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I got to check out some of the new top of the line gear and the best screen protection technology has been producing while at CES at the beginning of the year.  I have always wondered why individuals take a gorgeous product like the new iPhone 5 and slap the ugliest and size negating case over these phenomenal Apple products.


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While there is always a lag getting out new cases for any gadget Zagg already has the iPhone 5 Screen Protector available!  While most of us treat these new and very costly devices with the care they require micro scratches and dings from other items in our pockets or bags.  Zagg’s Screen protectors are the very best and every invisibleSHIELD purchase comes with a Lifetime Replacement Guarantee demonstrating Zagg’s confidence in their products.

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So Glasses (coded Project Glass) has received all the rave reviews lately.  And I’m sure they’ll be awesome when they are available late this year.  But what if you’re in a slightly disconnected environment and unable to utilize the cloud?

I tried on a Golden-i headset at CES in January 2012 (picture).  If developed further I believe they could have decent application in a Maritime environment.  Billed as the world’s first hands-free mobile, head-worn computing experience they have the ability to enable and use the cloud when available but could also be adapted to use a Cloudlet (think mini cloud on a ship).  These have the possibility to significantly improve safety, productivity, and efficiency of an individual solely on freeing up their hands.

The software side runs Windows Embedded CE 6.0 and communicates via Bluetooth (v2.1 EDR) and WIFI (b/g) pathways (obviously we’d want to either augment this with storage memory for full disconnected ops).

I’d be concerned though after the news about Project Glass if I were Golden-i.   ’s targeted your market share and have fun opposing the giant but if you’ve got Microsoft backing you as a Windows platform provider you might be able to make it interesting.  I’d strive to lower the $2500 price point and continue to iterate your design.  A morph between the current Golden-i headset and the looks of ’s Glasses could pose an interesting competitive product.

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This weekend I spent a bit of time learning how to share my home internet connection with my mobile devices to make my data transport more secure. I did this in the form of a Virtual Private Network (VPN). I must say I will always ensure I’ve got something implemented to ensure my transport confidentiality after learning the Wifi Pineapple is on the loose.  This little VPN endeavor was a slight challenge and requires a home internet connection, dedicated computer, and ability to understand and modify your home router rules.

Something that would mitigate the scary inside of a home router for those that chose would be the iTwin.  Its ability to share your documents securely between computers is impressive.  iTwin boasts that it “is like the two ends of a cable, without the cable” and with AES-256 hardware-enabled encryption they know their stuff.  The current implementation requires administrator privileges to install approximately 15MBs of proprietary software on both computers and you’re off and running.

The benefits - None of your data is stored on the device.  There aren’t any VPN configurations to worry about.  Temporary files created are cleaned up automatically.  And the device can be disabled remotely should it go missing. Password protection possible (ALWAYS have the password requirement enabled).  Enable collaboration with iTwin Multi and share within dedicated groups.  What these benefits allow is significant hardware based encryption that you can confine to a specific period of time (device plugged into your computer) while needing no additional protection for any stored data on the device (there is none).  Very easy and effective manner in which to increase your information defense posture.

Desired improvements - Remove the software install requirement thus removing the need administrator privileges.

Great looking device that backs up its looks with well implemented guts.

Get yours via Amazon or via Bestbuy (image below).

iTwin Remote File Access USB Device - Gray

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