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The US Arctic Strategy seeks an Arctic region which will be stable and free of conflict, where nations act responsibly in a spirit of trust and cooperation, and where economic and energy resources are developed in a sustainable manner that also respects the fragile environment and the interests and cultures of indigenous peoples.  To achieve the vision of the US Arctic Strategy, the United States is establishing an overarching national approach to advance national security interests, pursue responsible stewardship of this precious and unique region, and serve as a basis for cooperation with other Arctic states and the international community as a whole to advance common interests.

US Arctic StrategyThrough the US Arctic Strategy, the National Strategy for the Arctic Region conveys, the United States’ intention of guiding, prioritizing, and synchronizing efforts to protect U.S. national and homeland security interests, promote responsible stewardship, and foster international cooperation.

The US Arctic Strategy, conveyed in the National Strategy for the Arctic Region, is built on three lines of effort:

1.  Advance United States Security Interests

    • Evolve Arctic Infrastructure and Strategic Capabilities
    • EnhanceArctic Domain Awareness
    • Preserve Arctic Region Freedom of the Seas
    • Provide for FutureUnited StatesEnergy Security

2.  Pursue Responsible Arctic Region Stewardship

    • Protect the Arctic Environment and Conserve Arctic Natural Resources
    • Use Integrated Arctic Management to Balance Economic Development, Environmental Protection, and Cultural Values
    • Increase Understanding of the Arctic through Scientific Research and Traditional


    • Chart the Arctic region

3.  Strengthen International Cooperation

    • Pursue Arrangements that Promote Shared Arctic State Prosperity, Protect the 

      Arctic Environment, and Enhance Security

    • Work through the Arctic Council to Advance U.S. Interests in the Arctic Region
    • Accede to the Law of the Sea Convention
    • Cooperate with other Interested Parties

The  approach of the US Arctic Strategy will be informed by the following guiding principles:

  • Safeguard Peace and Stability
  • Make Decisions Using the Best Available Information
  • Pursue Innovative Arrangements
  • Consult and Coordinate with Alaska Natives

The US Arctic Strategy will move the United States toward a collaborative and innovative approach to manage a rapidly changing region.

[The White House]

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