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You may have seen my New iPad Announcement post yesterday, iPad 3/HD Announcement Day.  The name ultimately ended up being simply New iPad.  If you did see the post you noticed that most individuals pick the barebones 16GB Wifi only model.  And I must say that until yesterday that is what I intended to upgrade to.  However if you look at my upgrade model and how we use the iPad in its own family focused life-cycle the 16GB model no longer made much sense and here is why.

I use the latest model to read my RSS feeds, check email, watch streaming video, and more recently to watch iTunes U videos to improve my coding ability.  I’ve also started to take more videos of things and have started to run into capacity issues on my current iPad 2.  I then go through and delete things I’d prefer to keep and have a fairly lean media library on the iPad 2.  Now fast forward to next week when the device is provided to the wife and daughter to enjoy.  They enjoy the device in a similar fashion.  But one of the key things that it is used for in addition to what I’ve noted is as a fantastic video player for road trips.   And while I could have purchased an Airstash to get around this necessity I think that the multiple device scenario for our situation just doesn’t work yet.

But that wasn’t the only reason.  If you noticed the New iPad has a new camera on one side.  A 5MP 1080P capable device that will ingest video much better than the iPad 2′s ability.  It also has the higher resolution screen so developers are going to push higher quality graphics.  It also has the new A5X processor with new abilities to play higher end games.  What this all means is that what fit on your last iPad with 16GB is NOT going to fit as well on the next generation moving forward as the quality, ability, and size significantly increases.  So in another year when I give this New iPad to the wife and little ones these increases will be the reality.  I’m also fairly sure that at that point the 16GB model will no longer exist and the barebones model will be the 32GB model.  I believe this will also ensure a higher resale value when it comes time to sell off this iPad to continue my technology life-cycle plan.

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I’ve always enjoyed the anticipation and surrounding excitement of the latest Apple gadget.  Today is one of those days.  Apple is set to announce the much speculated iPad 3/HD.  There are so many technology blogs that will be live blogging the event from Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco that they always have spectrum overload and throughput issues.

Yerba Buena Center Prepped for iPad 3/HD via Engadget

The speculations include the Retina display, quad core processor, the newest 4G cellular technology (LTE) and even a new iOS 6.  There will be significant changes and improvements upon the iPad 2 and its older cousin the iPad 1. Either way it will be interesting to watch the release, reception, and capabilities of one of the final products that the late Steve Jobs had a hand in creating.

When I purchased the iPad 1 I picked up the 16GB 3G/Wifi. I didn’t use the 3G at all.  Much of this was both the added expense and availability of my own Wifi or ability to secure my transport link with a VPN in open/free Wifi hotspots to ensure i wasn’t vulnerable to something like the Wifi Pineapple.   When I purchased the iPad 2 I went with the bare-bones 16G Wifi only model.  I’ve since traded in my iPad 1 which had been relegated to a wonderful entertainment and learning device for my children.  I did this in a deliberately thought out progression of technology and gadgetry acquisition plan.  I have a feeling the wife might like the iPad 2 a bit more than the original simply because of the very slender nature.

Take a look through the great infographic below you’ll see that I’m not alone in the grab for the lowest end model which then drives resale price, interest and ease in a gadget cycle.

I’ll be watching the live blog via Engadget.

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Knowing that I’m a fairly big Back to the Future fan as discussed in previous posts I am doing everything I can to hold back from pre-ordering this little prop.  That’s right Mattel is making the Hoverboard available for purchase this month.  We know there is fusable technology to make this thing reality at this point but I think you’d agree that the price point for that kind of tech is still well beyond the average day consumer level.

If you are like me you’ll enjoy checking out the specs and engaging in a bit of nostalgia in watching Marty use this board not only to escape Biff and his gang in Back to the Future Part II but to help out Doc later in Part III.  I know the wife, kids and I have been indulging in the Back to the Future Trilogy; to the extent where our daughter will make a “Back …Future” request on occasion.

Now while I don’t condone spending money on something like this I do promote the celebration of awesome.  That is what this is pure awesome in its unadulterated form.  Great job Mattel.

[via MattyCollector]

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