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Chapter 8 The Commanding Officer

Becoming a Commanding Officer is the pinnacle of a naval leader’s career.  To be the Master and Commander is what many argue is the best part of what is absolutely unique about being a naval officer.  So why is the instruction on being The Commanding Officer, the Navy Regulations, so dated, unfriendly, and unusable in the information age?  The last time it was updated, in its entirety in 1990, the Secretary of the Navy was Henry Lawrence Garrett, III.

If we want to develop individuals to be the best, shouldn’t they be able to highlight key sections?  Read on their e-reader or tablet?  Or, at a minimum, operating on NMCI, be able to simply copy and paste?

Not one to whine about things without a plan… I decided to update the document itself.  Chapter 8 is exactly how it is released, the only thing that has changed is the format for the 21st century.  If you see I’ve made an error please let me know!

Enjoy, share, and tell me what you’d like to see next!

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