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Admiral StavridisWhile Admiral Stavridis’ retirement occurred on 21 May 2013, the lessons and future he describes in this TED video are pinpoint accurate.  The challenges faced today, which Admiral Stavridis describes, are vastly great with the complications of cyberspace, the electromagnetic spectrum, and technological advancement throughout the globe.

Quoted as saying:

“We have become a navy that specializes in safety, communicating, inspecting, engineering, administering, retaining, and counseling. There is too little emphasis on shiphandling, warfighting, battle repairing, and leading…. the essence of why navies exist is to fight and win at sea.”-Admiral Stavridis (via @DEFConference)

I’ve been watching the Navy (administrative taskers and meetings abound with little results) and I’m not seeing enough of a concentration of individuals able to, or capable of emphasizing the things that should “matter” in comparison with those that should fall by the wayside.  Admiral Stavridis’ comment is rooted and grounded by the CNO Tenets.  But how do you in actual practice take them and make a difference which impacts Warfighting First? Achieves the ability to Operate Forward? And truely ensures you’ll Be Ready?  Of anyone recently, Admiral Stavridis has made the most significant impact on such a large population of the U.S. Navy, it is challenging to see him sail into retirement.

[via TED]


Skyfall Bluray

Amazon has the Skyfall Blu-ray on sale for $12.00.  It include with the Skyfall Blu-ray is the DVD and a Digital Copy.  I’ve been watching the prices on this movie and it is the best price for a new Skyfall Blu-ray.  I thoroughly enjoyed the challenges James Bond faced in this movie and felt it was a return to form of the series.  An excellent addition to the complete set, which is only lacking the Skyfall Blu-ray!

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Xbox One Day One

So you may or may not have heard of the new Microsoft gaming console, but did you know there is an Xbox One Day One Edition?  I bet you didn’t!!!

What is the Xbox One?

Xbox One is Microsoft’s new gaming console, which will be a TV and movie system and a whole lot more. No more need for switching inputs on your TV to play a game or watch a movie. With Xbox One, you can quickly jump from TV to movies to music to a game. Just with the sound of your voice.

What is the Xbox One Day One Edition and what does it include?

  • The special edition console includes a limited edition controller, token code to unlock Day One achievement, premium packaging, and decal.

All of the new Xbox Systems will include:

  • Kinect is included with every Xbox One and Xbox One Day One Edition. Completely reengineered to be more precise, responsive and intuitive with unparalleled voice, vision and motion technology.  The new Kinect will be capable of facial recognition and heart beat monitoring.
  • The console is driven by a powerful combination of CPU, GPU and 8GB of RAM, governed by an innovative OS architecture, to deliver power, speed and agility
  • Only Xbox One unleashes the vast and scalable power of the cloud for your games, entertainment and apps with Xbox Live
  • With Xbox One, you can quickly jump from TV to movies to music to a game.

The Xbox One Day One Edition’s release date is November 30, 2013. If you preorder Xbox One Day One Edition via Amazon they do not charge your credit card until the unit ships.  So there is no major risk to ensuring you have the right Holiday Gift for whomever you are shopping for!!!

Preorder Xbox One Day One Edition via Amazon or the Microsoft Store.