“You should never never doubt what nobody is sure about!” -Willy Wonka (from Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory)

I find this a perfectly applicable quote for the Cyber realm as of late.  Everyone seems to want to discuss this area and yet very few have any actual expertise to do so.  We’ve got everyone striving for the Information High Ground from performing contractors to dueling Senators.  That is great and all but more government or rules and regulations have rarely solved significant issues let alone aided in providing a solution (especially in the near term).

So what does that mean?  We’ll continue to get a large potpourri of “experts” clamoring on about things they have little knowledge about which will really only help cloud the real issues.  Who have you seen helping to cloud or hinder the issues?

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  1. […] risks in environments we do not control.  Remind you of what is going on with cyberspace and my recent comments?  He also notes that in security “feeling must equal reality” in order to be both […]

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