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We’ve discussed the ramifications and issues of Search Engine Optimization (and Exploitation) during Internet Information Operations.  Which Search Engine do you find yourself routinely using?  If you’re a betting individual the odds are heavily in favor of

If you are in the Internet Marketing sector you clearly favor  It provides the massive money roll that is Adsense.  Internet Marketers are motivated by one things - money.  This creates an entire infrastructure of White, Grey, and of course Blackhat Internet Marketers.

But if you are a standard consumer you’re being heavily skewed by the actions of Internet Marketers.  If you’re using you gain very little benefit other than a large propensity for those wanting to grab your views in one manner or another.  At least with Bing they are currently paying their users to conduct Internet searches via Bing Rewards.  Simply signing up with Bing and enrolling will provide you a minor benefit that will accumulate over time (slowly providing you things like $5 Amazon gift cards every few weeks).

Whatever you choose ensure you understand how you are being targeted by those wishing to gain a bit of the massive advertising dollars that is shelling out.

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If you haven’t discovered The Internet Map yet I recommend checking it out.  Each one of the circles represents a domain, short for domain name, within the Internet (or Cyber Domain).  The larger the circle the higher amount of traffic the website receives. As users switch between websites they forms links.  The stronger the link, the closer the websites are arrange to each other.  Make sure you allot enough time to explore this vast map but take note of a few things while you’re enjoying the hard work the creator put in to the visual rendering.

  • Check out the big circles first (obviously - its like missing Jupiter in our Solar System)
  • Dive deep and check out the tiny circles (it isn’t necessary to enter the Deep Web or start up Tor, but roam around and look at some of the smaller stuff domains)
  • Look at where the big circles exist (e.g. which is popular in China)
  • Examine the extension type (e.g. com, net, tv, info, etc.)
  • Discover the importance and focus on language specific sites (e.g. “cn” for China, “fr” for France, etc.)

There have been many advances that have played significant key roles in how we, average end users, “see” the Internet.  One of the major thing that changes how end users ingest the Internet is dependent a sites allowances for multilingual pages.  Having content in multiple languages is nothing new but the importance being placed on it has definitely increased.

There is a balance though before you start adding countless languages to your site.  The technology advancing translation applications like  is moving faster then most believe.  So unless you are up in the 6-7 figure range with your domain or website(s) there is probably little benefit to having your content translated for you in today’s market.

[via The Internet Map]

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