Armada was the eleventh book of 2016, which I enjoyed.

Having really enjoyed the book Ready Player One, once I discovered Armada I knew I needed to put it on my book list.  As a break from the self-development and non-fiction, Armada was a great book to break up those tombs.  I enjoyed escaping into Armada, another good book which leverages all the grew-up-with-1980s-video-games nostalgia and ties them into a great fictional story wrapped around the game Armada.

While I think Ready Player One was better, I still really enjoyed escaping into Armada.  Recommended!



The Road to Character was the tenth book of 2016, which I enjoyed.

The Road to Character seeks to understand, through review of historical examples like Dwight Eisenhower and George Marshall, the ideal road to character.  The book summarizes several very well known individuals in history.  It then discusses the people and situations which developed these great individuals into very well charactered examples.

The Road to Character has all the elements I routinely enjoy in a book.  It has well-written examples, reviews of numerous characters throughout history, and explains all the people that contributed to the success of the person.  I think that The Road to Character does this part quite well; documenting the team and mentors which led to great success.

The Road to Character is an excellent read.

The Road to Character


How Works was the ninth book of 2016, which I enjoyed.

I think the thing that sticks out in my mind after reading How Works, is that evidence matters and dominates overall.  It might be great that you really think your project or program is the best thing ever, but if the evidence does not support it, most likely the focus of the team needs to move onto something that is working or taking hold and is supported by evidence.

How Works provides an interesting insight into the workings of the company.  With the success of , and their continued evidence of excellence, I fully recommend that you enjoy How Works!

How Works

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