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We’ve discussed the ramifications and issues of Search Engine Optimization (and Exploitation) during Internet Information Operations.  Which Search Engine do you find yourself routinely using?  If you’re a betting individual the odds are heavily in favor of

If you are in the Internet Marketing sector you clearly favor  It provides the massive money roll that is Adsense.  Internet Marketers are motivated by one things - money.  This creates an entire infrastructure of White, Grey, and of course Blackhat Internet Marketers.

But if you are a standard consumer you’re being heavily skewed by the actions of Internet Marketers.  If you’re using you gain very little benefit other than a large propensity for those wanting to grab your views in one manner or another.  At least with Bing they are currently paying their users to conduct Internet searches via Bing Rewards.  Simply signing up with Bing and enrolling will provide you a minor benefit that will accumulate over time (slowly providing you things like $5 Amazon gift cards every few weeks).

Whatever you choose ensure you understand how you are being targeted by those wishing to gain a bit of the massive advertising dollars that is shelling out.

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With the focus on effects from Cyber War being “all the rage” these days this little gem from 1983 highlights one of the major inflection points where we had the opportunity to do something about the cyber vulnerabilities that have now grown exponentially while becoming exponentially more difficult and costly to correct.  The movie which demonstrates hacking and phreaking (and accidentally nearly starting Global Thermonuclear War) is a must see.  I’m not sure you can aspire to be A Cyber Fellow without owning WarGames (or at least having watched it several hundreds of times).  Right now you can pick up a copy on Blu-ray for $7.99.

For those striking to become a Cyber Warrior I definitely recommend checking out this flick and adding it to your list of movies with cyber warfare. Once you watch the movie I recommend enjoying the a few rounds of the game at the Global Thermonuclear War site.  Enjoy!





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Perception is an interesting thing these days on the grand ole Internet.  People are measuring each other more and more on unverifiable items of importance.  This trend is only becoming more and more alarming.  The first indication of this importance rush began in the mid-2000s when MySpace and Facebook intrigued their members to be more social by adding friends.  This started the “friend rush” for individuals around the world to gauge themselves against their friends on these “significant” numbers.  At first these numbers were in the hundreds…then the celebrities arrived.

Enter Ashton Kutcher, famous for several things, but you might not know that he raced CNN to 1Million followers on Twitter.  He even won the race to enroll these followers (and donated $100K to the Malaria No More Fund).  But what this started was a massive drive by the average individual to obtain the same popularity as celebrities.  This boils down to is a simple numbers game.  The argument goes that the more Facebook Friends, Twitter Followers, Plus Ones, and Pinterest Repins a person has the more influential the individual has become. But this argument has been negated by technology and the inability to verify the individuals being influenced.

The most basic and easy way to muddle into this pay for popularity environment can be seen if you visit Fiverr.  While there are plenty of decent items available for $5 on Fiverr the social marketing for sale by its users demonstrates an alarming trend.  Under the area of Online Marketing Gigs you can find individuals willing to provide you for a mere $5 pretty much any variants of Facebook Likes, Twitter Tweets, Education Domain Backlinks, Pinterest Repins, and other social link juice from this major portion of Web 2.0.  Similarly if an individual is looking to spend a bit more ($25) there is a very similar social fare available from Goferr.  While there are individuals who have built real networks of vast followers and social networks for the most part you will not find them offering their services on Fiver or Goferr.  Both sites’ providers offer “gigs” that are mostly fulfilled by groomed networks of bots and automated tools which provide the gig promised social “likes” and “followers.”

But really none of this matters if you don’t care about social media right?  Unfortunately that isn’t the case with the ability to buy likes, buy followers, buy repins, etc.  Take a look at Bing’s new interface which provides a heavy dose of Social Media interaction.  If you’ve been using any form of search engine then these backlinks and social media’s influence is changing what you see in those search engine results you so freely take as truth.  Unless you can tell me the changes you noticed in ’s Panda and Penguin then you’re not watching closely enough to know how you’ve been affected by this Search Engine Exploitation (SEE) Optimization (SEO).

Update(3SEP2012):  It is getting so bad that Facebook Security is even taking action to clean up and bring itself back toward “reality” - via MacWorld.

Still not convinced?  It only takes $5 to start figuring it out for yourself!