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I find it wise to keep on top of developments of key regions and partners.  One of those areas is in the Naval Conference arena.  DIMEX 2012 started yesterday.  You’ll invariably notice the  “platform” focus of the show and it’s first day’s newsletter.  There are a few notes on Combat and Weapon Systems but the significant draw for the region is still a patrolling maritime asset.

If you take a look at the information in the newsletter you can see significant information on what nation uses what shipyard or country to provide it’s maritime capability.  From there I’ll let you infer the easily target-able, with some focused effort, supply chain risk.  You could go the “maritime SCADA” route or numerous other paths of exploitation.

About DIMDEX 2012:

Hosted in Qatar DIMDEX 2012 is the pre-eminent maritime event in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.  It draws 150 exhibitors that feature Warships, Maritime Patrol Aircraft and Helicopters, Marine Communication Systems, Coastal Surveillance, Total Ship Self Defence Systems, Naval Weapon Systems, Search and Rescue Equipment, and Naval Defence Supplies.

This year 14 warships from 11 navies are participating with an expected draw of 9,000 Maritime and Naval industry participants.

[via DIMDEX]

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