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So we checked out ’s Project Glass last week (and the others in the sector) and I thought it was pretty awesome.  But then reality set in… monetization and product subsidizing.  How are you going to accomplish that ?

One thing of the goals I set out to learn when starting this blog was how people actually make money online.  I started with pretty much zero knowledge in this arena and started examining it from how it is accomplished through Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and exploited via Search Engine Optimization (SEO and Search Engine Exploitation (SEE) or Search Engine Poisoning (SEP).  But I digress.

I’d expect ’s Glasses to put something out a little more like this…at least for the free version.  I’m sure they’ll allow you to opt out of advertisements for a yearly, monthly, daily fee.  I doubt the lifetime opt out deal will ever see the light of day!

Today Only - Amazon has the SanDisk Ultra SDXC Class 10 30MB/s  64GB ($57.99), 32 GB ($29.99), 16GB ($17.99) sizes.  I’ve been stalking these for a while and they have major uses.  If you’re rocking a Air Stash or have picked up a Canon T3i  then you want one of these cards!  So many uses from speeding up your computer (Win7) or storing or recording videos, etc!

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These can be converted and installed on the Kindle via Calibre. Tested and works fine.

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