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So you’re interested in owning and watching Breaking Bad in its current entirety in High Definition Glory!  I must say for those that don’t like to waste massive time discovering great shows, fight through ridiculous commercials, and hate waiting for the next season each year then this is for you!  This is the current method to be able to watch the entire Breaking Bad series Season 1 through Season 5 on your Apple TV, Home Theater PC, any computer with iTunes, or any iOS device (iPhone, iPad) for as cheap as possible.

Step 1: Purchase your $100 eGift Card for iTunes for only $80 (which is $20 or $20% off).

Step 2: Use the iTunes eGift Card to purchase the Breaking Bad Seasons:

Breaking Bad, Season 1 ($17.99)
Breaking Bad, Season 2 ($32.99)
Breaking Bad, Season 3 ($32.99)
Breaking Bad, Season 4 ($34.99)
Breaking Bad, Season 5 ($21.99) - This is for the current season pass.

Step 3: Enjoy!  You now own Breaking Bad Seasons 1-5 for $121 out of pocket.  Don’t forget to configure iTunes for which HD resolution you want to download and enjoy (720 or 1080P).


If you’re a fan of the High Definition picture AND audio quality that comes only via Blu-ray then you can go this route:

Breaking Bad: The Complete First Season [Blu-ray] ($15.10)
Breaking Bad: The Complete Second Season [Blu-ray] ($22.99)
Breaking Bad: The Complete Third Season [Blu-ray] ($25.87)
Breaking Bad: The Complete Fourth Season [Blu-ray] ($24.99)
Breaking Bad: The Complete Fifth Season [Blu-ray] (Pre-order $45.99)

While you’re going to enjoy the best HD out there right now and have Breaking Bad Season 1-5 on Blu-ray for $134.97  (but you’ll have to wait for the release of the Fifth Season -you could always watch this via the iTunes method above).

If you’re not traveling or in need of fully portable Breaking Bad Seasons then head over to and catch Breaking Bad Seasons 1 through 4 now!

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(Email Delivery) Apple iTunes $100 eGift Card is on sale for $80 from Walmart.  This is the perfect time to stock up on before the holiday season!  Or if you have more pressing needs pick up some of the best stuff on iTunes like Breaking Bad seasons!

[(Email Delivery) Apple iTunes $100 eGift Card via Walmart]

iTunes has Infinity Blade for $0.99.  If you’re looking for a great RPG for the road, kids or anything in between you’ll really enjoy IB!

[Infinity Blade via iTunes]

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