I’ve seen several smart watches at this stage in the game.  A new player in the game is i’m Watch and they’ve got an interesting integration solution to compliment your smart phone.  i’m Watch pairs with your current smart phone to provide wrist based capabilities seamlessly without the necessity to whip out your phone from your bag or pocket.  Pretty neat capabilities and a great look and feel from my experience at CES.  You’re able to speak through the device, use the apps from your wrist and connect a set of headphones right to it.

i’m Watch, Simply The First from im watch on Vimeo.

Is i’m Watch one of those great idea’s that just isn’t going to fly with the real world?  I’m not sure their price point is low enough and I may like simply using an iPod Nano with a LunaTik band.  A few tweaks by the tinkerers at Apple and i’m Watch’s product market disappears before their eyes.  I’m very much for a solution like this but not sure they’re going to break into the market in a large enough fashion for this to make a real dent. I suppose time will tell but I’m betting that they’ll need to adjust their strategy to go from an 2012 CES Innovations Award to one where they are a success in a very competitive market.

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