Defense Acquisition Acronyms and Terms  (H)

HAC House Appropriations Committee
HARDMAN Manpower Planning for Hardware (Navy/Marine Corps)
HASC House Armed Services Committee
HAZCOM Hazard Communication
HAZMAT Hazardous Material
HBC House Budget Committee
HBCU/MI Historically Black Colleges and Universities/Minority Institutions
HCA Head of Contracting Activity/Agency
HCI Hardness Critical Item; Human-Computer Interface
HCP Hardness Critical Process
HERO Hazards of Electromagnetic Radiation to Ordnance
HFE Human Factors Engineering
HHA Health Hazard Assessment
HNA Host-Nation Approval
HNS Host-Nation Support
HOL High-Order Language; Higher-Order Language
HOOH Home Office Overhead
HPSCI House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence
HQ Headquarters
HQDA Headquarters, Department of the Army
HQMC Headquarters, Marine Corps
HRI Hazard Risk Index
HSI Human Systems Integration
HTI Horizontal Technology Integration (Army)
HTML Hyper Text Markup Language
HUBZones Historically Underutilized Business Zones
HW or H/W Hardware
HWCI Hardware Configuration Item
HWIL Hardware-in-the-Loop

Hagan, G (2011) Glossary of Defense Acquisition Acronyms & Terms. Defense Acquisition University Press.  Fort Belvoir, VA., 22060

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