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This weekend I spent a bit of time learning how to share my home internet connection with my mobile devices to make my data transport more secure. I did this in the form of a Virtual Private Network (VPN). I must say I will always ensure I’ve got something implemented to ensure my transport confidentiality after learning the Wifi Pineapple is on the loose.  This little VPN endeavor was a slight challenge and requires a home internet connection, dedicated computer, and ability to understand and modify your home router rules.

Something that would mitigate the scary inside of a home router for those that chose would be the iTwin.  Its ability to share your documents securely between computers is impressive.  iTwin boasts that it “is like the two ends of a cable, without the cable” and with AES-256 hardware-enabled encryption they know their stuff.  The current implementation requires administrator privileges to install approximately 15MBs of proprietary software on both computers and you’re off and running.

The benefits - None of your data is stored on the device.  There aren’t any VPN configurations to worry about.  Temporary files created are cleaned up automatically.  And the device can be disabled remotely should it go missing. Password protection possible (ALWAYS have the password requirement enabled).  Enable collaboration with iTwin Multi and share within dedicated groups.  What these benefits allow is significant hardware based encryption that you can confine to a specific period of time (device plugged into your computer) while needing no additional protection for any stored data on the device (there is none).  Very easy and effective manner in which to increase your information defense posture.

Desired improvements - Remove the software install requirement thus removing the need administrator privileges.

Great looking device that backs up its looks with well implemented guts.

Get yours via Amazon or via Bestbuy (image below).

iTwin Remote File Access USB Device - Gray

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Having one of these in my Home Theater PC (HTPC) I can’t say enough about what you’re able to do with it and Windows Media Center.  Record 4 shows at once in HD, stream to Xbox 360s and other Media Center Extenders in the house, etc.  Significantly awesome enough for me to post this nice deal.

Ceton InfiniTV 4 Quad-tuner PCI Express Digital CableCard HDTV Tuner for $199 with free shipping.  Hack that deal a little more by adding Discover’s Free One Day shipping:

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If it is time for you to shift your service provider I can show you how to hack this deal so you get this tuner free! Let me know in the comments!

[via Amazon]

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There has been a bloom of ecosystems for the iPhone and Kogeto has found one of those niches. Quite simply the Dot enables you to shoot 360 degree panoramic video from your iPhone.  It simply attaches to your iPhone 4/4S and uses its ability to allow video recording in every direction.  It doesn’t enhance the quality (video quality is solely based on your phones variant) and then allows an upload to their service to watch and share the video with your friends.

There seems to be a few things that have room for improvement with the product in my opinion.  I’ve watched several videos (dotspots) via their website and notice on almost all of them the extreme glare that the Dot’s enclosure creates.  It might be possible to remove this outer enclosure and improve on the ability of the Dot as it appears that the glare is created by light entering the enclosure and hitting the internal surfaces.  This improvement could be fairly easily implemented and vastly improve Kogeto’s product.

I would like to see a software product to complement this device.  One of the main features I’d look for is something to “bend” back the video into a fully human interpretable view.  If you take a look at one of the dotspots you see one where skateboarders place their Dot in the bottom of a swimming pool then skateboard around it.  Pretty neat video but it demonstrates the distortion of Dot’s implementation (which I like).  But I’d also like to be able to “bend” that video back to provide a traditional panoramic scene that allows for normal spacial recognition.

Ultimately I see tons of applications for Dot and look forward to watching the product evolve and become an even more entertaining and powerful capability. Get your own Kogeto Dot.


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