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Back once again – Amazon has the Kindle Fire (Refurbished) for $139 with Free Shipping. Amazon Warehouse has an excellent reputation for ensuring their refurbished sales.  Normally reserved at $169 this is definitely a today only deal! If you’re looking to build up a the multimedia capacity of your house definitely get in on this! Definitely check out our Geek-in-arms for what to immediately do with your new Kindle Fire.  Don’t forget to pick up Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, Netflix, Hulu and Pandora for some great media apps!  Plus you’re going to get a free month of Amazon Prime (including a huge lending library of books)!  Enjoy!

If you’re looking for a regular e-ink Kindle take a look at this post for a great deal.

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I recently purchased the Logitech iPad 2 Bluetooth keyboard which was part of the 1Saleaday deal.  It showed up on Friday and I anxiously opened the package and plugged it in while I took care of a few other things. Later when I had a moment to play with my new toy I was immediately disappointed as the full second row of keys (QWERTYUIOP[]\) weren’t working.

From there I immediately did what anyone would do…searched to see who’d already solved the problem. Two main things popped up…Bluetooth paring issues or Keyboard ribbon connection. I quickly rechecked the Bluetooth pairing by “Forgetting” the keyboard from the iPads Bluetooth configuration and went through “Pairing” it once again. No improvement.

From there since I’d spent $25 dollars on this refurbished item I considered the option to return/refund not worth the time compared to potentially fixing it by removing the keyboard from it’s aluminum shell. So that is what I commenced doing. I carefully peeled the pads (that protect the iPad edges) from the edge around the keyboard. This then provided access to be able to gently pry the keyboard out of the aluminum shell. It was stuck in there fairly well and took a knife to cut and separate the sticky tape that was used to adhere the two components.

What you find under the keyboard is a small component board with the switch components, the Bluetooth radio and the keyboard ribbon connection. I carefully peeled the tape that was covering this component board up and inspected the board. Then I removed the 2 screws that were holding it in place. From there I carefully pushed the plastic connector for the ribbon holder so it would release the ribbon. I carefully reseated it toward one end of the connector (think left justified).

This actually made the performance worse. But I was on to something. From there I disconnected the ribbon again and this time aligned it to the other end (right justified). I started testing the keys…and presto! Everything is working and this post is the simple test to ensure it is meeting the expectations. I must say the response time is very good and the ability to type faster than the onscreen keyboard is awesome. Now I can use the iPad the way I usually to and if I want a bit more flexibility to create content I have the keyboard to assist.

Very pleased especially for $25 (compared to the $99 MSRP).

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