yeti1250 Goal Zero Yeti 1250 [CES]One of the great booths at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) that I recently attended was Goal Zero’s.  It was an impressive display of great innovative solar based generators and energy storage products.  But the thing that really impressed me was the quality of their products and the knowledge and professionalism of their people.

This is Goal Zero’s Yeti 1250.  This sucker is powerful enough to power a full size refrigerator for multiple days among numerous other applications.  The great form factor and capacity are perfect for replacing a traditional generator.  I can see applications for this as a backup generator at home, on a boat or a perfect pack and go kit for a Humanitarian Assistance / Disaster Relief (HA/DR) mission.

I wish I would have had a few of these to take ashore with me in Haiti.  These would have made all the difference; so would all their other great products.  Imagine being able to chain several of these together (which can be done) and getting initial communications and vital survival needs the energy they require.  The bigger deal is the lack of infrastructure required to support the units.  No fuel required to be transported or protected.  Then once things are stabilized in that area pack up and move.  Again no need to rework an infrastructure or support plan.

The Yeti 1250 Solar Generator will be out in May of 2012, single unit runs $1499.99 or get the Yeti 1250 Solar Generator Kit for $1999.99 (which also includes two Boulder 30 solar panels and a carrying cart for the kit).
[Goal Zero]

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