The North FAce 2014 Endurance Challenge 50K FinisherHaving completed my first Ultra Marathon (50K) in June 2014, I decided it would be helpful to make a list of everything I used during the race; Running first 50K Checklist. This will help me in my next Ultra Marathon and hopefully someone else out there preparing for a marathon or ultra in the future.  This was my first Ultra distance and I had completed a several Marathons by that time but I had not done a marathon distance on a trail.  I was super excited and very nervous.

Navy PT running shorts
New Balance short sleeve tee
Socks (2 pair; one to wear, one to change into post race)
Nike Air Max shoes (would have preferred a trail focused shoe)
Nike Shoes (as backup or for a post race change)
Change of clothes for post-race

2014 North Face 50K DCGear:
Nathan Hydration Pack
iPhone (music and Nike Plus)
Jaybird Bluetooth Headphones
Power Pack
Vaseline (heavily applied to friction points)
Sunscreen (Waterproof, 50 spf)

12 Gu Packs (Salted Caramel, Espresso, Chocolate)
2 Clif Protein Bars
2 Liters of Water (in Hydration Pack)

Post race fuel:
32 oz of chocolate coconut water
nuun hydration tablets (will use 1-2 post race)

Wish list: (things I wish I had)
More hours on my legs…

North Face Endurance Challenge 50K Elevation