So Glasses (coded Project Glass) has received all the rave reviews lately.  And I’m sure they’ll be awesome when they are available late this year.  But what if you’re in a slightly disconnected environment and unable to utilize the cloud?

I tried on a Golden-i headset at CES in January 2012 (picture).  If developed further I believe they could have decent application in a Maritime environment.  Billed as the world’s first hands-free mobile, head-worn computing experience they have the ability to enable and use the cloud when available but could also be adapted to use a Cloudlet (think mini cloud on a ship).  These have the possibility to significantly improve safety, productivity, and efficiency of an individual solely on freeing up their hands.

The software side runs Windows Embedded CE 6.0 and communicates via Bluetooth (v2.1 EDR) and WIFI (b/g) pathways (obviously we’d want to either augment this with storage memory for full disconnected ops).

I’d be concerned though after the news about Project Glass if I were Golden-i.   ’s targeted your market share and have fun opposing the giant but if you’ve got Microsoft backing you as a Windows platform provider you might be able to make it interesting.  I’d strive to lower the $2500 price point and continue to iterate your design.  A morph between the current Golden-i headset and the looks of ’s Glasses could pose an interesting competitive product.

[via Golden-i]

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