Defense Acquisition Acronyms and Terms  (E)

E3 Electromagnetic Environmental Effects
EA Economic Analysis; Electronic Attack; Environmental Assessment; Evolutionary Acquisition; Executing Authority, Executive Agent
EAC Estimate at Completion (Cost)
EAPROM Electronically Alterable Programmable Read-Only Memory
ECAC Electromagnetic Compatibility Analysis Center
ECC Estimated Construction Cost
ECCM Electronic Counter-Countermeasures
ECD Estimated Completion Date
EC/EDI Electronic Commerce/Electronic Data Interchange
ECM Electronic Countermeasures
ECN Engineering Change Notice
ECO Engineering Change Order
ECP Engineering Change Proposal
ECR Embedded Computer Resources
EDI Electronic Data Interchange
EDM Engineering Development Model
EDP/E Electronic Data Processing/Equipment
EEIC Element of Expense Investment Code
EEO Equal Employment Opportunity
EEPROM Electronically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory
EFA Engineering Field Activity
EFD Engineering Field Division
EI Enterprise Integration
EIC Engineer in Charge
EIR Equipment Improvement Recommendation (Army)
EIS Environmental Impact Statement
EISP Enhanced Information Support Plan
ELINT Electronic Intelligence
ELP Estimated Launch Point
EMC Electromagnetic Compatibility
EMD Engineering and Manufacturing Development (phase of the Defense Acquisition Management System (DAMS))
EMI Electromagnetic Interference
EMP Electromagnetic Pulse
ENSIP Engine Structural Integrity Program
EO Executive Order
EOA Early Operational Assessment
EOM End of Month
EOQ Economic Order Quantity; Economic Ordering Quantity
EOY End of Year
EP Electronic Protection
EPA Economic Price Adjustment; Environmental Protection Agency
EPRA Enterprise Performance Review and Analysis
EPROM Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory
EPS Electronic Posting System
ERP Enterprise Resource Planning
ESA Engineering Support Activity
ESC Electronics Systems Center (Air Force)
ESH Environment, Safety, and Health
ESOH Environment, Safety, and Occupational Health
ESS Environmental Stress Screening
ETBA Energy Trace and Barrier Analysis
ETR Estimated Time to Repair
EVM Earned Value Management
EVMS Earned Value Management System
EW Electronic Warfare
EWG Environmental Working Group

Hagan, G (2011) Glossary of Defense Acquisition Acronyms & Terms. Defense Acquisition University Press.  Fort Belvoir, VA., 22060

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