Zachary Quinto - The ChallengeLeonard Nimoy - The ChallengeThe Challenge hit the spot!  Pitting the two Spocks (Zachary Quinto vs. Leonard Nimoy) against each other was genius by Audi!  A very well done and put together video, The Challenge has all the parts of excellent advertisement while providing great substance.

The Challenge hits on an age old classic dilema.  Is old or new better?  In the case of the two individuals who play Spock in various movies the ultimate determination will be a matter of unanswerable debate for the next several decades.  The Challenge – get to the club first.  While Quinto is afforded a fine looking charriot in the form of a new Audi S7, Nimoy is relegated to a boring and waning Mercedes Benz.  At face value The Challenge is already decided, or is it? Don’t under estimate Nimoy’s cunning ability to determine a way to win The Challenge!

I also really love the technology shout out to the driverless vehicle at the end of The Challenge.  When you view driving as the distraction, vice what is commonly viewed as a distracted driver problem, you immediately understand that most people would most likely rather be doing something better than simply driving.  That ultimately, in my opinion, is THE CHALLENGE!

Watch and enjoy!

[via Audi S7]

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