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When I first saw Blippar at CES I was brought back to the enjoyable times of Back to the Future II. You know the scene where Marty McFly has just fast forwarded into the future and is looking at his future town. Remember the part where Jaws comes down and “attacks” him as part of the advertising for Jaws 19?  Well this brings that type of in your face supplemental information and advertising to life through your smart device (I saw the iPhone and iPad demo’d).

What I think is quite possible and would be extremely helpful would be to provide this level of capability to an Officer of the Deck or Action Officer.  Imagine using this interface to use the information we have available to us in the networked world to provide the in a Heads up Display (HUD) of shipping, aircraft, storms, and other items we have in the maritime environment.  In a Boarding and Search and Seizure scenario we could have all the open source information available (ship name, ship details and layout, master’s name, crew, company ownership, ports of call, etc.).  This would even be helpful in a Over the Horizon (OTH) environment to prepare other action officers for inbound craft and weapons.  I can picture replacing our normal windowed bulkheads with a partially transparent display that allows this supplemental information to be used and maximize our situational awareness.

I’m sure we’ll get there at some point but it will be difficult to continue to battle through our other capabilities knowing that something like this exists and has major ramifications for impact on our current operating ability.

[via Blippar]

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