For those that know me they already know what follows. For those that do not the above video is how I feel, act, and strive for regarding my rise to geek greatness. It also drives what I do in my professional life.  I’d like to point out that although it might seem strange that little hovering craft are the camera men in the year 2023, I’ve already seen the technology and watch this occur in 2011.  Now you might be thinking… it’s just those little quad copters.  I’ve seen them fly autonomously, recognize and individual, take station at a set distance in front of the person and no matter where that individual moved, turned or adjusted the copter resumed its station keeping.  Where did I see this amazing innovation and technology?  Carnegie Mellon University.  If you don’t know what is coming it is hard to predict or dream about the future.  That brings me to this weekend’s event.

Now although the video above is slight parody the TEDxCMU 2012 is occurring this weekend, Sunday the 4th of March, 2012. I tried to gain entry (and will still continue) but my fall back is watching it’s livecast which will be available between 10 am - 5 pm at TEDxCMU.  So unless you’re watching a super marathon of Big Bang Theory… I expect you to keep up and join me in watching TEDxCMU.

[via TED Blog]

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