Laser

FEP                  FLTSAT EHF Package

FEP                  Final Evaluation Phase

FEWC               Fleet EW Center

FFRDC             Federally Funded Research & Developement Center

FIAS                 Fleet Information Acquisition System

FIBL                 FORCEnet Implementation BaseLine

FID                   Functional Interface Diagram

FIE                   Fly In Echelon

FIFO                 First In First Out

FIN                   Functional Identification Number

FIPS                 Federal Information Processing Standard

FIST                 Fleet Imagery Support Terminal

FIST                 Flight Information Scheduling & Tracking

FIT                    Final Integration Testing

FIT                    Fleet Introduction Team

FIT                    Force Integration Training

FIWC                Fleet Information Warfare Center

FLEETEX          Fleet Exercise

FLO FLO           Flow On/Flow Off

FLOT                Forward Line of Own Troops

FLT CON           Fleet Network Operating Center

FLTCINC           Fleet Commander-in-Chief

FLTEX              FLeeT EXercise

FLTSAT            Fleet Satellites

FLV                  Force Level Variant

FM                   Frequency Modulation

FMAV               Fleet Modernization Availability

FMECA/LORA   Failure Modes Effects & Criticality Anals/Lvl Of Repair Anals

FMP                 Fleet Modernization Program

FMP                 Field Management Plan

FMPMIS           FMP Management Information System

FMR Financial Management Regulation

FMS                 Foreign Military Sales

FMX                 Fleet Message eXchange

FNBDT             Future Narrow Band Digital Terminal

FNM                 Force Net Matrix

FNMOC            Fleet Numerical METOC Center

FO                    Fiber Optic

FOAL                Fiber Optic Antenna Link

FOC                 Final Operating Capability

FOCP               Fiber Optic Cable Plant

FODMS            Fiber Optic Data Multiplexing System

FOIVCS            Fiber Optic Integrated Voice Communication System

FONS               Fleet Operational Need Statement

FOT                  Follow On Terminal

FOT&E             Final Operational Test & Evaluation

FOTC                Force Oth-t Track Coordinator

FOWB              Follow On WideBand

FRCB               Fleet Readiness Certification Board

FRD                 Fleet Readiness Division

FRD                 Fleet Readiness Directorate

FRG                 Federal Republic of Germanny

FRP                  Full Rate Production

FRP                  Fleet Response Plan

FRP                  Fleet Readiness Plan

FRPA               Fixed Reception Pattern Antenna

FRPA-GP          FRPA-Ground Plane

FRSCQ             Fleet Readiness Squadron Carrier Qualifications

FRTP                Fleet Response Training Plan

FSB                  Fleet Support Broadcast

FSBS               Fixed Submarine Broadcast System

FSD                 Fleet Support Detachment

FSET                Fleet Systems Engineering Team

FSK                  Frequency Shift Keying

FSM                 Forward Site Modernization

FSM                 Fleet Siprnet Messaging

FSM                 Food Service Management

FSSG               Force Service Support Group

FST-J               Fleet Synthetic Training - Joint

FTA                  Fleet Technical Assistance

FTEWA             Force Threat Evaluation and Weapons Assignment

FTP                  File Transfer Protocol

FTR                  Federal Travel Regulations

FTSC                Fleet Technical Support Center (Lant/Pac)

FTSR                Feeder Telephone Service Request

FTX                  Field Training eXercise

FUDSS             Fleet Unit Deployable Storage System

FUJA                Forward Unit JTIDS tadil A

FUNC               FORCEnet Universal Needs Catalogue

FVEY               FiVe EYes (AUS, Canada, New Z’land, UK, USA)

FVLF-SSPAR    Fixed VLF-Solid State Power Amplifier Replacement

FW                   FireWall

FY                    Fiscal Year

FYDP               Fiscal Year Defense Plan

FYOH               Fiscal Year of OverHaul

FYPR               Fiscal Year PRogrammed

G&PP               Guidance and Policy Paper

GALA               Global Average Line-of sight Availability

GALE               Generic Area Limited Environment

GALE               Global Autonomous Language Exploitation

GALE-LITE        GALE-Lightweight Integrated Telecomms Equipment

GAPS               Geo-Acoustic Positioning System

GAR                 Gateway Access Request

GAS                 GPS Antenna System

GATM               Global Air Traffic Management

GATS               General Access Time Slot (otcixs protocol)

GBS                 Global Broadcast Service

GCBS               Ground Control Bombing System

GCC2               Global Combat Command & Control

GCCS               Global Command and Control System

GCCS-M           Global Command & Control System - Maritime

GCE                 Groun combat Element

GCF                 Garrison Communication Facility

GCSS               Global Combat Support System

GCSS-M           Global Command & Support System - Maritime

GCT                  Group Commanders Training

GCTF                Global Counter-Terrorism Forces

GCV Ground Combat Vehicle

GDFS               Graphical Data Fusion System

GDU                 Gun Display Unit

GEMIII              Global Eng’ing Methods Initiative for Integration & Interop

GENSER          GENeral SERvice (non-si secret)

GES                 GIG Enterprise Service

GESP               GIG Enterprise Service Profile

GETS               Gov’t Emergency Telecomm’s Service

GFCP               Generic Front-end Communications Processor

GFCS               Gun Fire Control System

GFE                 Government Furnished Equipment

GFM                 Government Furnished Material

GFO                 GEOSAT Follow-On satellite

GHz                  Gigahertz

GICOP              Good Idea Cut Off Point

GIG                  Global Information Grid

GIG-BE             GIG Bandwidth Expansion

GIG-E               Global Information Grid - Ethernet

GIMCP              Gel In the Middle Connector Protection

GINA                GPS Inertial Navigation Assembly

GINS                Global IBS Network Server

GISOB              Green In Support Of Blue

GMDSS            Global Marine Distress and Safety Service

GMF                 Ground Mobile Force

GMIF                Global Maritime Interception Forces

GMR                 Groound Mobile RADAR

GMR                 GBS (Global Broadcast Service) Mission Request

GMR/CARS       Ground Mobile Radio/Community Antenna Relay Service

GNFPP             Global Naval Forward Presence Policy

GNI                   Global Network Initiative

GNOC               Global Network Operations Center

GNOSC            Global Network Operations & Security Center

GOBI                General Officer Bright Idea

GOC                 Glider Operations Center

GOES               Geo-stationary Operational Environmental Satellite

GOES               Government Office-info Exchange System

GOGO              Government Owned Government Operated

GOTS               Government Off-The-Shelf

GPETE             General Purpose Electronic Test Equipment

GPNTS             GPS-Based Positioning, Navigation, and Timing Service

GPS                 Global Positioning Satellite

GRAM              GPS Receiver Application Module

GRS                 Ground Receive Suite

GRU                 Gridlock Reference Unit

GSA                 General Services Administration

GSDN-L            Grey Sof Deployable Node-Lite

GSM                 Global System for Mobile Communication

GSSC               Global SATCOM Support Center

GSTF                Global Strike Task Force

GTG                 GIG Technical Guidance

GTN                  Global Transportation Network

G-TSCMIS         Global-Theater Security Cooperation Mgt Info Sys

GUI                   Graphic User Interface

GVRC               GPS VME Receiver Card

GWCC              Group Warfare Commanders Conference

GXP                 Geospatial eXploitation Products

HAG                 High Assurance Guards

HAIPE              High-Assurance Internet Protocol Encryption

HAST                Humanitarian Assistance Survey Team

HAWK              Homing All the Way Killer

HAZCON           HAZardous CONdition

HAZMAT           Hazardous Materials

HBSS               Host Based Security System

HBSS               High Band Sub-System

HCA                 Humanitarian and Civil Assistance

HCI                   Human-Computer Interface

HDR                 High Data Rate

HERF               Hazards of Electromagnetic Radiation to Fuel

HERO               Hazards of Electromagnetic Radiation to Ordnance

HERP               Hazards of Electromagnetic Radiation to Personnel

HF                    High Frequency (3-30 MHz)

HF ALE             HF Automated Link Establishment

HFDS               High Frequency Data System

HFIP/SNR         High Frequency Internet Protocol/Subnet Relay

HFRG               High Freq Radio Group

HFSAR             HF Shipboard ALE Radio

HHR                 High Hop Rate

HHST                Hand Held Satellite Terminal

HI                     Horizontal Integration

HICOMM           High Command

HICSWIN           Hazardous Material Inventory Control System For Windows

HICSWIN-O       Haz Material Inventory Control System For Windows-Oracle

HIDS                Host Based Intrusion Detection System

HIPS                 Host Intrusion Protection Service

HITS                 Hostile-force Integrated Targeting System

HM&E               Hull Mechanical & Electrical

HMI                  Human Machine Interface

HMIRS CD        Hazardous Material Information Resource System Cd

HMMWV           High Mobility Multi-purpose Wheeled Vehicle

HMS Handhold, Manpack, and Small Form Fit

HOSS               Helicopter Operations Surveillance System

HP                    Hewlett-Packard

HPA                 High Power Amplifier

HPM                 High Power Microwave

HPW                 Harris High Performance Waveform

HQ                   Headquarters

HQMC              HeadQuarters Marine Corps

HS STADIL-J     High Speed Satellite TActical Data Information Link - J

HSBCA             High Speed Buoyant Cable Antenna

HSD                 High Speed Data

HSFB               High Speed Fleet Broadcast

HSGR               High Speed Global Ring

HSI                   Human Systems Interface

HSS                 High Speed Sealift

HSSI                 High Speed Serial Interface

HTML                Hyper Text Markup Language

HTTP                HyperText Transfer Protocol

HUITS               Harris Universal Image Transmission Software

HUMS               Health & Usage Maintenance System

HVAC               Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning

HVBSS             Helo Visit Board Search & Seizure

HW                   Hardware

HWDDC            Hazardous Weather Detection and Display Capability

HWIL                HardWare In the Loop

HWIU                Harpoon Weapon Interface Unit

HYDRA             Hierarchical Yet Dynamic Radio Architecture

I&A                   Identification and Authentication

I&W                  Indications and Warning

I/O                    InterOperability

I/O                    Input/Output

I3                      Integrated Imagery & Intelligence

I3                      Interoperability/Integration/Innovation

IA                     Information Assurance

IA                     Installing Activity

IAAV                 Information Assurance Assist Visit

IAC                   Integrated ASW Course

IACS                 Integrated Acoustic Communication System

IADS                Integrated Air Defense System

IADT                 Integrated Automated Detection and Tracking

IAMD                Integrated Air & Missile Defense

IANTN               Inter-American Naval Telecomms Net (CENTRIXS)

IAP                   Initial Acquisition Point

IART                 Interim ARG Readiness Training

IAS                   Intelligence Analysis System

IAS                   Information Assurance Strategy

IASM                Intelligent Agent Security Module

IATO                 Initial Authority to Operate

IATTL                Interim Authority to Test Lab

IAV                   Information Assurance Vulnerablility

IAVA                 Information Assurance Vulnerability Alert

IAVM                Information Assurance Vulnerability Management

IAW                  In Agreement With

IAWF                Information Assurance Work Force

IBA                   Individually Billed Account

IBC                   Initial Baseline Configuration

IBCS-One          Integrated Barcode System-One

IBFT                 Integrated Battle Force Training

IBGWN             Intra Battle Group Wireless Networking

IBR                   Initial Baseline Review

IBS                   Integrated Bridge System

IBS                   Integrated Broadcast System

IBS-I                 Integrated Broadcast System – Interactive

IBS-N                Integrated Broadcast System - Network

IBS-S                Integrated Broadcast System - Simplex

IC                     Interior Communications

ICAN                 Integrated Comms & Advanced Network

ICAPS              Integrated Carrier ASW Prediction System

ICAS                 Integrated Condition Assessment System

ICD                   Installation Control Drawing

ICD                   Installation Change Drawing

ICD                   Initial Capabilities Document

ICDB                Integrated Communication DataBase

ICE                   Integrated Cooperative Engagement

ICF                   InterConnect Facility

ICI                    Improved Connectivity Initiative

ICO                   Interface Control Officer

ICODES            Integrated COmputerized DEployment System

ICOM                Integrated COMSEC

ICOP                Intelligence Carry-On Program

ICR                   Interface Change Request

ICRR                 Initial CSIT Readiness Review

ICRR                 Initial Certification Readiness Review

ICS                   Integrated Communications System

ICSTF               Integrated Combat Systems Test Facility

ICW                  Interactive Course Ware

IDB                   Integrated DataBase

IDB                   Installation Database

IDCP                Integrated Distributive Collaborative Planning

IDCP                Intra-ESG Distributed Collaborative Planning

IDD                  Interim DryDocking

IDIS                  Intelligence Database Information System

IDM                  Information Dissemination Management

IDNX                Integrated Digital Network eXchange system

IDRC                InterDeployment Readiness Cycle

IDS                   Integrated Display System

IDS                   Intrusion Detection System

IDSN                Indirect DSN (POTS)

IDTC                 Inter-Deployment Training Cycle

IEM                  Inactive Equipment Maintenance

IEM                  Interim Examination & Maintenance

IER                   Information Exchange Requirement

IESC                 International Events Security Coalition

IESS                 Imagery Exploitation Support System

IETF                 Internet Engineering Task Force

IETM                 Interactive Electronics Technical Manual

IFD                   Immediate File Delivery

IFF                   Identification Friend or Foe

IFLOLS             Improved Fresnel Lens Optical Landing System

IFRFN               Intra-Force RF Network

ILA                   Independent Logistics Assessment

ILARTS             Integrated Launch And Recovery Tv Surveillance Sys

ILL                    Imagery Location Library

ILM                   Instrument Landing Monitor

ILP                   Integrated Landing Platform

ILS                   Instrument Landing System

ILS                   Integrated Logistics Support

ILSMP              Integrated Logistic Support Management Plan

ILSP                 Integrated Logistics Support Plan

IM                     Incidental Material

IMA                  Intermediate Maintenance Activity

IMAT                 Interactive Multi-sensor Analysis Trainer

IMAV                Intermediate Maintenance Availability

IMDS                Integrated Mechanical Diagnostic System

IMI                    InterModulation Interference

IMINT                IMagery INTelligence

IMO                  Installation Management Office

IMO                  International Maritime Organization

IMPACTS          IW Mission Planning Analysis & C2 Targeting System

IMS                  Imagery Management System

INC                   Integrated Network Controller

INCO                Installation and CheckOut

INE                   Inline Network Encryptor

INFOCON          INFormation Operations CONdition

INFOSEC          Information Security

INM                  Integrated Network Management

INMARSAT        INternational MARitime SATellite

INS                   Inertial Navigation System

INSCOM           Intelligence & Security Command

INTELSAT         INTELligent SATellite

INTPS               Integrated Navigation & Tactical Plot System

IO                     Information Operations

IO                     Interoperability

IOA                   Information Operations Architecture

IOC                   Initial Operating Capability

IORNOC            Indian Ocean Regional Network Operating Center

IOS                   Intelligence Operations System

IOT&E               Initial Operational Test & Evaluation

IOW                  Intelligence Operations Workstation

IP                     Internet Protocol

IPB                   Intelligence Preparation in the Battlespace

IPCD                Initial Platform Certification Decision

IPDS                Integrated Point Defense System

IPE                   Intelligence Preparation of the Environment

IPGPS              Interim Portable GPS

IPL                   Image Product Library

IPR                   In Process Review

IPS                   Intrusion Prevention System

IPT                   Integrated Product Team

IPV                   International Partner Variants

IPV6                 Internet Protocol Version 6

IPX                   Internet Package eXchange

IR                     Instruction Report

IRC                   Internet Relay Chat

IROS3               Integrated Remote Optical Site Surveillance System

IRRS/DRRS-N   Innovative Readiness Rptng Sys/Dod Readiness Report Sys

IRST                 InfraRed Search and Track

IS                     INTELSAT Satellite

ISAF                 International Security Assistance Forces

ISAR                 Inverse Synthetic Aperture Radar

ISB                   Independent Side Band

ISDN                Integrated Services Digital Network

ISDS                Integrated Self Defense System

ISDS                Information Screening & Display Subsystem

ISE                   Independent Ships Exercise

ISE                   Information Sharing Environment

ISEA                 In Service Engineering Activity

ISF                   Information Strike Force

ISIC                  Immediate Superior In Command

ISM                  Iridium Secure Module

ISM                  Information System Maintainer

ISMSR              Integrated Ship Maintenance & Supply Readiness

ISNS                 Integrated Shipboard Network System

ISO                   International Standardization Organization

ISP                   Information Support Plan

ISP                   IFF Sensor Processor

ISP                   Inside Cable Plant

ISP                   Internet Service Provider

ISR                   Intelligence Surveillance & Reconnaissance

ISRAT               Installations Synchronization & Realignment Action Team

ISRT                 Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance, and Targeting

ISSM                Information System Security Manager

ISSO                Information Systems Security Officer

IT                      Information Technology

IT21                  Information Technology, 21st century

ITA                   Intermediate Training Assessment

ITAB                 Information Technology Acquisition Board

ITAC                 Information Technical Assistance Center

ITAWDS            Integrated Tactical Amphibious Warfare Data System

ITC                   Information Technology Center

ITIL                   Information Technology Infrastructure Library

ITMC                 Information Technology Management Center

ITO                   Integrated Tasking Order

ITOC                 Integrated Technology Outreach Center

ITP                   Integrated Terminal Program

ITPR                 Information Technology Procurement Request

ITRR                 Information Technology Readiness Review

ITS                   Information Transfer System

ITSA                 Information Technology Systems Advisor

ITSC                 Information Technology Support Center

ITT                    Intelligence Team Trainer

ITU                   Information Technology Unit

IU                     Interface Unit

IU/CU                Interface Unit/Cooperating Unit

IUC                   Integrated USW Course

IUID                  Item Unique IDentification

IUSS                 Integrated Undersea Surveillance System

IVCS                 Integrated Voice Communications System

IVDS                Independent Variable Depth Sonar

IVS                   Integrated Voice System

IVS                   Integrated Video System

IW                    Information Warfare

IWARS              Integrated Warfare ArchitectureS

IWC                  Information Warfare Commander

IWG                  Interface Working Group

IXS                   Information eXchange Subsystem

JACAL              JMPS Application & Central Access Library

JADOCS           Joint Automated Deep Operations Coordination System

JAOS               Japanese Auxiliary Ocean Surveillance Ship

JASSM-ER Joint Air-to-Surface Standoff Missile – Extended Range

JATACS            JDISS Advanced Tactical cryptologic support

JATDI               Joint Aviation Technical Data Integration

JBA                  Joint Battlespace Awareness

JBI                   Joint Battlespace Infosphere

JBPDS             Joint Biological Point Detection System

JBS                  Joint Broadcast Service

JCA                  Joint Capability Area

JCA                  Joint Concentrator Architecture

JCA                  JSIPS Concentrator Architecture

JCDX               Joint Cross Domain eXchange

JCF                  Justification Cost Form

JCIDS               Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System

JCMPO             Joint Cruise Missile Project Office

JCN                  Job Contract Number

JCPAT-E           Joint C4I Program Assessment Tool – Empowered

JCS                  Joint Chiefs of Staff

JCTD                Joint Capability Technology Demonstration

JCTN                Joint Composite Tracking Network

JDAM               Joint Direct Attack Munition

JDBC               Java DataBase Connection

JDI                   Joint Data Integration

JDISS               Joint Defense Intel Support Services

JDK                  Java Development Kit

JDMS               Joint Data Management Systems

JDTA                Job Duty Task Analysis

JEAP                Joint Elint Analysis Program

JEB                  Joint Expeditionary Base

JEDS               Joint Enterprise Directory Service

JEM                 Joint Effects Model

JEPES             Joint Engineering Planning & Execution System

JETDS              Joint Electronic Type Designation System

JETS                JMCIS Expedited Text Search

JFACC              Joint Forces Air Component Commander

JFC                  Joint Functional Concepts

JFEO                Joint Forcible Entry Operations

JFLCC              Joint Force Land Component Commander

JFMCC             Joint Force Maritime Component Commander

JFMM               Joint Fleet Maintenance Manual

JFN                  Joint Fires Network

JFRG II             Joint Force Requirements Generator

JFTOC              Joint Fleet Telecommunications Ops Center

JFTR                Joint Federal Travel Regulation

JIC                   Joint Intelligence Center

JIC                   Joint Integration Concept

JICF                 Joint Integrated Communications Facility

JICO                 Joint Interface Control Officer

JIEDDO            Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization

JIEO                 Joint Interoperability Engineering Office

JIES                 Joint Interoperability and Evaluation System

JINTACCS         Joint INteroperability TActical Command & Control Sys

JIPM                 Joint IP Modem

JIST                  Joint Integrated Systems Technology

JITC                  Joint Interoperability Test Command

JLOTS              Joint Logistics Over The Shore

JMAA               Joint Mission Area Analysis

JMAST             Joint Mobile Ashore Support Terminal

JMCIS              Joint Maritime Command Information System

JMCIS-A           Joint Maritime Command Information System –

JMCOMS          Joint Maritime Communications System

JMEMWS         Joint Munitions Effectiveness Manual Weaponeering Sys

JMHS               Joint Message Handling System

JMINI                Joint MILSATCOM Network Integrated Control

JMIO                Joint Maritime Information Operations

JMPS               Joint Mission Planning System

JMTC                Joint Maritime Tactics Course

JMTCSS           Joint Maritime Tactical Communications Switching Sys

JMTOP             Joint Multi-Tactical digital Information link Op Procedures

JMV                 Joint Metoc Viewer

JNL                  JTIDS Network Library

JNMS               Joint Network Management System

JOA                  Joint Operating Area

JOC                  Joint Operations Center

JOCC               Joint Operations Command Center

JOPES             Joint Operational Planning & Execution System

JOTS                Joint Operational Tactical System

JPA                  Job Performance Aid (Video)

JPALS              Joint Precision Approach and Landing

JPO                  Joint Project Office

JPP/RTS           Joint Power Projection/Real Time Support

JRE                  Joint Range Extension

JREAP             Joint Range Extention Application Protocol

JROC               Joint Requirements Oversight Council

JSC                  Joint Spectrum Center

JSEC                Joint (maritime cmds) Systems Engineering Center

JSIPS-N            Joint Services Imagery Processing System-Navy

JSLEP              JSIPS Service Life Extention Program

JSMS               Joint Spectrum Management System

JSS                  JICO Support System

JSTARS            Joint Surveillance Targeting Acquisition Radar Sys

JSWAG            Joint Services Wiring Action Group

JTA                  Joint Technical Architecture

JTDLMP           Joint Tactical Data Link Management Plan

JTF                   Joint Task Force

JTFEX              Joint Task Force Exercise

JTG                  Joint Task Group

JTIC                  Joint Interoperability Test Command

JTIDS               Joint Tactical Info Distribution Sys (link 16 c2p)

JTR                  Joint Travel Regulations

JTRS                Joint Tactical Radio System

JTRWS             Joint Tess Remote Work Station

JTSST              Joint Targeting Support System Terminal

JTT                   Joint Tactical Terminal

JTT-M               Joint Tactical Terminal - Maritime

JU                    JTIDS Units

JVMF               Joint Variable Message Format

JWARN             Joint Warning And Reporting Network

JWICS              Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communication System

JWID                Joint Warrior Interoperability Demo (Now CWID)

KBPS               KiloBits Per Second

KEYMAT           KEYing MATerial

KHZ                  KiloHertZ

KIP                   Key Interface Profile

KITE                 Keyswitch Integrated Terminal Equipment

KL                    KligLight

KMI                  Key Management System

KP                    Key Processor

KPP                 Key Performance Parameter

KSA                 Key Support Areas

KU                    Frequency at SHF

KWEB              Knowledge WEB

L&R                  Launch and Recovery

LAAS                Local Area Augmentation System

LAC                  Launch Area Coordinator

LAN                  Local Area Network

LANE                LAN Emulation

LANVC             Local Area Network Verification & Check-out

LAQ                  Link Access Queue

LAR                  Liaison Action Record

LAR                  Late Add Request

LARS                Launch and Recovery System

LAU                  Local Access Unit

LAV                  Light Armored Vehicle

LAWS               Land Attack Warfare System

LBL                  Long BaseLine

LBS-AUV          Littoral Battlespace Sensing – AUV

LBSF&I             Littoral Battlespace Sensing Fusion, & Integration

LBS-G              Littoral Battlespace Sensing – Glider

LBS-UUV          Littoral Battlespace Sensing – UUV

LBUCS             Low Band Universal Communication System

LCC                  Amphibious Command Ship

LCM                 Life Cycle Manger

LCM                 Leased Channel Mode

LCMC Life Cycle Management Command

LCS Littoral Combat Ship

LDD                 Limited Deployment Decision

LDR                  Low Data Rate

LDSA               Local Director System Agent

LE                    Logistics Engineer

LEDS               Link Eleven Display System

LEF                  Link Encryptor Family

LEO                  Low Earth orbit

LES                  Land Earth Station

LF                    Low Frequency (30 - 300khz)

LF                    Landing Force

LHA/LHD          Amphibious Assault Ship (General Purpose)

LHR                  Low Hop Rate

LITE                  Lightweight Integrated Telecom Equipment

LLFA                Low Low Frequency Array

LLS                  Low Level Serial

LLTM                Long Lead Time Material

LMD                 Local Management Device

LMMT               Link Monitoring & Management Tool

LMPS               Light Airborne Multi-Purpose System

LMS                 Link Monitoring Station

LMSR               Large Medium Speed RoRo

LNA                  Low Noise Amplifier

LNB                  Low Noise Block

LOA                  Light Off Assessment

LOB                  Line Of Bearing

LOCE               Linked Opintel Center Europe

LOD                 Line Of Departure

LOE                  Level of Effort

LOLO                Lift On Lift Off

LORA               Level Of Repair Analysis

LOS                  Line Of Sight

LPI/D                Low Probability of Intercept/Detection

LPM                 Locally Provided Material

LPMP               Launch Platform Mission Planning

LPRU                Lowest Possible Replacement Unit

LQOSMAN        Local Quality Of Service MANager

LRA                  Local Registration Authority

LRIP                 Low Rate Initial Production

LRU                  Lowest Replaceable Unit

LSB                  Lower Side Band

LSD                  Large Screen Display

LSR                  Line Scan Recorder

LSS                  Lean Six Sigma

LTC                  Leadership Training Continuum

LTO                  Logistics Tasking Order

LTT                   Live Training Transformation

LWCA               Light Weight Comm Antenna

M&IE                Meals & Incidental Expenses

MAB                 MAGTF Afloat Baseline

MAC                 Mission Assurance Category

MAD                 Magnetic Anomaly Detector

MAGIS              Marine Air Ground Intelligence System

MAGR              Miniaturized Airborne GPS Receiver

MAGTF             Marine Air Ground Task Force

MAIS Major Automated Information System

MALS               Marine Aviation Logistics Squadrons

MAM                Maintenance Assist Module

MAN                 Metropolitan Area Network

MARCEMP       MAnual Relay Center Modernization Program

MARCORSYSCOM        Marine Corps Systems Command

MARSOC          Marine Special Operation Command

MAST               Mobile Ashore Support Terminal

MATCALS         Marine Air Traffic Control And Landing System

MATE               Magnetic Tape Emulator

MBPS               Megabits per second

MC2                 Maintainability & Cost Consciousness

MCA                 Maritime Cryptologic Architecture

MCAAB            Marine corps C4i Amphibious Advisory Board

MCAP               MDR Channel Access Protocol

MCCDC            Marine Corp Combat Development Command

MCCP               Mast Clamp Current Probe

MCCR               Mission Critical Computer Resources

MCEITS            Marine Corps Enterprise Information Technology Svs

MCEN               Marine Corps Enterprise Network

MCFI                Multinational Coalition Forces

MCIA                Marine Corp Intelligence Activity

MCIAP              Marine Corps information Architecture Picture

MCIXS              Maritime Cellular Information eXchange System

MCM                Mine Counter Measure

MCMC              Mine Counter Measures Commander

MCMRON         Mine Counter Measures Squadron

MCMS              Metbench Calibration Management System

MCMS              Machinery Control Management System

MCNOC            Marine Corps Network Operations Center

MCNOSC          Marine Corps Network Ops & Security Command

MCOTEA          Marine Corps Operational Test & Evaluation Activity

MCP                 Mission Capability Package

MCPP               Multi Channel Patch Panel

MCPT-I             MILSTAR Communications Planning Tool-Integrated

M-CRPA           Miniaturized–Controlled Reception Pattern Antenna

MCS                 Message Conversion System

MCS                 Maneuver Control System

MCS                 Multi-functional Cryptologic Systems

MCS-21            Maritime Cryptologic System 21st Centry

MCTN               Marine Corps Tactical Network

MCTN               Marine Corps Telecommunications Network

MCTSSA           Marine Corps Tactical Systems Support Activity

MCU                 Multi-point Control Units

MDA                 Milestone Decision Authority

MDA DS COI    Maritime domain Awareness Data Sharing COI

MDACT             Mechanized Division Advanced Combat Tracker

MDAP Major Defense Acquisition Program

MDD                Materil Development Decision

MDDS              Mission Data Distribution System

MDEP              Milstar/DISN Entry Point

MDR                 Medium Data Rate

MDS                 Mission Distribution System

MDSS              MAGTF Deployment Support System

MDT                 Message Distribution Terminal

MDTO               Mission Data Transmit Order

MDU                 Mission Data Update

MEB                 Maritime Expeditionary Brigade

MEDAL             Mine Warfare Decision Aids Library

MEDAL EA       Mine warfare & Environmental Decision Aids Lbry Ent Arch

MEDCAP          MEDical CAPabilities

MEECN            Minimum Essential Emergency Comms Network

MEF                 Marine Expeditionary Force

MEF                 Middle East Force

MEFSAG          Middle East Force Surface Action Group

MELS               MOC Enterprise LAN Solution

METMF             METeorological Mobile Facility  (Marine Corps

METOC             METeorological Operations Center

MEU                 Marine Expeditionary Unit

MF                   Medium Frequency (300khz - 3mhz)

MFCS               Missile Fire Control System

MFI                   Multi Function Interpreter

MFL                  Multiple Frequency Link

MFOM              Maintenance Figure Of Merit

MFU                 Mission Folder Update

MFU                 Message Forwarding Utility

MFU                 Mission Folder Update

MGC                 ManaGement Client

MGIT                Maritime Group Inport Training

MGS                 Machine Gun System

MHRS               Message Handler Remote Server

MHz                  Megahertz

MIAT                 Manually Initiated Automatic Track

MIB                  Management Information Base

MIBS                Maritime Integrated Broadcast Services

MICFAC            Mobile Integrated Command FACility

MIDB                Modernized Integrated DataBase

MIDS                Management Information Data System

MIDS                Multi-functional Information Distribution System

MIDS-LVT         Multi-functional Info Distro Sys – Low Volume Terminal

MIF                   Maritime Interdiction Force

MIL STD           MILitary STanDard

MILSATCOM     Military Satellite Communications

MILSPEC          Military Specification

MILSTAR          MILitary Strategic and TActical Relay

MILSTRIP          MILitary STandard Requisitioning and Issue Procedure

MIME                Multi-purpose Internet Mail Extensions

MINI DAMA       Miniaturized Demand Assigned Multiple Access

MINI NOC          Miniature Network Operation Center

MIPS                Maritime IAMD Planning System

MIRACL/SLBD  Mid InfraRed Advanced Chem Laser/Sea Lite Beam Dir

MITE                 Monthly Inport Training Exercise

MITNOC            Marine corps Info Technology Network Ops Center

MITT                 Maritime Integrated Tailored Training

MIUW               Mobile Inshore Undersea Warfare

MIW                  Mine Warfare

MIWRG             MIne Warfare Readiness Group

MLA                 Mail List Agent

MLCS               Modern Legacy Crypto Solution

MLIU                 Multiple Link Interface Unit

MLP                 Mobile Landing Platform

MLS                 Missile Launching System

MLS                 Multi-Level Security

MLTC                Multi-Level Thin Client

MMG                Mast Mechanical Group

MMI                  Man Machine Interface

MMS                Mast Mounted Sight

MMS                Multi-level Mail Server

MNIS                Multi-National Information Sharing

MNS                 Mine Neutralization System

MOA                 Memorandum of Agreement

MOB                 MOBility

MOBI                Man OverBoard Indicator

MOC                 Maritime Operations Center

MOCC              Mobile Operations Command Center

MOE                 Measure of Effectiveness

MOMS              Man On the Move System

MOODS            Master Oceanographic Observation Database

MOOTW            Military Operations Other Than War

MOP                 Measure of Performance

MOPP              Mission Oriented Protective Posture

MOS                 MIDS On Ship

MOSPF            Multicast Open Shortest Path First

MOT&E             Multi-service Operational Test & Evaluation

MOU                 Memorandum of Understanding

MOUT               Military Operations in Urban Terrain

MPAS               Mission Planning and Analysis System

MPAT               Multi-nation Planning Augmentation Team

MPEG              Moving Picture Expert Group

MPF(F)             Maritime Preposition Force Future

MPG                 Maritime prepositioning Group

MPS                 Maritime Preposition Ship

MPS Mission Planning System

MPSC               MidPac Surface Combatant

MPSRON          MPS squadron

MRAS/CASREPMission Readiness Assessment Software CASREP

MRMS              Maintenance Resource Management System

MROC              Multi-Command Required Operational Capability

MRRS               Material Readiness Reporting System

MRRS               Mobile Remote Receiving System

MRRS               Modular Remote Replication System

MRS                 Mini Rawin System

MS C                Milestone C

MSBL               MAGTF Software BaseLine

MSC                 Major Subordinate Command

MSC                 Military Sealift Command

MSD                 Material Support Date

MSE                 Major Subordinate Element

MSE                 Mobile Subscriber Equipment

MSEL               Master Scenario Event List

MSIDS              Magtf Secondary Imagery Dissemination Sys

MSKC               METOC Systems Knowledge Center

MSL                 Multi-Security Level

MSOC              Milstar Satellite Operations Center

MSOCAB          Marine Special Operation Command Afloat Baseline

MSP                 Message Security Protocol

MSS                 Mission Support System

MSS                 Multi-protocol System Server

MSS                 Multiple Subscriber Service

MSS                 Mobile Satellite Service

MSS                 Multi-Protocol Switch Server

MSSIS              Maritime Security Safety Information System

MST                 METOC Support Team

MST                 Multi Site Testing

MSTRAP           Multi Sensor Torpedo Recognition Alertment Processor

MSU                 Mandatory Security Update

MTA                 Message Transfer Agent

MTASS             Machine Transportable An/uyk Support Software

MTBF               Mean Time Before/Between Failure

MTC                 Multi-Tadil Capability

MTC2                Maritime Tactical Command & Control

MTI                   Moving Target Indicators

MTJ                  Multicast Tactical Data Link J

MTN                 Multi TDL Network

MTP                 Multi Tadil Processor

MTST                Maneuvering Target Statistical Tracker

MTVR               Medium Tactical Vehicle Replacement

MTWS              Marine Tactical Warfare Simulator

Multi-INT           Multi-INTellegence

MUOS              Mobile User Objective System

MUSE               Multidimensional User-oriented Synthetic Environment

MUTE               Multiplex Unit for Transmission Elimination

MYP Multi-Year Procurement

NAB                 naval Amphibious Baseline

NACC               Next generation ARG Collaboration Capability

NACISS            North Atlantic Command and Control Information System

NADGE            NATO Air Defense Ground Environment

NAERG             Naval Architecture Elements Reference Guide

NALCOMIS       Naval Aviation Logistics Command Mgt Information Sys

NALS                Network Attached Storage

NAMP               Naval Aviation Maintenance Program

NAN                 Navy Afloat Networks

NAS                 Network Attached Storage

NATIPT             Naval Afloat Targeting Integrated Process Team

NATO               North Atlantic Treaty Organization

NAVAIR Naval Air Systems Command

NAVAIRSYSCOM          Naval Air Systems Command

NAVCIRT          NAVal Computer Incident Response Team

NAVCOMPT      Comptroller of the Navy

NAVFLIRS        NAVal FLIght RecordS

NAVICP            NAVy Inventory Control Point

NAVMACS        Navy Modular Automated Comm Sys

NAVMEDIACEN  Naval Media Center

NAVNEWS        Naval News

NAVOCEANO   NAVal OCEANographic Office

NAVSEA           Naval Sea Systems Command

NAVSSI            Navigation Sensor System Interface

NAVSTAR         Navigation Satellite Timing and Ranging System

NAVSUP           Naval Supply Systems Command

NAVTEX           NAVigation TEleX

NAVWAR          NAVigation WARfare Sea/Air

NAWC              Naval Air Warfare Center

NCCA Naval Center for Cost Analysis

NC3                  Nuclear Communications Control System

NCC                 Naval Communications Controller

NCDOC            Navy Cyber Defense Operations Command

NCE                 Network-Centric Enterprise

NCES               Network-Centric Enterprise Service

NCF                  Naval Construction Forces (Seabees)

NCMC               NNFE C5I Modernization Conference

NCMC               Navy C5I Modernization Conference

NCO                 Net-Centric Operations

NCOW-RM        Net-Centric Operations & Warfare – Reference Model

NCP                 Naval Capability Plan

NCR                 Naval Change Request

NCS                 Net Control Station

NCTAMS           Naval Computer & Telecomms Area Master Station

NCTS                Navy Computer and Telcom Station

NCTSI               Navy Center for Tactical System Interoperability

NCVI                 Navy Certificate Validation Infrastructure

NCW                 NetCentric Warfare

NCWCC            Network Centric Warfare Commanders Course

ND3                  Navigation Data Distribution & Display

NDCC               Navy Data Center Consolidation

NDE                 Navy Data Environment

NDI                   Non-Developmental Item

NDSP               Navy Drug Screening Program

NECC               Navy EHF Communications Controller

NECC               Navy Expeditionary Combat Command

NECC               Net-Enabled Command and Control

NECSS             Naval Electronic Combat Surveillance Sys

NEIBS              Network Enabled Integrated Broadcast Service

NEO                 Non-combatant Evacuation Operations

NEP                 Navy Enterprise Portal

NERF               Naval Emitter Reference File

NES                 Network Encryption System

NESI                 Net-Centric Enterprise Solutions for Interoperability

NESP               Navy EHF Satellite Communications System

NETBEUI          NETBIOS Extended User Interface

NETBIOS          Network Basic Input/Output System Protocols

NETC                Navy Education and Training Command

NETCDF           NETwork Common Data Format

NETF                Naval Expeditionary Task Force

NETWARCOM   Naval Network Warfare Command

NEXRAD PUP   NEXt generation RADar Principal User Processors

NFC                  Numbered Fleet Commander

NFCS               Naval Fires Control System

NFN                  Naval Fires Network

NFSA               NAVAIR Fleet Server Array

NGA                 National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency

NGC2P             Next Generation C2P

NGCR               Next Generation Computer Resources

NGDS               Naval Global Directory Services

NGEN               Next Generation Enterprise Network

NGIC                National Ground Intelligence Center

NGIFF               Next Generation IFF

NGN                 Next Generation Network

NGO                 Non-Government Operations

NIAP                 National Information Assurance Partnership

NIAPS              Navy Information Application Product Suite

NIAT                 Navy Information Assurance Team

NIC                   Network Interface Card

NICC                 Navy Integrated Call Center

NICE                 Navy Interface for Command Email

NICP                 Network Interface Computer Program

NID                   Naval Intelligence Database

NIDTS               NATO Informationl Data Transfer System

NIE                   National Intelligence Estimate

NIEWS              NTCS-A Imagery Exploitation Workstation

NIF                   Network Intrusion Filter

NIIN                  Naval Integrated Information Network

NILE                 Nato Improved Link Eleven

NIMA                National Imagery Mapping Agency

NIOC                Navy Intelignece Operations Center

NIPRNET          Non-secret Internet Protocol Reporting Network

NIPS                 Navy Intel Processing Sys

NIS                   National Imagery System

NIS(DE)            National Input Segment (Dissemination Segment)

NISE                 Navy In Service Engineering

NIST                 National Institute of Standards and Technology

NITDS               Nato Integrated Tactical Data Systems (CENTRIXS)

NITES               Naval Integrated Tactical Environmental System

NIWTOC            Navy Info Warfare Tactical Operator Course

NKDS               Navy Key Distribution System

NKMS               Navy KeyMat System

NLT                  No Later Than

NMC                 Network Management Center

NMCI                Navy Marine Corps Intranet

NMCIC              Navy Marine Corps Intelligence Center

NMETL             Navy Mission Essential Task List

NMIMC             Navy Medical Information Management Command

NMITC              Navy Marine Intelligence Training Center

NMPS               Naval Mission Planning System (NMPS)

NMS                 Network Management Software

NMT                 Navy Multi-band Terminal

NNFE               Naval NETWAR/FORCEnet Enterprise

NNIOC              Naval Network & Information Operations Command

NNSOC             Naval Network and Space Operations Command

NOC                 Network Operations Center

NODDES          Naval Oceanographic Data Distro & Expansion System

NOFORN          No Foreign Nationals

NOS                 Network Operating Systems

NOW                Navy Order Wire

NOWNET          Navy Order Wire NETwork

NOWNET          Navy Order Wire Network

NPDC               Naval Personnel Development Command

NPDS               Navy Postal Directory System

NPFPS             Navy Portable Flight Planning System

NPG                 Network Participation Group

NPMTT             Nuclear Power Mobile Training Team

NPS/IPL            NIMA Products Server/Image Product Library

NPS Naval Postgraduate School

NRAD               Navy Research and Development

NRE                 Non-Recoverable Expenses

NREMS            Navy Regional Enterprise Messaging System

NRI                   Network Radio Interfaces

NR-KPP            Net Ready-Key Performance Parameter

NRO                 National Reconnaissance Office

NRS                 NAVSSI Remote Station

NRT                  Near Real Time

NSA                 National Security Agency

NSA                 Naval Supply Activity

NSANET           NSA NETwork

NSANET           National Security Agency InterNET

NSAWC            Naval Strike Air Warfare Center

NSB                 Narrow Spot Beam

NSC                 Naval Supply Center

NSFS               Naval Surface Fire Support

NSG                 Naval Strategic Guidance

NSGA               Naval Security Group Activity

NSIPS              Navy Standard Integrated Personnel System

NSN                 National Stock Number

NSOC               National SIGINT Operations Center

NSOC               Navy Satellite Operations Center

NSOM              Navy Systems Operational Manager

NSS                 Naval Simulation System

NSS                 Network System Security

NSS                 New Skies Satellite

NSS                 National Security System

NSSMS            Nato Sea Sparrow Missile System

NSST                Navigation Seamanship & Shiphandling Trainers

NST                  Navy Standard Teleprinter

NSTS                National Secure Telephone System

NSV                 Noise Shock and Vibration

NSVT                Network Security Vulnerability Technician

NSW                 Naval Special Warfare

NSWAN            NATO Ships Wide Area Network

NSWC              Naval Surface Warfare Center

NSWPC            Naval Strike Warfare Planning Center

NT                    New Technology

NTC                  Naval Telecommunication Command

NTCS-A            Navy Tactical Command Sys Afloat

NTCSS             Naval Tactical Command Support System

NTDPS             Non Tactical Data Processing System

NTDS               Navy Tactical Data System

NTIA                 National Telecomms and Info Administration

NTIRA               Navy Tool for Interoperability and Risk Assessment

NTMPS             Navy Training Management & Planning System

NTP                  Navy Telecommunications Procedures

NTP                  Navy Training Plan

NTR                  Navy Technical Representative

NTR                  Network Time Reference

NTS                  Naval Telecommunications System

NTSP                Navy Training Systems Plan

NTU                  New Threat Upgrade

NUWC              Naval Undersea Warfare Center

NUWG              Network Users Working Group

NWP                 Naval Warfare Publication

NWSUS            Navy WWMCCS-ADP-Modernization Site Unique S/w

O&M                 Operations & Maintenance

OA                   Operational Architecture

OA                   Operational Assessment

OAG                 Operational Advisory Group

OASIS              OTH-T Aircraft Sensor Interface System

OAT                  Optional Application Tape

OBD                 OSIS Evolutionary Development

OBD                 Operational But degraded

OBRP               On Board Repair Parts

OBT                  On Board Training

OBT                  Off-Network Build Tool

OBU                 Ocean -(survail info sys) Baseline Upgrade

OBU/OED         Ocean Surveillance Information System(OSIS)

OCONUS          Outside Continental United States

OCRS               Online Compliance Reporting System

OCSP               On-line Certificate Status Protocol

ODAA               Operational Designated Accrediting Authority

ODAA               Operational Designated Approving Authority

OE                   Operationally Effective

OE                   Operating Environment

OE/OS              Operationally Effective/Operationally Suitable

OEF                 Operation Enduring Freedom

OEM                 Original Equipment Manufacturer

OFPCI              Operational Flight Program Configuration Indicator

OGA                 Other Government Agency

OIF                   Operation Iraqi Freedom

OIMA                Optimized Intermediate Maintenance Activities

OIPT                 Overarching Integrated Product Team

OIS-Retail         Ordnance Information System-Retail

OIX                   Organizational Information eXchange

OJT                  On the Job Training

OLC                  Optical Laser Communication

OMA                 Organizational Maintenance Activity

OMB Office of Management and Budget

OMFCU            OUTBOARD Message Format Conversion Unit

OMFTS             Operational Maneuvers From The Sea

OMMS              Organization Maintenance Management System

ONE NET          Oconus Navy Enterprise Network (Replaces BLII)

ONI                   Office of Naval Intelligence

ONR                 Office of Naval Research

OODA              Observe, Orient, Decide & Act

OOMA              Optimized Organizational Maintenance Activities

OPDEC            OPerational DECeption

OPEVAL           Operational Evaluation

OPLAN             Operational PLAN

OPN                 Other Procurement Navy

OPTAR             OPerating TARget

OPTASK           OPerational TASKing

OPTEVFOR      Operational Test and Evaluation Force

OQPSK            Offset Quadrature Phase Shift Keying

OR                   Operational Requirement

OR Ohio Class Replacement

ORD                 Operational Requirements Document

ORDALT           Ordnance Alteration

ORM                 Operational Risk Management

ORSE               Operational Reactor Safeguard Examination

ORTS               Operational Readiness Test System

ORTSTARS       Op’al Readiness Test Sys Tech Assist Remote Support

OS                   Operating System

OS                   Operational Suitable

O&S Operating and Support

OSD Office of the Secretary of Defense

OSI                   Open System Interconnection

OSI                   Open System Intelligence

OSIS                Ocean Surveillance Information System

OSMIS Operating and Support Management Information System

OSP                 Ocean Surveillance Product

OSPF               Open Shortest Path First

OSR                 On Site Representative

OSS                 Operational Support Sys

OSS                 Operational Sequencing System

OTA                  Over-The-Air

OTAR               Over The Air Rekeying

OTAT                Over The Air Transmission

OTCIXS            Officer-In-Tactical-Command Info eXchange System

OTH-T               Over-The-Horizon Targeting

OTO                 Operator To Operator

OTRR               Operational Test Readiness Review

OTSR               Optium Track Ship Report

OUTBOARD      Shipboard Acquisition & Direction Finding System

OV                   Operational View

OVE                 Operational Verification Evaluation

OVRR               Operational Validation Readiness Review

OWLD              Obligation/Work Limiting Date

P3I                   Pre Planned Product Improvement

PA                    Power Amplifier

PA                    Preliminary Assessment

PAA                 Phased Adoptive Approach

PABX               Private Automatic Branch eXchange

PACMEF          Pacific Middle East Force

PACQ               Probability of ACQuisition

PADS               Positioning & Azimuth Determining System

PA&E Program Analysis and Evaluation

PANS               Pretty Amazing New Stuff

PAO                 Public Affairs Officer

PAR                 Precision Approach Radar

PARCA Performance Assessments and Root Cause Analyses

PARM               PARticipating Managers

PASS-K            Pacific Automated dataprocessing Server Site-Korea

PAUC Program Acquisition Unit Cost

PBL                  Performance Based Logistics

PBX                 Private Branch eXchange

PC                    Personal Computer

PCA                 Platform Certification Assessment

PCAC5RA         Post Cno Availability C5RA

PCC-OTC          Paper Check Conversion-Over The Counter

PCCU               Portable Command & Control Unit

PCD                             Platform Certification Decision

PCD                 Platform Certification Decision

PC-IMAT           PC Interactive Multi-sensor Analysis Training

PCMS               Passive Counter Measures System

PCMT               Personal Computer Message Terminal

PCS                 Personal Communications Service

PD                   Project Directive/Program Directorate

PD                   Periscope Depth

PDA                 Personal Digital Assistant

PDC                 Primary Domain Controller

PDC                 Professional Development Center

PDC5RA           PreDeployment C5RA

PDDG              Producer Designator DiGraph

PDR                 Preliminary Design Review

PDS                 Problem Definition Survey

PDU                 Power Distribution Unit

PE                    Program Engineering

PE                    Project Engineer

PEO                 Program Executive Office

PEO EIS           Program Executive Office for Enterprise

PEOCLA           PEO Carrier Littoral Auxiliary

PEOCMPANDUAV   PEO Cruise Missile Program and Unmanned Air

PEOEXW          PEO Expeditionary Warfare

PEOMIW           PEO MIne Warfare

PEOSC-AP       PEO Surface Combatant/Aegis Program

PEOSCS          PEO Space, Communications and Sensors

PEOTAD           PEO Theater Air Defense

PEOTSC           PEO Theater Surface Combatants

PEOUSW          PEO UnderSea Warfare

PERA               Planning and Engineering for Repairs and Alterations

PES                 Peripheral Emulation System

PESHE             Program Environmental Safety & Health Evaluation

PFPS               Personal Flight Planning System

PG                   Participation Group

PGM                 Precision Guided Munitions

PGWS              Primary Group Ware Server

PHAST             Position Heading Altitude Speed & Time

PHIBGRU          Amphibious Group

PHIBRON          Amphibious Squadron

PHS&T             Packaging, Handling, Storage & Transportation

PICO                Pre-Installation Check Out

PICT                 Programable Inter-Connect Terminal

PID                   Personal Interface Device

PIERS              Passport Information Electronic Retrieval System

PII                    Personal Identifiable Information

PIM                  Position and Intended Movement

PIM                  Principal Installation Manager

PINS                 Precise Integrated Navigation System

PIP                   Primary Injection Point

PIRA                 Pre-Integrated Readiness Assessment

PIRA                 Pre-Integrated Readiness Assessment

PIT                   Post Installation Training

PITCO               Pre Installation Test & Check Out

PJOCS             Pilot Joint Operation Command System

PK                    Public Key

PKE                 Public Key Enabling

PKI                   Public Key Infrastructure

PLA                  Plain Language Address

PLAT                Pilot Landing Aid Tv

PLCCE             Program Life Cycle Cost Estimate

PLGR               Precision Lightweight GPS Receiver

PLI                   Position Location Information

PLIS                 Position Location Injection System

PLL                  Phase Locked Loop

PLRS                Position Location Reporting System

PLT                  Passive Link Tap

PM                   Program Manager

PMA                 Program Manager, navAir

PMA                 Phased Maintenance Availability

PMA                 Phased Maintenance Availability

PMINT              Phibron Meu INTegration

PMINT              PHIBRON/MEU Integration

PMO                 Program Management Office

PMRF               Pacific Missile Range Facility, Barking Sands HI

PMS                 Program Manager navSea

PMS                 Package Management System

PMTC               Pacific Missile Test Center, Pt Mugu, CA

PMW                Program Manager, spaWar

PNT                  Positioning, Navigation, and Timing

PNT                  Program Navigation Template

POA&M            Plan of Action & Milestones

POC                 Point of Contact

POE                 Power Over Internet

POE                 Power Over Ethernet

POFA               Programmed Operational Functional Analysis

POL                  Packaged Oil and Lubricants

POM                 Program Objective Memorandum

POP                 Post Office Protocol

PoP                  Point of Presence

POR                 Program Of Record (FAP)

POST               Power On Self Test

POTS               Plain Old Telephone System

PPBE               Planning Programming Budgeting & Execution

PPBS               Planning Programming and Budgeting System

PPL                  Preferred Product List

PPLI                 Precise Position Location Indicator

PPLI                 Precise Position Locating Information

PPM                 Parts Per Million

PPP                 Point-to-Point Protocol

PPR                 Pre-Planned Response

PPS                 Precise Positioning Service

PPSM               Ports and Protocols and Services Management

PQS                 Personnel Qualifications Standard

PRA                 Planned Restricted Availability

PRIDE              PRogramable Intelligent Digital Electronics

PRNOC             Pacific Region Network Operations Center

PRTS                Precedence Request Time Slot

PSA                 Post Shakedown Availability

PSC                 PPL, SSIL, CPL

PSI                   Physical Site Identifier

PSK                 Phase Shift Keying

PSN                 Public Switched Network

PSTN                Public Switched Telecommunications Network

PT                    Plain Text

PTA                  Precise Timing and Astrometry

PTMA               Passive Target Motion Analysis

PTP                  Point-To-Point

PTP                  Primary Track Producer

PTW                 Precision Targeting Workstation

PU                    Participating Unit

PVPCS             Protected Voice Portable Communication System

PVT                  Position Velocity and Time

PY                    Planning Yard

QA                   Quality Assurance

QMB                 Quality Management Board

QMCS              Quality Monitoring Control System

QMS                 Quality Monitoring System

QOS                 Quality Of Service

QPL                  Qualified Parts List

QPSK               Quadrature Phase Shift Keying

QRC                 Quick Reaction Capability

QRCC               QUICK Reaction Combat Capability

QRG                 Quick Reference Guide

QSD                 Quality System Document

QSM                 Quality System Manual

QSP                 Quality System Procedure

QSWI                Quality System Work Instructions

R&D                 Research & Development

R&S                 Routing & Switching

R/C                   Receipt/Compliance

R/T                   Radio Telephone

R/T                   Real/Time

R/T                   Receiver/Transmitter

R/T                   Running/Time

R2                    Reporting Responsibility

R2P2                Rapid Response Planning Process

RA                    Registration Authority

RADCOM          Revised Automated Dataflow COMmunications

RADDS            RAdar Digital Distribution System

RADM              Relational Administrative Data Management

RAID                Redundant Array of Independent Devices

RAIDER            Rapid Attack Information Dissemination

RAIDS              Rapid Antiship Integrated Defense System

RALOT              Risk Assessment Level Of Test

RAM                 Random-Access Memory

RAN                 Radio Access Network

RAPIDS            Real Time Automated Personnel Identification System

RAS                 Remote Access Service

RAS                 Replenishment At Sea

RAST                Recovery Assist Securing and Traversing system

RATS                Random Access Time Slot

RAV                 Restricted AVailability

RAYCAS           RAYtheon Collision Avoidance System

RBC                 Reach-Back Cell

RBE                 Remain Behind Equipment

RBM                 Receive Broadcast Manager (gbs)

RBNS               Royal Bahrain Naval Ship

RBOC               Rapid Blooming Offboard Chaff

RBS                 Readiness Based Sparing

RC                    Resource Controller

RCOH               Refueling Complex OverHaul

RCS                 Radar Cross Section

RCS                 Radio Communications Subsystem

RCU                 Reduced Capability Upgrade

RD&A               Research Development & Acquisition

RDC                 Research Data Center

RDD                 Required Delivery Date

RDF                 Radio Direction Finding

RDP                 Radar Digital Plotter

RDS                 Rapid Deployment Suite

RE                    Radiant Ether

REM                 Range Extension Model

REMAS            Remote Equipment Monitoring & Assessment Sys

REOI                Reliability Engineer Data Integration

REPEAT           Repeatable Performance Evaluation & Analysis Tool

RES                 Radar Environmental Simulator

RESS               Radar Environmental Simulator System

REST                Representational State Transfer

RF                    Radio Frequency

RFC                  Request for Comment

RFDS               Radio Frequency Distribution System

RFF                  Request For Forces

RFI                   Ready for Issue

RFMP               Radio Frequency Management Program

RFP                  Rapid Force Projection

RFS                  Request for Service

RFS                  Request For Service

RFT                  Ready For Training

RGB                 Red Green Blue

RGPO               Range Gate Pull Off

RI                     Remote Interface

RITC                 Regional Information Technology Center

RIXT                 Remote Information Exchange Terminal

RLAR                Reverse Liaison Action Record

RLGN               Ring Laser Gyro Navigation

RLST                Remote Landing Site Tower

RM                   Radiant Mercury

RMA                 Reliability, Maintainability, Availability

RMC                 Regional Maintenance Center (Replaced FTSC)

RMMCO            Regional Maint. Modernization Coordination Office

RMS&A            Reliaability Maintainability Supportability & Availability

RNI                   Remote Network Interface

RNOC               Regional Network Operating Centers

ROC&POE        Reqd Operational Capability&Projected Op Environment

ROH                 Regular OverHaul

ROM                 Read Only Memory

ROM II              Retail Operations Management II

RORO               Roll On/Roll Off

ROVER             Remotely Operated Video Enhanced Receiver

RPV                 Remote Piloted Vehicles

RR                    Reporting Responsibility

RRK                 Rapid Response Kit

RSD                 Rogue System Detector

RSDN-L            Red Sof Deployable Node-Lite

RSIM                Regional Shore Installation Managers

RSIT                 Reflections for Secure IT

RSSC               Regional Satellite Support Center

RTC                  Remote Terminal Component

RTDHS             Real-Time Data Handling System

RTHP                Return To Home Port

RTMAS             Real-Time Tactical Metoc Assessment Sys

RTRG               Real-Time Regional Gateway

RTS                  Real-Time Sub System

RTSDL              Real Time Sensor Data Link

RTT                  Rapid Technology Transfer

RTTY                Radio TeleTYpe

RUDICS            Router-based Unrestr Digt Internetwrking Connectivity Solution

RUT                  Realistic Urban-warfare Training

RVP                 Radar Video Processor

RWTR               Rotary Wing Tilt Rotor

Rx                    Receive

S & M               Scheduling & Movement

S&T                  Science and Technology

S/N                   Signal-to-Noise

S/W                  SoftWare

SAASM            Selective Availability Anti-Spoofing Module

SABER             Situational Awareness BEacon  with Reply

SABI                 Secret and Below Interoperability

SABRES           Ship Alt Budget Reporting & Eval Sys

SACC               Supporting Arms Control Center

SACCS             Ships Automated Communications Control System

SACS               Shipboard Access Control System

SADL               Situation Awareness Data Link

SADS               Submarine Antenna Distribution System

SAFE               Structural Appraisal of Fatigue Effects

SAFE               Safe Access File Exchange

SAFENET         Survivable, Adaptable Fiber Optic Embedded Network

SAILOR            Spawar Acquisition Integrated Logistics On-line Repository

SAILS               Signals Analysis Identification & Look-up Software

SALTS              Streamlined Automated Logistics Tracking System

SALTS              Standard Automated Logistics Tool Set

SAML               Security Assertion Markup Language

SAMS               Shipboard Automated Medical System

SAN                 System Area Network

SAN                 Storage Area Network

SAND               Satellite AFOS NEXRAD DIFAX

SAOP               Stand Alone Operator Position

SAR                 Satellite Access Request

SAR                 Search and Rescue

SAR                 Satellite Access Requirement

SAR                 Ship Alteration Record (Replaced by SCD)

SAR Selected Acquisition Report

SARQ               Selective Automatic Repeat reQuest

SARTIS             Shipboard Advanced Radar Target Identification Sys

SAS                 Single Audio System

SAS                 Small Antenna System

SASWCS          Surface Anti-Submarine Warfare Control System

SAT                  Satellite Applications and Technology

SATCOM          Satellite Communications

SATNAV           Satellite Navigation

SATS                Single Access Time Slot

SBE                 Sea Based Element

SBM                 Satellite Broadcast Manager

SC                    Ship Check

SC                    Security Cooperation

SC21                Surface Combatants 21 Century

SCAC               Sea Combat Air Controller

SCAMP            Single Channel Anti-jam, Man Portable

SCC                 Sea Combat Commander

SCCM               SCC Module

SCCM               System Center Configuration Manager

SCCP               Ships Configuration Change Proposal

SCCVI              Secure Configuration Compliance Validation Initiative

SCD                 Ship Change Document

SCI                   Sensitive Compartmented Information

SCIP-IWF          Secure Communications Interoperability

SCLSIS             Ship Configuration & Logistics Support Information Sys

SCN                 Shipbuilding and Construction -Navy

SCONUM          Ships COntrol NUMber

SCORE             SoCal Off-shore RangE

SCORM            Sharable Content Object Reference Model

SCP                 System Compliance Profile

SCPS               Space Communications Protocol Specification

SCRAM            Safety Control Rod Ax Man

SCRI                 Secure Compliance Remediation Initiative

SCSI                 Small Computer System Interface

SCSS               Submarine Communications Support System

SCT                  Serial Circuit Transition

SD                   San Diego

SDB                 Satellite Data Base

SDE                 Shipboard Display Emulator

SDMS              Signal Data Multiplexing System

SDN-M             Sof Deployable Node-Medium

SDPU               Signal Data Processing Unit

SDS                 Surveillance Direction System

SDU                 Satellite Direct User

SE                    Systems Engineer

SECT                Submarine Emergency Communications Terminal

SEEK II             Secure Electronic Enrollment Kit

SEI                   Specific Emitter Identification

SE-IPT              Systems Engineering Integrated Product Team

SELOR             Ships Emitter LOcation Report

SEMCIP            Shipboard ElectroMagnetic Compatibility Improvement Pgm

SERVAL           SERVice ALlowance (Request)

SES                 Senior Engineering Service

SES                 Ship Earth Stations

SESS               Ship’s Signal Exploitation Space

SESS               Software Engineering for Secure Systems

SESS               Space Environmental Sensor Suite

SEWIP              Surface Electronic Warfare Improvement Program

SFEWG            Strike Force Engineering Working Group

SFIO                 Strike Force Interoperability Officer

SFIT                 Strike Force Interoperability Team

SFMPL             Submarine Fleet Mission Program Library

SGE                 Strike Group Engineer

SGITR               Strike Group Interoperability Training Rep

SGLS               Space/Ground Link Subsystem

SGMTT             Strike Group Multi-TADIL Training

SGOT               Strike Group Oceanography Team

SGS/AC            Ship s Gridlock System/Auto correlator

SHARP             Shared Reconnaissance Pod

SHF                  Super High Frequency (3-30Ghz)

SHIPALT           SHIP ALTeration

SHPL                Scaleable High Performance Lan

SI                     Sensitive Information

SIA                   Special Interest Aircraft

SIAB                 SNAP-In-A-Box

SIC                   SI Correlator

SICP                 Subscriber Interface Computer Program

SID                   Subscriber IDentification

SID                   System Interface Diagram

SID                   Shipboard Installation Drawing

SIDE                SPAWAR Integrated Data Environment

SIGINT              SIGnals INTelligence

SIGSEC            Signal Security

SIGSEC VASS    SIGnal SECurity Vulnerability Assmnt Support Pgm

SIIPS                Selection & Implementation of Integrated Packaged S/w

SIM                  Subscriber Identity Module

SIMAS              Sonar In-Situation Mode Assessment System

SINCGARS       Single Channel Ground to Air Radio System

SINS                 Ship’s Inertial Navigation System

SIOC                Ship Information Operations Center

SIP                   Sincgars Internet Protocol

SIP                   Systems Improvement Program

SIP                   SINCGARS Improvement Program

SIPRNET          Secret Internet Protocol reporting Network

SITE                 Shipboard Information Training and Entertainment

SKL                  Simple Key Loader

SLA                  Service Level Agreement

SLC                  Satellite Link Controller

SLC                  Single Level Cell

SLC                  Surface Learning Center

SLDCADA        Standard Labor Data Collection And Distribution Application

SLEP                Service Life Extension Program

SLEW               Singletone Link Eleven Waveform

SLOC               Sea Lanes of Communications

SLVR                Submarine Lf/vlf Vme bus Receiver

SM                   Standard Missile

SMART             Secure Mobile Anti-jam Reliable Tactical Terminal

SMART-T          Secure Mobile Anti-Jam Reliable Tactical

SMB                 Submarine Message Buffer

SMC                 Supply Management Certification

SMC Space and Missile Center

SMDR              Submarine Mast Detection Radar

SME                 Subject Matter Expert

SMG                 Secure Mail Guard

SMOOS            Shipboard Metro. & Oceanographic Observing System

SMPL               Scaleable High Performance Lan

SMQ-11            Weather Satellite Receiving-Recording System

SMS                 Single Messaging Solution

SMTP               Simple Message Transfer Protocol

SNADIS            Submarine Non-Tactical Application Delivery Interface Sys

SNAIAS            Ship’s Navigation & Aircraft Inertial Alignment System

SNAP               Shipboard Non-tactical ADP Program

SNDI                Secure News-dealer Dial In

SNMP               Simple Network Management Protocol

SNR                 Signal-to-Noise Ration

SOA                 Service Oriented Architecture

SOA                 Sustainment Operations Ashore

SOA                 Service Oriented Architecture

SOAP               Simple Object Access Protocol

SOC                 Special Operations Capable

SOC                 Survey Operations Center

SOCRATES      Special Ops Com Research & Analysis & Threat Eval Sys

SOE                 Schedule Of Events

SOE                 Standard Operating Environment

SOF                 Special Operations Force

SOI                   Signal Of Interest

SOM                 System Operating Manual

SOMS              Shift Operations Maintenance System

SONAR             SOund Navigation And Ranging

SONET             Synchronous Optical NETwork

SOSUS             SOund SUrveillance System

SOTA               Satellite Ocean Tactical Application

SOVT               System Operational Verification Testing

SOW                Statement Of Work

SOW                Switch on Wheels

SPARC             Scaleable Processor ARChitecture

SPAWAR          Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command

SPEED             System Planning Engineering & Evaluation Device

SPIDER            Seamless Product Info, Data Exchange & Repository

SPIDER            SGS Portable Integrated Data Extraction and Reduction

SPIE                 Ships Precise Identification by Emitter

SPIP                 Steam Plant Improvement Program

SPITS               Shipboard Pc Information Transfer System

SPM                 Ship Program Manager

SPMAGTF        Special Purpose Marine Air Ground Task Force

SPOD               Surface Port Of Debarkation

SPOE               Surface Port Of Embarkation

SPRAC             SPecial Reporting And Coordination net

SPS                 System Performance Specifications

SPS                 Shipboard Protection System

SPX                 Sequence Packet eXchange

SPY-1               Air/Surface Radar

SQL                  Structured Query Language

SQT                  Ship Qualification Trial

SRA                 Selected Restricted Availability

SRBM               Shipboard Receive Broadcast Manager

SRBOC             Super Rapid Blooming Offboard Chaff

SRCS               Ship Remote Control System

SRDR Software Resources Data Reporting

SRGPS             Shipboard Relative Global Positioning System

SRK                 Steady Receive Key

SRP                 SPAWAR Reserve Program

SRR                 System Readiness Review

SRS                 Shipboard Receive Suite

SRSP               Survey Requirement Summary Page

SRTD               Signals Research & Target Development

SSA                 Software Support Activity

SSA                 Solid State Amplifier

SSAA               System Security Authorization Agreement

SSACCS           Surface Ship Automatic Communication Control Sys

SSB                 Single Side Band

SSB                 Single Supply Baseline

SSC                 Spawar Systems Center

SSC                 Seabase to Shore Connector

SSC                 SPAWAR Systems Center

SSCSMP          Surface Ship Combat System Master Plan

SSDS               Ships Self Defense System (ACDS follow-on)

SSE                 Systems Security Engineering

SSECCS           Surface Ships Exterior Comms Control System

SSEE               Ships Signals Exploitation Equipment

SSES               Ships Signal Exploitation Space

SSESM            Small Ships ESM

SSFA               SPAWAR Space Field Activity

SSIL                 SubSystem Integration List

SSIXS              Submarine Satellite Information eXchange Subsystem

SSL                  Secure Sockets Layer

SSN                 Navy Nuclear-powered (attack) Submarine

SSNS               Standard Supply Numbering System

SSO                 Single Sign On

SSR                 Satellite Set Receiver

SSRBM            Sub-Surface Receive Broadcast Manager

SSRNM            Ship Self Radiated Noise Measurement

SSRS               Sub-Surface Receive Suite

SSS                 System Supervisor Station

SSV                 Small Ship Variant

STADIL             Satellite TActical Data Information Link

STAN                Surveillance & Targeting Acquisition Network

STAN                SEMCIP Technical Assistance Network

STAR                STandard Attribute Reference manual

STAR                System Threat Assessment Report

STARS             Standard Accounting and Recording System

STAR-T             SHF Tri-Band Advances Range Extension Terminal

STE                  Secure Terminal Equipment

STEL                Stanford TELecommunications/Secure TELephone

STELLA            System to Estimate Latitude and Longitude Astronomically

STEP                Standard Tactical Entry Point

STEP                Secure Telecommunications Entry Point

STEPS             Ships Technical Equipment Publications System

STICS               Scaleable Transportable Intelligence Comm’s System

STIMS              Shipboard Tactical Information Management System

STIR                 Systems TADIL Interoperability Report

STIR                 Separate Track and Illumination Radar

STM                 System Technical Manuel

STMS               Siprnet Token Management System

STN                  Source Track Number

STO                  Special Tactical Operations

STOM               Ship To Objective Maneuver

STP                  Shielded Twisted Pair

STR                  Software Trouble Report

STRED             Standard Tactical Receive Equipment Display

STS                  Secure Telephone System

STS                  Survey Technical Specification

STSR                Software Tools for Software Requirements

STT                  Shore Targeting Terminal

STU III               Secure Telephone Unit III

STWC               STirke Warfare Commander

SUB HDR         SUBmarine High Data Rate

SUB V              SUBmarine Variance

SUBOPAUTH    SUBmarine OPerating AUTHority

SUCAP             SUrface Combat Air Patrol

SUPPLOT         SUPplementary PLOT

SURTASS         SURface Towed Array Sonar System

SURVOPS        Survey Operations

SUSTEX           SUSTainment EXercise

SV                    Systems View

SVDD               Software Version Description Document

SVDS               Shipwide Video Distribution System

SVGA               Super Video Graphics Array

SVOIP              Secure Voice Over Ip Phones

SVTT                Surface Vessel Torpedo Tube

SW                   Software

SWAMPS         Special Warfare Automated Mission Planning System

SWAP              Space Weight And Power

SWD                Soft Ware Deliveries

SWEPRT          Surface Warfare Enterprise Personnel Readiness Team

SWFTS             Submarine Warfare Federated Tactical System

SWR                 Supplemental Weather Radar

SWR                 Supplemental Weather Radar

SWS                 Strategic Weapons System

SWTFS             Surface Warfare Total Force Strategy

SYSCOM          SYStems COMmand

T&C                  Telemetry & Command

T/FDOA            Time/Frequency Difference of Arrival

T-1                    1.544MBPS

T-3                    45MBPS

TA                    Travel Authorization

TBD To Be Determined

TAC                  Tactical Advanced Computer

TACAN             TACtical Air Navigation

TACAN             TACtical Air Navigation

TACCIMS          Theater Automated C2 Information Management Sys

TACLAN            TACtical Local Area Network

TACLANE         TACtical Local Area Network Encryptor

TACS                Theater Air Control System

TACTAS            TACtical Towed Array Sonar

TACTERM         Tactical Terminal

TADIL               TActical Data Information Link

TADIXS            TActical Data Information eXchange System

TAEF                Transformation Aerospace Expeditionary Force

T-AGS              Transportation Service - Auxiliary Geodetic Survey

TAMD               Theater Air Missile Defense

TAMPS             Tac Air Mission Planning System

TAOM               Tactical Air Operations Module

TARPS             Tactical Air Reconnaissance Pod System

TAS                  Target Acquisition System

TASM               Tomahawk AntiShip Missile

TASS                TACTERM ANDVT Shore System

TAV                  Technical Availability

TBD                  To Be Determined

TBIP                 Tomahawk Baseline Improvement Program

TBM                 Theater Ballistic Missile

TBMCS             Theater Battle Management Core System

TBMD               Theater Ballistic Missile Defense

TBOP               Tabletop/Bulkhead Operator Position

TC2S                Tomahawk Command & Control System

TCA                  TIQ Composite Achievement

TCA                  Transformational Communications Architecture

TCAC                Technical Control and Analysis Center

TC-AIMS           Transportation Coordinators’ Automated Info for Movmnt Sys

TCCS                Tactical Command and Control System

TCD                  Target Configuration Date

TCDL                Tactical Common Data Link

TCI                   TLAM Command Information

TCN`                 Tactical Component Network

TCO                  Tactical Command Operations (MC JOTS-in-a-box)

TCP                  Transport Configuration Protocol

TCP                  Terminal Control Processor

TCP                  Transformation Change Package (DOTMLPF)

TCP                  Transport Control Protocol

TCPED             Tsking, Collection,Processing, Exploitation,& Dissemination

TCP-IP              Transmission Control Protocol-Internet Protocol

TCS                  Tactical Control Station (UAV controller)

TCS                  Tactical Cryptologic Systems

TCS                  Tactical Cryptologic Sensor

TD                    Technical Directive

TDA                  Tactical Decision Aid

TDBM               Tactical DataBase Manager

TDC                  Track Data Coordinator

TDDS               TRAP Data Dissemination System

TDL                  Tactical Data Links

TDM                 Time Division Multiplexing

TDMA               Time Division Multiple Access

TDMIS              Technical Data Management Information System

TDMS               Terminal Display Management System

TDN                  Tactical Data Network

TDO                 TCI Distribution Orders

TDP                  Tactical Data Processor

TDSC               Training Development & Support Center

TDSS               Tactical Decision Support Subsystem

TDTS                Tactical Data Terminal Set

TEAMS             Tactical EA-6B Mission planning System

TEC                  Technology Evaluation Center

TEDS               Tactical Environmental Data Server

TEG-E              Tactical Exploitation Group-Expeditionary

TELEPORT       TELEcommunications PORTal

TEMP               Test & Evaluation Master Plan

TEMPALT         TEMPorary ALTeration

TEMPEST         Visual National Policy for the Control of

TENCAP           Tactical Exploitation of National CApabilities Program

TEOB               Theater Electronic Order of Battle

TEPEE             Tomahawk Engagement Planning Exercise Evaluator

TEPP                Tomahawk Engagement Planning Package

TERCOM          TERrain COntour Matching

TERPES           Tactical Electronic Recon Processing & Eval Sys

TES                  Theater Event System

TES-N               Tactical Exploytation Sys-Navy

TESS                Tactical Environmental Support Sys

TEU                  Twenty-foot Equivalent Unit

TFCC                Tactical Flag Command Center

TFDS                Time & Frequency Distribution System

TFNM               Task Force Nimble Matrix

TFOM               Training Figure Of Merit

TFOM               Training Figure Of Merit

TFTA                Tomahawk Fleet Training Aids

TFW                 Task Force Web

TGM                 Tactical Messaging Gateway

TGRS               Transportable Ground Receive Suite

THAAD             Theater High Altitude Area Defense

TI/TR                 Technology Insertion/Technology Refresh

TIB                   Technical Information Base

TIBS                 Tactical Information Broadcast System (USAF trap)

TIC                   Tactical Information Coordinator

TID                   Tamps Interface Device

TIDS                 Tactical Integrated Digital System

TIM                   Theater Information Management

TIM                   Tapestry Information Manager

TIMP-M             Theater Medical Information Program-Maritime

TIMS                 TFCC Information Management System

TIMS                 Training Information Management System

TIN                   Theater Interface Node

TIP                   TDMA Interface Processor

TIP                   Theater Injection Point

TIPS                 Tactical Information Processing System

TIQ                   Track Information Quality

TIS                   Tactical Input Segment

TISS                 Thermal Imaging Sensor System

TJHS                Tadil J Host Simulator

TLA                  Three Letter Acronym

TLAM                Tomahawk Land Attack Missile

TLI                    Transport Layer Interface

TLS                  TimeLine Summary

TMC                 Travel Management Center

TMDER             Technical Manual Deficiency/Evaluation Report

TMG                 Threat Management Gateway

TMG                 Tactical Message Gateway

TMIP                 Theater Medical Information Program

TMPC               Tomahawk Mission Planning Center

TMPC/APS       Theater Mission Planning Center/Afloat Planning System

TMS                 Travel Management Service

TNI                   Theater Network Initiative

T-nT                  Tactical-non-Tactical

TOA                  Time Of Arrival

TODAP             Tactical Ocean Data Assimilation and Prediction

TOE                  Time Of Event

TOPSCENE      Tactical Operations Preview Scene

TOR                  Time Of Receipt

TORIS               Training & Operational Readiness Information Services

TOSP               Tailored Ocean Surveillance Product

TPCS                Team Portable COMINT System

TPFDD             Time Phased Force Deployment data

TPIP                 Tomahawk Platform Information Package

TPS                  Tlam Planning System

TRA                  Technology Readiness Assessment

TRANSEC         TRANsmission SECurity

TRAP                Tactical Related Applications Product

TRDF                Transportable Radio Direction Finder

TRE                  Tactical Receive Equipment

TRIDENT IRR    TRIDENT Integrated Radio Room

TRITAC             TRI-service Tactical Communications

TRL                  Technology Readiness Level

TRR                  Test Readiness Review

TRSS                Tactical Remote Sensor System

TRWS               TESS Remote WorkStation

TS                    Tailsman Sabre

TS                    Tactical Switching

TS/SCI              Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented

TSA                  Training Situation Awareness

TSAT                Transformational SATellite

TSC                  Tactical Support Center

TSC                  Theater Security Cooperation

TSCC                Tactical Strike Coordination Center

TSCEI               Total Ship Computing Environmental Infrastructure

TSCIP               Technology Ships Characteristics Improvement Panel

TSCM               Tomahawk Strike Coordination Module

TSCM               Tactical Strike Coordination Module

TSCMIS            Theater Security Cooperation Mgt Info System

TSDF                Time Slot Duty Factor

TSIP                 Telecommunications System Installation Plan

TSIU                 Tactical System Interface Unit

TSN                  Tomahawk Strike Network

TSOF                Technical Support to Operational Forces

TSP                  Troubled Systems Process

TSR                  Time Slot Reallocation

TSRA                Total Ship Readiness Assessment

TSS                  Tactical Switching System

TSSS                Training Sim Stim System

TSTA                Total Ship Training Availability

TSTP                Total Ship Test Program

TSTS                Total Ship Training System

TSVOIP            Top Secret Voice Over Internet Protocol

TTA                  TIC Technical Aids

TTC                  Track to Track Correlator

TTE                  Technical Training Equipment

TTE                  Tactical Training Equipment

TTP                  Time, Triggered Protocol

TTP                  Tactics, Techniques & Procedures

TTRAMS           Trouble Ticket Reporting Analysis and Metrics System

TTWCS             Tactical Tomahawk Weapons Control System

TTY                  TeleTYpe

TV                    Technical View

TVDTS              TV Direct To Sailors

TVRO               TV Receive Only

TVS                  Tactical Variant Switch

TWCS               Tomahawk Weapons Control Sys

Tx                     Transmit

TYCOM             Type Commander

UA                    User agent

UARNOC          Unified Atlantic Region Network Operations Center

UAV                 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

UB                    Unified Build

UC                    Universal Computer

UC                    Unified Capabilities

UCA                 Unified Cryptologic Architecture

UCARS             Uav Common Automated Recovery System

UCP                 Universal Communications Processor

UCS                 Universal Multiple-Octet Coded Character Set

UD/MIPS          Unit Designator/Marine Corps Integrated Personnel System

UDDI                Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration

UDP                 User Datagram Protocol

UFCS               Underwater Fire Control System

UFO                 UHF Follow-On

UFO/E              Ufo/Ehf

UFO/EE            UHF Follow-on Enhanced EHF

UHF                  Ultra High Frequency (300MHZ-3GHZ)

UIC                   Unit Identification Code

UJTL                 Universal Joint Task List

UK                    United Kingdom

ULSS                User Logistic Support Summary

ULTRA              Unit Level Training Readiness Assessment

ULV                  Unit Level Variant

UNFHQ             United Nations Force HeadQuarters

UNREP             Underway REPlenishment

UNTL                Universal Navy Task List

UPN                 Unique Profile Name

UPS                 Uninterruptible Power Supply

URI                   Uniform Resource Identifier

URL                  Uniform Resource Locator

USA                 United States Army

USAF               United States Air Force

USB                 Upper Side Band

USBL                Ultra-Short BaseLine

USCG               United States Coast Guard

USD(AT&L) Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics

USD(C) Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller)

USMC               United States Marine Corps

USMTF             United States Message Text Format

USN                 United States Navy

USW-DSS         UnderSea Warfare Decision Support System

UTC                  Universal Time Code

UTJ                  Unicast TADL J

UTP                  Unshielded Twisted Pair

UUV                 Unmanned Underwater Vehicles

VAAP               Vulnerability Analysis and Assistance Program

VACM               Vinson-ANDVT Crypto Modernization (Submarine)

VAMOSC Visibility and Management of Operating and Support Costs

VAST                Very Small Aperture Terminal

VCV                 Virginia Class Variance (Submarine)

VEIL                 Variable Encryption and Intelligence Labeling

VGI                   Vertical Gyro Indicator

VHF                  Very High Frequency (30-300MHZ)

VIG                   Video Interface Group

VIP                   Video-switch Interface Package

VIPER              Visually Integrated Planning Employment Resource

VIXS                 Video Information eXchange System

VLA                  Vertical Launch Asroc

VLAN                Virtual Lan

VLF                  Very Low Frequency (3-30 kHz)

VLS                  Vertical Launching System

VME                 Versus Module Europa

VMS                 Voyage Management System

VMware            Virtualization Machine Software

VOIP                Voice Over Internet Protocol

VOSIP              Voice over Secure Internet Protocol

VPN                 Virtual Private Network

VPO                 Virtual Program Office

VRR                 Voice Recognition Response

VSAT                Very Small Aperature Terminal

VSRR               VINSON Shore Radio Remote

VSRT                VINSON Shore Radio Terminal

VTC                  Video TeleConference

VTCOIP            VTC Over IP

VTOL                Vertical Take-Off and Landing

VTUAV             Vertical Takeoff & landing UAV

VU                    VHF/UHF

VVFD               Voice, Video, Facsimile, Data

VVFVT              Voice/Video/Fax/Data Terminal

VxCOMMS        Voice COMMunications

W3C                 World Wide Web Consortium

WAAS              Wide Area Augmentation System

WAM                Warfare Area Matrix

WAN                 Wide Area Network

WAP                 Weapons Alternate Processor

WAPS              Wireless Access Points

WARNET          Wide Area Relay NETwork (JTF)

WBE                 Wide Band Elements

WBS                 WideBand Satellite

WBS Work Breakdown Structure

WCC                 Warfare Commanders Conference

WCOE              Warfare Center Of Excellence

WCS                 Weapons Control System

WDC                Work Definition Conference

WDS                Weapons Direction System

WEB ATIS         Web Automated Technical Information System

WEB-DAV         Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning

WECAN            Web-Centric Asw Network

WGS                Wideband Gapfiller Satellite

WIGF                What’s It Good For

WINS                Windows Internet Name Service Protocol

WIN-T Warfighter Information Network - Tactical

WIP                  Warfighting Improvement Plans

WMI                  Warfighter Machine Interface

WMT                 Wireless Message Terminal

WMT                 Waterfront Maintenance Teams

WNW                Wideband Network Waveform

WNY                 Washington Navy Yard

WOO                Window Of Opportunity

WOWU             Week One Work Ups

WRBS              Wireless Reach Back System

WRED              Weighted Random Early Detect

WS                   Web Services

WSARA Weapon Systems Acquisition Reform Act

WSCD              Warfare Sys Certification Decision (formerly known as PCD)

WSCRR            Warfare Systems Certification Readiness Review

WSDL               Web Services Description Language

WSF                 Weapons System File

WS-I                 Web Services Interoperability

WSI2T               Weapon System Integration and Interoperability Test

WSIA                Warfare Sys Installation Assmnt (formerly known as IPCD)

WSP                 Weapons Support Processor

WSUS              Windows Server Update Services

WSV                 Weapons Systems Video

WUG                WhatsUp Gold

WWMCCS         World Wide Military Command and Control System

WWW               World Wide Web

XCOP               sXtensible Common Operational Picture

X-DECK            Cross Deck

XDR                 eXpanded Data Rate

XML                 eXtensible Markup Language

XPath               XML Path Language

XSL                  eXtensible Style Language

XSLT                eXtensible Style Language Transformations

Y2K                  Year 2000

YUM                 Yellowdog Update Manager (Linux System)


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