So if you haven’t seen Death and Taxes by Jess Bachman I recommend you spend some time on it. Then buy the poster and slap it up on your bulkhead (wall for those civilians out there)! It lays out the Federal Discretionary Budget requested by the President. I’ve been a fan since his first version came out and have checked in on each years version to reorient where the dollars are headed in my mind.

If you work in, around or near the U.S. Government or Military this should be have already been on your required reading list. If not spend some time reviewing it. Take a look at your organization and how it all fits together. Then proceed to come up with ways of making your organization or piece of the icon represented more effective and more efficient. The rewards of understanding this and doing this are significant.

Being able to identify excessive, non-effective or useless expenditures is key to solving the fiscal deficit and your fiduciary duty. If we spent even half of the time we are about to spend on budgetary matters (at all levels - Strategic, Operational and Tactical) in the next 5 to 10 years that we should have in the past decade we wouldn’t be in such a predicament. But when the money flows there is a significant tendency to spend vice save or examine what you are really buying. Humans seem to have this flaw; understand and recognize it. Take the time to do a better job and teach others how to do both personally and professionally. [DeathandTaxesPoster]

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