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There has been a bloom of ecosystems for the iPhone and Kogeto has found one of those niches. Quite simply the Dot enables you to shoot 360 degree panoramic video from your iPhone.  It simply attaches to your iPhone 4/4S and uses its ability to allow video recording in every direction.  It doesn’t enhance the quality (video quality is solely based on your phones variant) and then allows an upload to their service to watch and share the video with your friends.

There seems to be a few things that have room for improvement with the product in my opinion.  I’ve watched several videos (dotspots) via their website and notice on almost all of them the extreme glare that the Dot’s enclosure creates.  It might be possible to remove this outer enclosure and improve on the ability of the Dot as it appears that the glare is created by light entering the enclosure and hitting the internal surfaces.  This improvement could be fairly easily implemented and vastly improve Kogeto’s product.

I would like to see a software product to complement this device.  One of the main features I’d look for is something to “bend” back the video into a fully human interpretable view.  If you take a look at one of the dotspots you see one where skateboarders place their Dot in the bottom of a swimming pool then skateboard around it.  Pretty neat video but it demonstrates the distortion of Dot’s implementation (which I like).  But I’d also like to be able to “bend” that video back to provide a traditional panoramic scene that allows for normal spacial recognition.

Ultimately I see tons of applications for Dot and look forward to watching the product evolve and become an even more entertaining and powerful capability. Get your own Kogeto Dot.


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I’ve seen several smart watches at this stage in the game.  A new player in the game is i’m Watch and they’ve got an interesting integration solution to compliment your smart phone.  i’m Watch pairs with your current smart phone to provide wrist based capabilities seamlessly without the necessity to whip out your phone from your bag or pocket.  Pretty neat capabilities and a great look and feel from my experience at CES.  You’re able to speak through the device, use the apps from your wrist and connect a set of headphones right to it.

i’m Watch, Simply The First from im watch on Vimeo.

Is i’m Watch one of those great idea’s that just isn’t going to fly with the real world?  I’m not sure their price point is low enough and I may like simply using an iPod Nano with a LunaTik band.  A few tweaks by the tinkerers at Apple and i’m Watch’s product market disappears before their eyes.  I’m very much for a solution like this but not sure they’re going to break into the market in a large enough fashion for this to make a real dent. I suppose time will tell but I’m betting that they’ll need to adjust their strategy to go from an 2012 CES Innovations Award to one where they are a success in a very competitive market.

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So if you are like me you don’t buy the highest end iPad, iPhone or mobile device; you know the one that has cellular connectivity and 64GB.  You buy the cheapest one.  Why is that?  Well because you know as I do there will be a very capable new gadget that will help you get that 80% solution for 80% cheaper which will help you save to continue your device upgrades.  I was reminded of Airstash while at CES.  If you haven’t been exposed to the Maxell AirStash Wireless Flash Drive yet I’d like you to take a look.  It has been around a bit and gotten its second version out on the market as of January, 2012.

What it does is provide additional storage for your wireless device.  Toss movies, music, document or other files that you want/need.  The new version sports 802.11n, is 3x faster then USB transfer and rocks enhanced battery life of up to 7 hours.  AirStash is an essential for use with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch that gives you the ability to even share on those long road trips or plane rides.  AirStash also works with numerous other smartphones and tablets and now even Kindle Fire and Android devices.

I see this used is to provide rapid tasking and map pack updates for our Carrier and Expeditionary Airwings in conjunction with their iPads.  Potentially even the ability to provide air to air transfer of files with only one aircraft having to receive the update and launch to then transfer and update an entire airborne section while proceeding toward the mission’s target.  Get your Airstash here.

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