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A Cyber Fellow’s First Thousand Unique Visits occured on 26th of June 2012

Just a quick pause to say thank you to all of the A Cyber Fellow visitors!  We’ve been close to the mark before but Tuesday, 26 June 2012 was our first 1,000 unique visitor day!  Thank you for the inspiration to continue! It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for new information technology, how-to items, the latest tech deals on gadgets, simple Geekery, or how to get rid of Facebook’s annoying changes everyone of you is appreciated!  Please take a moment to help us in our quest to share the knowledge you get here with your other friends!  And Please don’t forget to subscribe and stick around for more great info!

Thank you,

Matt - A Cyber Fellow

A Cyber Fellow is dedicated to heavy doses of Geekery.  With that we need your help to grow and spread said Geekery.  There isn’t anything much more awesome then that first video game I played on the original Nintendo.  I remember heading to a friends house and he had just received it (even had the grey gun - first edition).  The big choice… Super Mario Brothers versus Duck Hunt.  You know what I chose…


Super Mario Brothers!!!! How’s that for Geekery!?!

There is rarely a day that goes by that I’m not eating, sleeping, or hunting Geek!  Help me find more of my kind… or become more Geekly!  As many of my previous posts indicate, I work hard and I geek hard.  There is no other way to live in my opinion.  I make a point though to ensure non-geeks are fully in the know with what is called the human language, usually English, and always with laughter!

With that Follow, Subscribe, Share & Help us Grow!  Thanks for reading!

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