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Perception is an interesting thing these days on the grand ole Internet.  People are measuring each other more and more on unverifiable items of importance.  This trend is only becoming more and more alarming.  The first indication of this importance rush began in the mid-2000s when MySpace and Facebook intrigued their members to be more social by adding friends.  This started the “friend rush” for individuals around the world to gauge themselves against their friends on these “significant” numbers.  At first these numbers were in the hundreds…then the celebrities arrived.

Enter Ashton Kutcher, famous for several things, but you might not know that he raced CNN to 1Million followers on Twitter.  He even won the race to enroll these followers (and donated $100K to the Malaria No More Fund).  But what this started was a massive drive by the average individual to obtain the same popularity as celebrities.  This boils down to is a simple numbers game.  The argument goes that the more Facebook Friends, Twitter Followers, Plus Ones, and Pinterest Repins a person has the more influential the individual has become. But this argument has been negated by technology and the inability to verify the individuals being influenced.

The most basic and easy way to muddle into this pay for popularity environment can be seen if you visit Fiverr.  While there are plenty of decent items available for $5 on Fiverr the social marketing for sale by its users demonstrates an alarming trend.  Under the area of Online Marketing Gigs you can find individuals willing to provide you for a mere $5 pretty much any variants of Facebook Likes, Twitter Tweets, Education Domain Backlinks, Pinterest Repins, and other social link juice from this major portion of Web 2.0.  Similarly if an individual is looking to spend a bit more ($25) there is a very similar social fare available from Goferr.  While there are individuals who have built real networks of vast followers and social networks for the most part you will not find them offering their services on Fiver or Goferr.  Both sites’ providers offer “gigs” that are mostly fulfilled by groomed networks of bots and automated tools which provide the gig promised social “likes” and “followers.”

But really none of this matters if you don’t care about social media right?  Unfortunately that isn’t the case with the ability to buy likes, buy followers, buy repins, etc.  Take a look at Bing’s new interface which provides a heavy dose of Social Media interaction.  If you’ve been using any form of search engine then these backlinks and social media’s influence is changing what you see in those search engine results you so freely take as truth.  Unless you can tell me the changes you noticed in ’s Panda and Penguin then you’re not watching closely enough to know how you’ve been affected by this Search Engine Exploitation (SEE) Optimization (SEO).

Update(3SEP2012):  It is getting so bad that Facebook Security is even taking action to clean up and bring itself back toward “reality” - via MacWorld.

Still not convinced?  It only takes $5 to start figuring it out for yourself!


I bet you are wondering “how do you get rid of trending songs on Facebook?” or even “how do you get rid of trending articles on Facebook?

There is a way to Block or Remove Trending Songs or Block Trending Articles by managing the Applications that are causing this foolish nonsense (and compromising your privacy).  Here is the simple “hack” and work around in 3 easy steps.  This way you’ll be able to block, hide or get rid of trending videos, trending articles, and trending songs on your Facebook Feed for good.  SocialCam, Viddy, Spotify, and other services like this merely are trying to broaden your Privacy profile and expose more of your personal information in varying degrees or steps.  Their end goal is “Humanity’s Loss of Privacy.”

If you want to keep these applications but just want the Trending Articles or Trending Videos to dissapear from your Facebook feed see my method to use software on How to Remove Trending Articles from Facebook in 3 Easy Steps and How to Remove Trending Videos from Facebook in 3 Easy Steps.

  1. Click “Privacy Settings” in the upper right corner.
  2.  Click “Manage Blocking” (located to the bottom on the right of “Blocked People and Apps”)
  3. Type the name of the video app (Socialcam, Viddy, Spotify, etc), and hit the Enter key. Repeat this for all the video and article services Trending Videos, Trending Songs and Trending Articles use, and they will have nothing to show.  Hint - if you really want that stuff you can still see it without installing the app…simply search for the name of the item in your favorite search engine.  No need to expose your private information to an application that merely takes you to a video right?
Enjoy your Trending Videos, Trending Songs and Trending Articles free Facebook! Please share this and go viral against Facebook!

If you can do more - Please help me as I raise money for St. Judes and run in the 2012 Marine Corps Marathon For Taylor (an 18 month old little girl with aggressive cancer).


A Cyber Fellow’s First Thousand Unique Visits occured on 26th of June 2012

Just a quick pause to say thank you to all of the A Cyber Fellow visitors!  We’ve been close to the mark before but Tuesday, 26 June 2012 was our first 1,000 unique visitor day!  Thank you for the inspiration to continue! It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for new information technology, how-to items, the latest tech deals on gadgets, simple Geekery, or how to get rid of Facebook’s annoying changes everyone of you is appreciated!  Please take a moment to help us in our quest to share the knowledge you get here with your other friends!  And Please don’t forget to subscribe and stick around for more great info!

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