So if you are like me you don’t buy the highest end iPad, iPhone or mobile device; you know the one that has cellular connectivity and 64GB.  You buy the cheapest one.  Why is that?  Well because you know as I do there will be a very capable new gadget that will help you get that 80% solution for 80% cheaper which will help you save to continue your device upgrades.  I was reminded of Airstash while at CES.  If you haven’t been exposed to the Maxell AirStash Wireless Flash Drive yet I’d like you to take a look.  It has been around a bit and gotten its second version out on the market as of January, 2012.

What it does is provide additional storage for your wireless device.  Toss movies, music, document or other files that you want/need.  The new version sports 802.11n, is 3x faster then USB transfer and rocks enhanced battery life of up to 7 hours.  AirStash is an essential for use with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch that gives you the ability to even share on those long road trips or plane rides.  AirStash also works with numerous other smartphones and tablets and now even Kindle Fire and Android devices.

I see this used is to provide rapid tasking and map pack updates for our Carrier and Expeditionary Airwings in conjunction with their iPads.  Potentially even the ability to provide air to air transfer of files with only one aircraft having to receive the update and launch to then transfer and update an entire airborne section while proceeding toward the mission’s target.  Get your Airstash here.

[via Airstash]

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