Annex Products Quad Lock Mounting System for iPhone via Kickstarter [Gadgets]

So I’ve been talking the talk about Kickstarter and to demonstrate that I walk the walk here is my first investment in a Kickstarter venture; Annex Products Quad Lock Mounting System for iPhone.  As you can see in the video it is fairly slender and does not increase the thickness of the iPhone significantly (other than the slight mounting bump) which is nice.  Here is my Quad Lock Case Review:

The shipping material was minimal and correctly thought out.  Only requiring a small USPS package envelope which was a wise economic and environmental choice.  The rest of the initial packaging was decent.  Excellent advertising graphics demonstrating the use and intent of the Quad Lock Wall Mount Kit.

The Quad Lock iPhone Case and its mounts fit nicely in the packaging while keeping the overall package quite small and compact.

This is the mount that is on the actual iPhone case.  To mount you overlap the two sections, twist and it securely snap locks together.

The inside back of the Quad Lock iPhone Case.  You can see the nice clean tapers and quality mold they use.  The only thing I noticed after recording the video is what I believe to be a slight defect.  If you look at the bottom left corner of the image below you’ll see a bit of wrinkling of the case on the corner.  I believe this is where they pried up my Quad Lock (possibly before it had fully solidified) and slightly damaged it thus creating a slight wrinkle as well as an indentation (see the difference between the two bottom corners).

Update (21 May 2012) - the day after I posted this thread Chris from Annex Products emailed me directly after noticing the defect on the case in the images and video.  Without hesitation they are sending me a replacement due to the manufacturing defect.  I’m quite impressed with the team from Annex and look forward to receiving the replacement and checking out  other great products from them in the future.

Below is one of the two wall or flat surface mounts that is included in the Quad Lock iPhone 4/4S Wall Kit.

Image of the Quad Lock Wall Kit Mount Adhesive.  Looks to be quite a robust and strong product from 3M.

The instructions and documentation for the Quad Lock iPhone 4/4S Wall Mount Kit.  Excellent detail and instruction which were well written and helpful.  Had an excellent mixture of images and text to aide the user.  My initial thought was why are there two sheets of paper?  This may be due to the individual sale of the Quad Lock case and the Mounts independently.  But I think they missed an opportunity for environmental waste reduction here…

As you can see the two instruction sheets are the same size and length.  Both of them have nothing on the back as I simply flipped one over to show that they could have eliminated 50% of their instructional paper costs by simply implementing double sided printing.  If you printed this material for the case and the mount you’d simply include this single piece of paper in individual sales of both products.  Eliminating one variable in your instructions pipeline.  Hopefully they’ll include this in the next batches which should help them cut down on recurring costs a bit.

All in all the Quad Lock iPhone 4/4S Wall Mount Kit gets a good review from me.  I like the way the case feels.  It has an excellent texture and is replacing the free Incase iPhone case (which has slowly deteriorated) that I received from Apple after Antennagate.  The case also has just enough heft to make if feel like it has that “quality feel” to it (one of the differences most people notice between cheap junk and quality items).  Now to go find where I’m sticking the Mounts!

Get it here:

Amazon -Quad LockTM Wall Mount Kit - iPhone 4/4S Mounting System
-Quad LockTM Deluxe Kit - iPhone 4/4S Bike Mount

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