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The Navy Leader Development StrategyTo realize the vision for the leader development strategy, the Navy must embrace institutional and cultural change, setting us on a clear course that guides leader development.

  • Strengthen Our Stewardship of the Naval Profession
  • Increase Our Commitment to Navy Leader Development
  • Adopt New Ways of Thinking
  • Core Elements of Leader Development
  • Leader Development Outcomes
  • Leader Development Continuum
  • Ownership
  • Implementation

Review the entire Navy Leader Development Strategy to gain a much better insight into the Navy’s plans for its method to develop even better leaders!  What do you think the Navy Leader Development Strategy conveys well?  What do you think the Navy Leader Development Strategy needs to improve on to ensure leaders are developed well?

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If you have taken the time to read Imminent Domain by Admiral Jonathan Greenert you understand the priority of the Electromagnetic Spectrum (EMS) and Cyberspace Operations set by the Chief of Naval Operations.  The U.S. Navy has recently explored numerous options while conducting a Massive Multiplayer Online Wargame Leveraging the Internet (MMOWGLI) on Electromagnetic Maneuver.  What wasn’t focused on was the larger ramifications the U.S. Political system has on the options available to the Navy and Department of Defense (DoD).

Regulated Electromagnetic Spectrum Allocation Chart

Image via NASA

The White House plan expands access of the EMS for innovation growth and commercial use; the DoD plan has demonstrated increasing reliance on the EMS.  While the DoD supports the “national economic and security goals” of the Nation it is facing another “do more, with less” scenario as massive capability growth depends on dwindling allocations of the EMS.  As Mr. Lawrence Lessig points out (at about 8:20) individuals in the U.S. Government (USG) have attempted to deregulate portions of the EMS in recent history.  Why did the deregulation attempt fail? Lessig conveys that it was due to the massive and self perpetuating ecosystem created by the current day U.S. Political System.

So the causal argument consists of:

  • Navy is unable to support the missions assigned by the DoD which are dependent on the EMS; because 
  • the DoD is not able to provide adequate ability to leverage enough of the EMS for warfighting; because
  • the DoD must comply with the Federal Regulations which govern use of the Nation’s EMS; because
  • the EMS is still allocated in an antiquated fashion; because
  • the USG is no longer capable of affecting positive change to advance National interests; because
  • the National interests are determined by politicians elected within the current political system; because
  • the political system cannot be reformed by the politicians who respond to the demands of the voting populous; because
  • the voting populous is only able to vote for those that the funders fund; because
  • the funders fund only those candidates which support their personal interests.

Interesting isn’t it?  I believe Mr. Lessig is on to something; Political Reform is my first priority.  What do you think? What is your “first priority?”

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China White Paper - The Diversified Employment of China's Armed ForcesThis week the 2013 China Defense White Paper - The Diversified Employment of China’s Armed Forces was released.  If you haven’t dedicated time to review the paper it is a worthwhile read.

I couldn’t find a consolidated document so I’ve created my own.  All the content within is exactly as published.  The only item added is the picture on the cover page.  If you find this helpful please reward my work by sharing it!








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