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Booz Allen Hamilton’s Economist Intelligence Unit produced an interesting visualization hub of the G20 countries Cyber Power. This is a fairly interesting concept to consider. The Cyber Power index is targeted at the ability of “G20 countries to withstand cyber attacks and to deploy the digital infrastructure needed for a productive economy.” Now combine this with the relationship of the ability of a country to trust more ultimately appears to lead to a country’s higher GDP (Dr. Virgil Gligor, CMU).

The team also stated that “Cyber Power is created when a complex digital information network is combined with a secure and robust physical infrastructure and developed by a skilled workforce.”  Even though the Cyber Power Hub uses a hybrid of quantitative and qualitative scoring the two are fused quite well while focusing on (Highest scoring country):

  • Legal and Regulatory Framework (Germany)
  • Economic and Social Context (United States)
  • Technology Infrastructure (United Kingdom)
  • Industry Application (Australia)

The resulting findings paper summarizes down to 5 key items.

  • Germany’s Comprehensive Cyber Policies are a key to its success.
  • Clear Cybersecurity plans are absent in even some of the major economies.
  • Cyber power relies on a solid foundation that includes technical skills, high educational attainment levels, open trade policies, and an innovative business environment.
  • Prioritization of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) access is higher in the developed world.
  • The G20 countries exhibit limited technological progress within key industries.

Germany really surprised me.  I would not have selected them out of the G20 group as the leaders of the legal
and regulatory framework category (99.3/100).  Head on over to Amazon to purchase more Cyber Power (if only).

[Cyber Power Index - Findings and Methodology]

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