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Armada was the eleventh book of 2016, which I enjoyed.

Having really enjoyed the book Ready Player One, once I discovered Armada I knew I needed to put it on my book list.  As a break from the self-development and non-fiction, Armada was a great book to break up those tombs.  I enjoyed escaping into Armada, another good book which leverages all the grew-up-with-1980s-video-games nostalgia and ties them into a great fictional story wrapped around the game Armada.

While I think Ready Player One was better, I still really enjoyed escaping into Armada.  Recommended!



Albino Squirrel 1

Sometimes the unexpected happens, tonight when walking back from dinner… it was this albino squirrel.  Now I’m not sure how often you’ve seen an albino squirrel, but I’ve never seen an albino squirrel and didn’t know that albino squirrels even existed.  So it was really a surprise to me when this albino squirrel darted across the lawn as I walked back from dinner.  Apparently an albino squirrel is not as big a deal in the southeast portion of the United States [New York Times].

What unexpected surprise have you experienced?

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